Something to Drink?

Would You Could You… In a Hot Tub?

An adults-only convention held in the privacy of a hotel fully rented out for duration of the convention, Lush Leche was – for that long weekend – the premier place to be for adult lovers of breast milk.

Excited to be in such a place and being that he was one of the guest lecturers for the event, Dr. Perkums decided to take a tour of the hotel as soon as he arrived and when he saw that there was a swimming pool and a hot tub in the recreation center, he suggested to Jessica that they have a soak in the tub.

“So late, Dr. Perkums? Shouldn’t we go to sleep so we can wake up early tomorrow?” Jessica queried as she unpacked her luggage.

Having caught the red-eye, it was quite late at night – or early in the morning, depending on how one looked at time – and she was rather tired and admittedly looking forward to bedding down with the dedicated doctor.

“A soak will be good to help us relax,” Dr. Perkums explained.

“Oh, well… That is true,” Jessica agreed.

“Did you bring a bathing suit?”

Jessica blushed a little at the question but smiled and nodded. “A bikini, but…”

“… But?”

Jessica blushed harder. “I’m not sure I will fit it?”

Dr. Perkums practically beamed at this. “Ohhh, I’m sure it’ll be just fine!”

Nearly ready to be nursed, Jessica’s milk-swollen mammaries could hardly fit into the cups of her snow white bikini top and once they were snugly cradled, they looked about ready to burst right out at any moment.

Dr. Perkums licked his lips at the sight and offered his hand. “Why that fits you beautifully, honey! Cum on, let’s go.”

Holding hands, Jessica and Dr. Perkums made their way to the recreation center and after quickly rinsing off, they stepped into the hot tub and sat themselves across from each other so they could stretch out.

“I’m so glad we came out,” Jessica commented with a quiet as she canted her head backwards with a sigh of appreciation.

Naturally buoyant even though they were filled with milk, Jessica’s milk-heavy mammaries were like two inflatable life preserver globes bobbing in the water and Dr. Perkums soon found himself ogling a deliciously mouth-watering sight.

Soaked through with water, Jessica’s white bikini top was becoming increasingly translucent and within a matter of moments, her dark and enlarged teats made a pair of very dark circular outlines that undeniably advertised her lactating status.

Even better, with the light breeze that was being generated by the rec room’s ventilation system, her nipples were starting to prick and perk and soon, they were jutting out just so and in a most inviting manner.

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Would You Could You… in a Cab?

Shortly after her very satisfying nursing session with Dr. Perkums, Jessica fell asleep and it was only at the pilot’s announcement of their arrival at the airport that she woke up.

Blinking her eyes blearily, she saw that she had been covered with a blanket. She was about to wonder on the whereabouts of Dr. Perkums when the sensation of a greedy mouth suckling powerfully on her teat caught up to her senses.

Lifting up the edge of the blanket with a low moan as she experienced a much-needed letdown, she watched the doctor as he hungrily nursed at her breasts.

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Lines and… Boobs!

On a red-eye flight to a lactation conference and convention, Dr. Perkums was about ready to catch some shut-eye when a woman dressed smartly in a business suit and carrying a tote bag carry-on luggage suddenly sat herself next to him without so much as a word.

Being that they were already half an hour into the flight, Dr. Perkums thought that it was a bit odd that he should get a seatmate so suddenly and so he decided to do a little… investigating.

At first glance, there was nothing out of the ordinary, but being the expert that he was, he snuck himself a closer look and was immediately suspicious.

Though she had a petite frame, her chest was in fact quite large for someone her size and her breasts pushed at the front of her blazer so much that the buttons were strained. Though she looked distinctly uncomfortable with the blazer stretched so tightly across her chest, the woman was unwilling to remove her jacket and kept her arms crossed in front of her.

Big tits didn’t always mean milk, but in this case, Dr. Perkums was almost certain of it. He was, after all, Dr. Perkums and he was, after all, headed to a lactation conference.

Maybe the woman was, too?

The question was, how to approach the subject?

After a few moments of thought, he pulled out a notebook and started sketching out a grid for the game of Lines and Boxes. Once he was finished, he cleared his throat.

“Fancy a game of Lines and Boxes to wile away some time? It seems like we have a rather long flight ahead of us?”

The woman startled, but she smiled. A chance for distraction from her uncomfortable state was a welcome thing and she accepted the invitation. Shifting a little uncomfortably in her seat, she said, “Why not?”

And so the game began, but halfway into the game…

“… You know, I just noticed something funny about this game board,” the woman murmured as she connected a line and completed a box.

“… To be honest, I noticed something about you, too,” Dr. Perkums confided just as quietly.

“… Did you draw breasts instead of dots?” the woman asked directly as her nipples pricked in involuntary arousal.

“… Are you lactating?” Dr. Perkums asked, just as directly. Shifting his legs apart a bit, he hoped that his seatmate would notice the growing bulge of his crotch and realize his interest and be encouraged to confide in him.

The woman paused in the middle of finishing another box. Just as Dr. Perkums hoped, she glanced in his direction and the bulge didn’t go by her unnoticed.

“I’m in an adult nursing relationship and I really need to be nursed. My partner was supposed to come with me for this lactating convention, but they had to cancel because of last minute work plans,” she finally explained quietly.

“How fortunate, then, that I’m here,” Dr. Perkums smiled. Putting away their game, he leaned closer and murmured, “My name is Dr. Perkums and I am a lactation specialist and I am passionate about breast milk. If you would like, I would love to breastfeed from you on this flight?”

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[video] Tied Up and Squirting!

Sorry to everyone who has been waiting for an update; I know that it’s been quite a while.

Until I have more written stuff to post (and yes, I am and have been writing, but they’ve all been rather piecemeal lately or really long so it’s taking a while to get something more website-friendly to post), here is an incredible (well, I think it is!) video I found that I thought I would share with everyone.

Why is this video awesome, you ask?

Firstly, those milk-swollen boobs are just gorgeous! Secondly, look at those teats – they’re HUGE! Thirdly, they squirt milk and boy oh boy do they squirt! And fourthly, just LOOK at how much milk squirts out!

Imagine suckling milk from them or having them dangling over your face and auto-dripping and auto-squirting milk all over you!

Until next time!

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Breaktime Breastfeeding

I’ve been immensely busy of late so I haven’t had a chance to make any published updates until now. Breaktime Breastfeeding – like Milky Matinee – was supposed to be another ‘quickie’ and just like Milky Matinee, became more of a short story. I guess that’s a sign telling me to write more stories about milk-hungry Joseph and Sarah his milk-swollen co-worker, huh? 😉 Hope you enjoy and sorry about the delay!

After the movie theater incident where he had had the chance to breastfeed from his co-worker Sarah, Joseph’s daytime and nighttime hours became filled with dreams and daydreams of Sarah, her milk-swollen breasts, and breastfeeding.

As a result, going to work – once something of a drudgery that he had to slog through day in and day out – gained a new meaning because it was his chance to see Sarah and a potential chance at having his milk-filled dreams fulfilled.

Unfortunately, as luck would have it (or not have it as the case would be), shortly after the movie theater incident, his work group became bogged down and very busy with pushing out a new project.

Though he and Sarah had plenty of chances to see one another in passing, there was little time for anything else and a month and then two months passed in this manner as their group worked at a frenzied pace to meet deadlines.

Just as Joseph was packing his bag for the night and wondering when that ‘next time’ would be – if ever it would even happen again – he heard a quiet cough and when he looked up, he saw Sarah’s smiling face and two enormous wet circles on her blouse staring him in the face.

“Oh god!” he couldn’t help but exclaim, swallowing hard.

Glancing around to make sure nobody was within earshot, Sarah smiled and whispered with a wink, “Care to have a cup of coffee with me in the break room before you go home?”


Taking care to discreetly hide the erection that had immediately started to tent his slacks upon seeing Sarah and the two round wet circles capping her shirtfront, Joseph followed his co-worker eagerly to the break room.

As it was mostly after-hours, the break room and the hallways leading to the break room were empty. Once inside, Sarah made a beeline for the corner nook where there was a booth-style bench butted up against the counter and a table. After setting down her hangbag, she sat down on the bench and pushed away the table in a gesture of invitation.

Anticipation getting to the better of him, Joseph wasted no time in accepting the invitation and immediately moved to kneel in front of Sarah. “I’ve been dreaming of the next time we would get to do this!” he admitted with a quiet groan. “Every night I jerk my cock thinking about you and your delicious tits!”

“Then let me give you something better than just a fantasy!” Sarah whispered.

Immensely turned on and aroused by Joseph’s candid admission, Sarah decided to give her co-worker a little show.

With exaggerated slowness, she unbuttoned her blouse and then pulled it open down the front which revealed her milk-engorged breasts encased in a satin pink nursing bra. Thrusting out her chest at Joseph, she gave her satin-covered tits a few good pumping squeezes with her hands as she waved them around. “Look at how much they’ve missed you, Joseph,” she whispered and with a yank, she undid both clasps on the flaps and within moments, her swollen breasts sprang forward and out where they bounced around in their over-fullness.

From his place kneeling in front of Sarah, Joseph moaned deeply at the sight of her bared milkers now bouncing and dangling right in front of his face. “They’re so beautiful, Sarah!” he exclaimed as he stared and admired and ogled the sight before him.

Swollen and veiny with their darkened super large areolas and thick chewable nipples jutting straight out at him and leaking droplets of precious milk, Sarah’s breasts were a sight to behold indeed and he couldn’t help licking his lips in anticipation.

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