What is Milk for Me?

Milk for Me is an exclusive ADULTS-ONLY online written works archive with an exclusive focus on: adult breastfeeding, adult nursing relationships, erotic nursing, erotic lactation, and induced lactation.

With vivid descriptions in each and every story to help bring the imagery to life (and sometimes with larger-than-life detailing!), these stories are definitely meant for the boob and breast milk lovers out there who love (or might love):

  • lactation
  • milk-filled and milk-engorged boobs
  • darkened, enlarged, and distended areolas and nipples all ready to be latched on and nursed from
  • nursing from boobs like these
  • being nursed from
  • induced lactation

Though the stories are about nursing from the breast, there is NO infantilization involved and NO babies or children involved.

The eroticism of nursing in these stories fully stems from the simple visual and mental notion of a pair of breasts being (or growing to be) full to bursting with milk for reasons that don’t involve pregnancy, childbirth, or being a surrogate or adoptive mother.

While nursing from the breast can certainly be a non-sexual thing as most clearly evidenced by the nursing relationship between a mother and child, it is equally undeniable that repeated stimulation to the breasts where they are most sensitive coupled with the sexual awareness of the adults involved have the potential to bring out the sensuality (with explosively orgasmic results!).

In the case of these stories, ALL ‘participants’ ARE adults and offering breasts to nurse from or nursing from the breasts aside, ACT like adults and have adult relationships which, in these stories, frequently involve having lots and LOTS of mindblowing SEX.

That said, it’s the sexual content that makes these stories rated the way that they are.

A pair of bare boobs (no matter how jaw-droppingly beautiful)? Who cares so much about rating. A pair of jaw-droppingly beautiful boobs being eagerly nursed on while their lucky owner is being brought to a series of screaming orgasms? Yeah. Adult content.

So yes. Milk for Me is definitely an ADULTS ONLY site.

Obviously if this bothers you, maybe you should consider reading something else. Equally obviously, if you’re not bothered by this, please feel free to browse the collection of stories available!

Like the stories?

Please don’t hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment and/or rating the story as appropriate.