From A to Z, here is a quick list of words and phrases frequently used in my stories along with some basic definitions and explanations.

areola – the larger round circle of flesh behind the nipple

adult breastfeeding – the act of an adult drinking milk/nursing milk from a woman’s breast

adult nursing relationship – a relationship where adult breastfeeding and/or erotic nursing features as a main event and the couple in question are committed to keeping regular nursing schedules to feed the needs of both parties involved

breastfeeding – the act of nursing from the breast

distended – swelled in size; in talking about nipples, the nipples are enlarged and swollen in appearance

elongated – lengthened in size; in talking about nipples, the nipples are longer than what may be typical

engorged – a state of overfullness; in talking about the breasts, the breasts are so full of milk that it can become painful as milk continues to collect and build up in the ducts

erotic lactation – lactation in an erotic/sexy scenario with the intent to arouse or titillate

erotic nursing – when a nursing session gains sensual and/or sexual elements

flanged – the wide and spread apart position and placement of the lips against and around a teat during a solid latch-on

induced lactation – when breasts are purposefully stimulated into lactating

in-milk – describes the lactating status of a woman and/or a pair of breasts

lactating – the act of the breasts producing milk

latch-on – when the mouth is properly attached to the teat and ready to nurse from the breast

letdown – also called the milk ejection reflex, this is when the breast forcibly releases milk into the ducts to be suckled through the nipple

mammaries – a synonym for the word breasts

nipple – the bit of flesh at the tip of the breast that is surrounded by the circular areola and through which milk is secreted

nursing – the act of drinking milk from a woman’s breast

nursing bra – a special bra that is designed to both support a woman’s lactating breasts and to provide an easier access to a woman’s breasts

suckling – the actions of a mouth latched on to a teat which helps to draw the milk out of the breast

teat – the combined flesh of the nipple and areola