What Inspires Me?

If you haven’t guessed by now just by browsing through the content on this site, I have a rather large and comprehensive collection of material – images, videos, etc – from which I draw inspiration from.

Collected from the internet over the course of several long years of hardcore specialized web surfing, my collection of erotic lactation material has grown to be quite impressive (in my opinion, of course) and owing to a bout of collection-pruning I performed more recently, it is also extremely inspiration-rich.

What does this mean?

This means that no matter what bit of my collection I decide to look at, it’s going to be hot enough to provoke a little creative something.

Sure, erotic lactation is a hot topic all on its own, but… even with something as niche as erotic lactation, there’s still room for a little extra something-something (which I talk more about in THIS post) which gives a little extra spice.

That said, unless otherwise stated, I myself claim ownership of NONE of the photography or videography (meaning, I wasn’t the one who took the pictures or filmed the videos and I most certainly wasn’t the one who starred in the ‘shoots and vids!) and owing to my respect for copyright, I will never post entire sets of images from photoshoots or entire clips of movies.

Bearing that in mind, please enjoy the highlights from my collection – images, videos, and whatever else – that have inspired me over the years.

Inspirational Images
Inspirational Videos
Other Sources of Inspiration