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Interested in doing a link exchange? Want me to join you as an affiliate?

Before you ask, please read this first:

Just like there’s always a need for a pair of milk-engorged breasts to be nursed to emptiness and a desire to nurse from the same pair of milk-laden breasts in question, there’s always a need and desire for inspiration.

With the advent of a few choice erotic lactation content specialists, there has been more niche content now than ever before… but I’m still on the lookout for… more.

Specifically, I’m looking for content that would match MY content.

More adult breastfeeding. Large, dusky teats proudly advertising the milk that can be nursed from them. A hungry mouth and a correct latch. Breastfeeding sessions that longer than a few seconds and show what an actual breastfeeding session might look like. More pumping and suckling. More suckling and fucking. A lactating woman riding a thick hard cock while the man being ridden is gulping down milk from her leaking breasts. Adult nursing relationship featuring what happens when a session is late or is missed. An urgent breastfeeding session. A broken breast pump and the need to be emptied.

And the list goes on. In fact, if you read my stories or even just look at my list of story tags, you’ll know exactly what I write about and consequently, what things inspire me.

Yes, I am rather specific about what I am looking for, but generalities don’t really get anyone anywhere when it comes to niche content and my content is definitely niche and it makes no sense to match niche with the everyday sort of general.


With all that said, since I deal with nothing but niche content, you need to have niche content, too, and not only niche content but content that would match what I feature.

It doesn’t have to be a 100% match (for example, none of my stories about lactation feature pregnancy while many erotic lactation sites do), but there are some things that absolutely MUST match:

  • NO rape, humiliation, torture, etc
  • NO adult babies
  • NO children

And with THAT said… if you have the content I’m looking for – the content to inspire and provoke and create a hunger for more – then by all means get in touch.