You were on your way to the exit door when a woman with the most beautiful pair of titties you had ever seen on display made her appearance.

Cradled in a sexy nursing bra with super stretchy sheer flaps, her tits – looking so very swollen and firm that they just HAD to be lactating – looked about ready to burst free from their confinement and jutted out proudly from her chest and bounced with her every step as she walked towards you.

Unable to help but stare at the sight before you, you couldn’t help but notice that the flaps on her bra were not just sheer but almost completely soaked through and you could see the distinct shape and outline of a pair of enormous areolas with thickened and enlarged nipples.

Ohhh what titties and teats and just PERFECT for breastfeeding from! Was she in milk, you wondered with hunger in your eyes, and in your curiosity, you let your gaze linger just a few seconds too long.

The woman laughed at your reaction and winked. “Want to see?” she invited as she thrust out her chest.

Boy did you ever!

Moaning quietly, you immediately reached out to hold, heft, and then squeeze those unbelievably firm pair of tits.

“Oh honey,” she cooed in delight, “Please don’t stop! Pump my titties for me?”

More than happy to comply, but not quite sure how much more her tits could possibly be pumped, you started pumping the globes in your hands and before long, she started to moan.

“Oh! OH! OHHH!” she cried out and to your amazement, thin streams of milk started spraying from her nipples.

With milk leaking profusely from her thick nipples, the woman unsnapped the flaps on her nursing bra and without another word, guided your head to her breasts with one hand while her other hand readied a leaking teat.

“I know you’re hungry; I can see it in your eyes,” she whispered as if sharing a secret, “and I need to be nursed from so badly! My titties are full-to-bursting with milk and when I saw you standing there, I thought that maybe -“

Needing no further encouragement, you opened your mouth as wide as you could and when she filled your mouth with as much of her leaking teat as possible, you uttered a muffled groan of delighted surprise.

This was really happening! You were really going to breastfeed from this wonderful woman and her incredible lactating tits!

“Make a seal with your mouth, honey, and keep my nipple in the back and chew gently,” she instructed urgently. “Like sucking your thumb. Hurry, now!”

With your mouth full of nipple and areola, you started doing just that and before long, you were efforts were rewarded by a long thick gush of creamy breast milk as she experienced the much-needed letdown.

“Yes, yes, just like that!” she cried out as she held your head closer. “Just like that!”

As if starved, you continued to nurse – gulping down milk as if your very survival depended on it – and when the breast was relieved of its overfull burden, you moved on to the other one without further instruction.

Latching on and resuming your hungry suckling while you fondled the other abandoned breast with a wandering hand to ready it for another breastfeeding session, you let out a deep moan of contentment.

What a perfect way to end your day!