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Breaktime Breastfeeding

I’ve been immensely busy of late so I haven’t had a chance to make any published updates until now. Breaktime Breastfeeding – like Milky Matinee – was supposed to be another ‘quickie’ and just like Milky Matinee, became more of a short story. I guess that’s a sign telling me to write more stories about milk-hungry Joseph and Sarah his milk-swollen co-worker, huh? 😉 Hope you enjoy and sorry about the delay!

After the movie theater incident where he had had the chance to breastfeed from his co-worker Sarah, Joseph’s daytime and nighttime hours became filled with dreams and daydreams of Sarah, her milk-swollen breasts, and breastfeeding.

As a result, going to work – once something of a drudgery that he had to slog through day in and day out – gained a new meaning because it was his chance to see Sarah and a potential chance at having his milk-filled dreams fulfilled.

Unfortunately, as luck would have it (or not have it as the case would be), shortly after the movie theater incident, his work group became bogged down and very busy with pushing out a new project.

Though he and Sarah had plenty of chances to see one another in passing, there was little time for anything else and a month and then two months passed in this manner as their group worked at a frenzied pace to meet deadlines.

Just as Joseph was packing his bag for the night and wondering when that ‘next time’ would be – if ever it would even happen again – he heard a quiet cough and when he looked up, he saw Sarah’s smiling face and two enormous wet circles on her blouse staring him in the face.

“Oh god!” he couldn’t help but exclaim, swallowing hard.

Glancing around to make sure nobody was within earshot, Sarah smiled and whispered with a wink, “Care to have a cup of coffee with me in the break room before you go home?”


Taking care to discreetly hide the erection that had immediately started to tent his slacks upon seeing Sarah and the two round wet circles capping her shirtfront, Joseph followed his co-worker eagerly to the break room.

As it was mostly after-hours, the break room and the hallways leading to the break room were empty. Once inside, Sarah made a beeline for the corner nook where there was a booth-style bench butted up against the counter and a table. After setting down her hangbag, she sat down on the bench and pushed away the table in a gesture of invitation.

Anticipation getting to the better of him, Joseph wasted no time in accepting the invitation and immediately moved to kneel in front of Sarah. “I’ve been dreaming of the next time we would get to do this!” he admitted with a quiet groan. “Every night I jerk my cock thinking about you and your delicious tits!”

“Then let me give you something better than just a fantasy!” Sarah whispered.

Immensely turned on and aroused by Joseph’s candid admission, Sarah decided to give her co-worker a little show.

With exaggerated slowness, she unbuttoned her blouse and then pulled it open down the front which revealed her milk-engorged breasts encased in a satin pink nursing bra. Thrusting out her chest at Joseph, she gave her satin-covered tits a few good pumping squeezes with her hands as she waved them around. “Look at how much they’ve missed you, Joseph,” she whispered and with a yank, she undid both clasps on the flaps and within moments, her swollen breasts sprang forward and out where they bounced around in their over-fullness.

From his place kneeling in front of Sarah, Joseph moaned deeply at the sight of her bared milkers now bouncing and dangling right in front of his face. “They’re so beautiful, Sarah!” he exclaimed as he stared and admired and ogled the sight before him.

Swollen and veiny with their darkened super large areolas and thick chewable nipples jutting straight out at him and leaking droplets of precious milk, Sarah’s breasts were a sight to behold indeed and he couldn’t help licking his lips in anticipation.

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[images] Milky Fountains

I normally don’t care too much for hentai if only because tentacles and torture seem to be a little too prolific, but I re-discovered a picture I had collected some time ago which I will share with everyone.

fountains of milk squirting from milk engorged breasts - hentai style

The reason I really like this picture (yes, I cropped it from a bigger picture) is because it illustrates what could possibly happen if a woman was cumming and cumming hard while she was fully lactated and in need of a breastfeeding session.

Letdown triggered and milk ejection reflex triggered, the milk would start flowing and the squirting would begin!

Now just imagine if you were kneeling front and center – MMMMM!


Milky Matinee

Originally, Milky Matinee was supposed to be a ‘Quick Drink’ sort of story – a once in a lifetime here today and gone tomorrow sort of short story – but it didn’t quite happen that way. Hope you enjoy the story nonetheless – the story of how milk-hungry Joseph from Accidental Advertising finally gets the chance to meet Sarah’s DD milkers in person. 😉

Joseph was at the theater for a mostly-empty matinee showing and was about about to sit down when he spied his co-worker across the aisle. Unable to believe his luck, he gathered up his nerves and before he could lose his courage again to approach her, he headed over to where she was sitting.

“Hey there Sarah! Is this seat taken?”

Sarah looked up and smiled. “No, not at all. Have a seat.”

Smiling back, Joseph sat down next to her and offered to share popcorn. Jokingly, he said, “Fancy seeing you here, I thought I was the only one here this afternoon.”

Sarah laughed a little. “I had other errands I was going to run, but then they had to be delayed so I decided to treat myself to a movie while I wait.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me! I just realized that I hadn’t caught a movie since forever and so I figured why not today, you know?”

“Oh definitely!”

Their conversation was interrupted as the movie soon started and though the movie wasn’t the best, it was engaging enough, and soon, Joseph was fully engrossed and it wasn’t until Sarah moved to excuse herself that his attention was brought back to the here and now.

Seeing the unmistakable shoulder bag, he knew in an instant what it contained within and he bit back a groan as he immediately remembered something he had witnessed during an extra long night at the office.

Though he felt – and continued to feel – guilt over his voyeuristic activities, he couldn’t forget the image of Sarah’s enormous milky tits on display and being pumped to emptiness by her breast pump – an image that had since become a staple in his jack-off fantasies.

Daring a peek at her chest out of the corner of his eyes, he could see the telltale too-tightness of her blouse and the beginnings of what he thought – and hoped! – were milk stains. Knowing that Sarah was excusing herself to pump her breasts excited him immensely and he could feel his cock start to swell and grow.

“I’ll be back in a little bit,” Sarah whispered.

Joseph smiled and nodded and with great effort returned his attention to the movie which stalled his erection.

When Sarah returned only ten minutes later with a light sweater wrapped around her neck to partially cover her chest and with her face red while looking very uncomfortable, his cock started swelling once more and he shifted in his seat.

When she sat back down and then sank down into her chair, he took a chance to venture a question.

“Sarah, what’s wrong?” he whispered.

Sarah shook her head. “Oh Joseph, it’s – It’s nothing,” she finally said.

Unable to help himself, he glanced over at her chest and was amazed to see two enormous wet circles staining her blouse. “Does it have something to do with the milk?” he found himself asking.

Sarah blushed furiously. After glancing at her seatmate for a while as if gauging his possible reaction, she nodded a little. “Yes it does,” she quietly admitted. “I went to pump my breasts, but for some reason, my pump doesn’t want to work for me. It isn’t pumping hard enough or fast enough to keep up with my milk supply.”

Joseph nodded. “So you didn’t get to pump?”

Sarah shook her head. “Not really, no. I barely started and the thing is, I know if I don’t get the milk emptied, they’re going to start to really ache.”

At this, Joseph made a sympathetic noise. If having balls feeling overfull with cum was uncomfortable enough, he couldn’t imagine that Sarah was any more comfortable with her enormous titties overly swollen with milk.

“Did you try hand pumping?”

Sarah blushed harder. “I did, but… there was no private place to do that.”

Seeing a chance to possibly make his favorite fantasy come true, Joseph licked his lips and took a deep breath and whispered earnestly, “If you were open to the idea… I could nurse the milk from you?”

“… You mean you would breastfeed from me?”

Unable to find further words and a bit amazed that he had managed to say what he had said without completely fumbling over himself and even more amazed that Sarah wasn’t running away from him and screaming ‘pervert’, Joseph nodded.

“I’ve never breastfed from anyone before, but… I’m definitely willing to try if you would like me to help you?” he admitted, further clarifying his offer.

After staring at Joseph in complete silence for several long moments, Sarah finally nodded. “Kneel in front of me, then, and you can nurse me that way?” she whispered, angling her seated position so that she was faced more towards the aisle than towards the movie screen.

Quietly quietly so as not to draw attention to himself or Sarah, Joseph immediately complied and moved from his seat to kneel on the floor in front of Sarah.

Smiling a watery smile down at her co-worker, Sarah undid the buttons on her milk-stained blouse that strained to pop free from their buttonholes and offered up her DD nursing bra-encased breasts with a bounce.

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Breastfeeding Beach Babe – Part 2

This is the second and final installment of Breastfeeding Beach Babe. If you missed the first installment and want to see the buildup to this second installment, you may read it HERE. Hope you enjoy! 😉

Once Meredith and Jonathan made their appearance on the beach, the fun immediately began for them.

Joined at the hip, the happy couple were almost in their own private world as they wandered along the beach.

Chatting and laughing between themselves like they hadn’t a care in the world and with their heads pressed close together, the energy that radiated from both Meredith and Jonathan read as uninhibited, free, and comfortable.

During a quiet moment in their conversation about an hour or so into their walk, however, their comfortable energy transformed into something electric when Meredith realized that her breasts were starting to feel full.

Always quick on the uptake, Jonathan immediately whispered, “What’s wrong, honey?”

“Nothing, Jonathan,” Meredith whispered back, “it’s just that I can feel the fullness returning.”

At the mention of ‘fullness’, her husband’s eyes sparkled. “Mmmmm… Is that so? Funny. I was just thinking that I was starting to feel a little hungry, myself…”

“Ohhh, you!” Meredith laughed and gave Jonathan a push.

Unable to help himself, when his wife was once again comfortably tucked up against him, Jonathan moved his hand that was resting against Meredith’s side to slide under a breast to gently cup, cradle, and then squeeze. Leaning close to her ear, he whispered huskily, “I can’t wait until they’re nice and full! I just love being able to tease your teats with my tongue and fingers and having them drip milk all on their own!”

“Ohhhhh, Jonathan!” Cheeks coloring, Meredith hugged her husband closer as she quietly whimpered.

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Breastfeeding Beach Babe – Part 1

“You sure about this, honey?” Jonathan asked one last time as he turned off the ignition to the car and turned to face his wife.

“Oh, I’m positive about this! No backing out – especially now that we’re here, right?” Meredith replied with a confident smile. ‘Here’ was the nude beach and she and her husband had been looking forward to this particular trip for months now.

Jonathan smiled back and caught Meredith’s hands with his own. “That’s right, honey. Like you said that night; we’ve waited too long.” Moving her hands aside, he resumed the task of unbuttoning his wife’s blouse for her and when her blouse fell open, he moaned quietly.

Almost half a year ago, owing to hyperstimulation of her breasts, Meredith had started lactating again after many years of being ‘dry’ after the weaning of their son who was now an adult.

Though it had been a shocking moment for them both and had produced a temporary lull in their marriage, they had discovered – with the help of a chance meeting with Dr. Perkums – the possibility of enriching both their marriage and sex lives by becoming a committed nursing couple.

It was now several months after their initial discovery and he – though he was sure his wife would be in full agreement – couldn’t be happier.

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