What a Milker Wants, What a Milker Needs

Dr. Perkums was awoken from a sound sleep at five in the morning by the sound of his doorbell being rung most insistently. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he went to see who was at the door and was surprised to find a woman he didn’t know standing on his doorstep.

The first thing he noticed was that the woman was red-eyed and crying and looked like she had been crying for quite some time. The second thing he noticed was that the blouse she was wearing looked uncomfortably tight. The third thing he noticed was that she was wearing a short wraparound skirt.

Before he could say anything, though, the woman immediately spoke up.

“Oh Dr. Perkums, my name is Ashley and I’m so sorry to bother you so early in the morning, but I’m so glad you’re home!”

Surprised at the woman’s sudden exclaimed greeting, Dr. Perkums shook his head a little. “And I am glad I could be here for you this morning, Ashley,” he greeted back. “How may I help you?”

“Oh Dr. Perkums,” the woman cried out, “I’ve been having some trouble and my friend Melissa said you you might be able to help me out!”

At the mention of Melissa – his primary nursing partner and secretary at his lactation specialty clinic – Dr. Perkums’ eyes widened and all thoughts of sleep were promptly forgotten. “Is that so?” he asked, trying not to stare at his visitor’s chest lest he was misunderstanding her request for help.

“Oh please, Dr. Perkums! Just look -!” Lower lip trembling, Ashley unbuttoned her blouse and revealed a pair of too-big milk-engorged breasts encased in a too-small nursing bra.

With Ashley thrusting out her tits at him, there was no way to misinterpret her meaning and Dr. Perkums took a good long look. “Ahhh I see! Well, Ashley, I think I know just how to make this… problem of yours go away.”

“Ohhh Dr. Perkums! Would you?”

Dr. Perkums smiled and opened his door wider. “Please, Ashley. Cum on in.”

Still sniffling a bit but smiling now with hope, Ashley stepped into the doctor’s apartment flat. No sooner did she step in did she pull off her blouse entirely and unsnap the flaps of her nursing bra which revealed a pair of very firm F cup milk engorged breasts with their enlarged dark and dusky teats jutting straight out in invitation.

Eyes widening as Ashley’s milkers popped out from their confinement, Dr. Perkums licked his lips and gestured for Ashley to follow him into the kitchen. “Ohhh yes, Ashley, I can definitely help you with this,” he moaned quietly. “I’m sorry you’re in pain from all the milk engorgement, but I’ll make you feel better.” After wetting some clean handtowels with hot water and setting them on a clean plate, he sat himself down on a large stool and then patted his lap.

Ashley immediately climbed onto the doctor’s lap and presented with Ashley’s bared pair of beautifully milk swollen tits right in his face, Dr. Perkums began the treatment he promised.

Taking one of the handcloths, he started to gently apply hot compresses all along the engorged mounds – making sure to pay particular attention to the areas directly surrounding the areolas and nipples. In the middle of applying hot compresses, he began to kiss along the shape of Ashley’s breasts and before long, began to gently suckle against the taut skin.

“Ooooohhh,” Ashley breathed and couldn’t help but wriggle a little.

“Tell me, Ashley,” Dr. Perkums murmured as he licked and suckled. “How long has it been since you’ve been nursed?”

“A – a while,” Ashley admitted. “I’ve been using pumps and my hands to express the milk.”

“Mmmm, and how has that worked for you?”

“It – it works okay, but…”

“But it’s not as good as when you’re nursed? Is that it?” Dr. Perkums asked, finally putting away the cloths and giving Ashley’s breasts a fond but gentle squeeze with his hands.

“No, it’s not,” Ashley agreed.

Sliding his hands along her firm mounds in motions that were caresses yet commanded the flow of milk, Dr. Perkums said, “And I think that’s why you’re having this engorgement problem, Ashley. Pumps and hands are never complete replacements for a hungry mouth. This isn’t the first time this has happened… is it?”

Hearing the doctor’s words and feeling the doctor’s hands massage her swollen tits sent a tingle of anticipation up her spine and Ashley bit back a whimper. “N-no it isn’t,” she admitted again.

Dr. Perkums smiled as he continued to kiss and suckle and lick all along Ashley’s breasts while his hands continued their ministrations. “And how often does this happen?”

Ashley whimpered as she could feel her milk ducts swelling with still more milk. “At least once a month. I – I think that maybe you’re right. I think that what happens is that I have trouble fully emptying my breasts and so after a while…”

“They become engorged from all the milk that is being produced but not being released,” Dr. Perkums finished. “Yes, Ashley, that’s what it seems like to me, too. Tell me, how often should your milk be emptied?”

“E-every four hours – sometimes sooner?”

Dr. Perkums moaned quietly at this. He knew, now, that Ashley was most certainly fully lactated and that the most probable cause of her engorgement was the fact that she was having trouble emptying her milk supply as needed. With all the milk that kept coming in around the clock… well… engorgement – overfullness of milk in the breasts – was just bound to happen.

“Tell me, honey… Does it feel good when I do this?” Dr. Perkums asked as he continued to kiss, lick, and suckle while his hands stroked.

Ashley whimpered louder. “Very much!” she admitted with a blush. “It’s been so long!”

“Do you think your titties could give me their milk if I were suckling on them?” Dr. Perkums asked, his voice becoming husky as he started to tease at the enlarged peaks of Ashley’s breasts with soft swipes and licks of his tongue.

Ashley moaned. “I – I think so!”

“Then relax for me, honey, and enjoy being nursed.”

Mouth opening wide, Dr. Perkums latched on to one of the large dusky peaks and filled his mouth with as much thick nipple and puffy areola as possible. Starting out slowly, he began to nurse – making gentle chewing motions with his lower jaw to massage the milk sinuses while he suckled as if he would his thumb.

At first, owing to how engorged her breasts were and the pain she was experiencing from the engorgement, very little milk flowed, but then when Ashley closed her eyes and did what the doctor instructed – simply concentrated on how good it felt to have his warm mouth attached to her teat and suckling rhythmically and with such patience and dedication…

“OHHH Dr. Perkums!”

Dr. Perkums moaned around his mouthful in encouragement and before long, he was rewarded with a mouthful of breast milk – creamy and thick and with a touch of butter – as Ashley experienced the letdown she so desperately needed.

Nursing steadily, he gulped down the milk as it flowed and with each gulp, his cock twitched and swelled underneath his pajama bottoms until it was fully erect.

Feeling the doctor’s erection press up against her covered pussy, Ashley couldn’t help but buck into the sensation just a little even though she tried to ignore it. But try as she might to ignore the feelings, she found herself wondering how it might feel to have the doctor’s cock pumping her pussy to orgasm.

Just as it had been a long while since she had been nursed, it had also been a long while since she had experienced satisfying sex much less a satisfying orgasm. Though having her breasts swollen with milk made her feel more feminine and sexy, all the hormones also worked against her libido and she had found it more difficult to find satisfaction in her sex life.

Right now, however, given the doctor’s sensual and attentive ministrations combined with the all too satisfying sensation of being nursed by his expert mouth, she found that her libido was unexpectedly skyrocketing.

Finding unexpected pleasure along with much needed relief in being nursed, Ashley vowed to keep her thoughts to herself lest she overstep the boundaries between herself and the doctor and though she was feeling hornier and hornier with each passing minute, she maintained her silence and simply basked in the sensations like she had been instructed to.

In this way, fifteen or so minutes of blissful uninterrupted nursing passed and when it was time to switch to her other breast, she more than gladly offered its leaking teat and pulled the doctor’s head close.

Unfortunately, though she said not a word, her desire and lust for sexual release eventually betrayed her and when she – much to her surprise – experienced a second letdown in response to the doctor’s expert suckling mouth several minutes into the nursing session, her pussy juiced itself in eager anticipation.

Feeling the sudden heat of arousal pressed desperately up against his hips and eagerly twitching cock, Dr. Perkums couldn’t help but utter a quiet noise of interest as he hungrily gulped down milk.

Though he very much wanted to ask Ashley another question, he had promised her relief from her bountiful milk supply and so he continued to breastfeed with increased vigor and enthusiasm in silence. Once he had nursed from the current breast for fifteen minutes, however, he unlatched. “Ashley, honey?” he asked as he took a moment to swirl his tongue around and around the released teat and its thick nipple.

“Y-yeah, Dr. Perkums?”

“How long has it been since you’ve cum?”

“C-cum?” At the word, Ashley blushed bright red in embarrassment. How did the doctor know what she had been thinking about this whole time?

Dr. Perkums smiled. “Yes, honey, cum. And when I say cum, I mean cum so hard that your entire body shakes and trembles and your milk is squirting everywhere…”

Ashley moaned at the doctor’s inflammatory words and squirmed harder.

Moving to tease at the other swollen peak that was now leaking droplets of milk, Dr. Perkums continued in a low croon, “Cum so good that you feel relaxed for the rest of the day…”

When Ashley didn’t answer, he slipped a hand up her skirt to discover for himself. Encountering her soaking wet pussy through the thin fabric of her panties, he moaned deeply. “Ohhh honey, it’s been a long time since you’ve cum, too, hasn’t it?”

This time, Ashley answered, and when she did, it was with a little sob. “Ohhh Dr. Perkums! It feels like I haven’t cum in months!”

The answer was music to the doctor’s ears. Massaging the round globes of her firm buttocks with one hand and running his fingers along her slippery slit with his other, he murmured against her ear, “Would you like me to make you cum like that, honey?”

The doctor’s offer was altogether too tantalizing and Ashley shivered as she blushed furiously.

“Don’t be embarrassed, honey,” Dr. Perkums cooed encouragingly, “wanting to cum and cum good and hard is a very natural thing to desire!”

“I – I just don’t even know if I CAN cum anymore since it’s been so long!” Ashley admitted with a whimper.

Dr. Perkums shook his head with a confident smile. “Ohhh, honey, but I think you CAN cum and that’s why I’m making you this offer.” Giving Ashley’s soaked panties another stroke with his fingers, he said, “Just like your titties needed to be nursed, your pussy still needs to cum and if you want, I can also help you with that!”

With how aroused and excited as she already was, what was there to lose and with the doctor as confident as he was? Gathering up her courage and trying to ignore the scarlet heat that warmed her face, Ashley nodded.

Dr. Perkums practically beamed at Ashley’s agreement and he kissed each of her leaking peaks before releasing her entirely so she could stand up. “Let’s go to my bedroom, then, honey,” he invited as he stood up and when Ashley took his hand, he walked them both to his bedroom down the hallway.

Once in the bedroom, the rest of Ashley’s clothes came off and as she stood naked and trembling with unfulfilled desire, she awaited the doctor’s instructions.

“Lie down on the bed and open your legs for me, honey,” Dr. Perkums smiled as he eagerly kneeled at the end of the bed. “Open your legs and show me that beautiful juicy pussy of yours!”

Whimpering, Ashley did as she was told and spread her legs wide and then wider, still, when she saw the doctor lick his lips hungrily in anticipation.

With Ashley spread out before him, Dr. Perkums got on his stomach with his face right in front of her steaming pussy. Tilting her hips skywards and hiking her legs over his shoulders, he spread her plump pussy lips with his fingers and once her juicy center with its nearly virginal-swollen hole was revealed, he dove down and began to feast.

To the tune of Ashley’s whimpers and moans of approval, he licked, suckled, and stroked all over with his tongue and lips and when she tried to pull away, he held on and continued his feasting – this time pumping a finger in and out of her pussy hole in time with his suckling.

Though Ashley didn’t suppose this particular oral sex session was going to be any different than the others she had previously received, she realized almost immediately that she had never been more ready to cum in her life than she was right then and there.

The doctor had been a very diligent and dedicated nurser and she had felt it not only in the way he had treated her but also in the confident way he had latched on to her aching teats and in the way he had so very rhythmically suckled from her. He had been committed to her in emptying her milk supply and in this same manner, she could tell that he was committed to giving her the best orgasm of her entire life and from the looks of it –

“Ohhh NO, Dr. Perkums! I -!” Ashley whimpered as she tried again to pull away as an almost overwhelming and indescribable pressure-like pleasure started to build.

Pulling away to answer, Dr. Perkums crooned as he licked his lips. “Ohhh yes, Ashley, oh yes! Cum for me, honey! Don’t be afraid to cum!” With that said, he curled his pumping finger to press up against the roughened area of her vaginal wall that he knew was her G-spot and continued the plunging and pumping rhythm.

Within moments, the pressure built to its peak and Ashley let out a wail and Dr. Perkums received a face full of squirting pussy juice as she experienced climax. Greedily gulping down the juices, he moaned encouragement as he continued to pleasure her until the end of her orgasm. Once Ashley’s pussy stopped its convulsions, he pulled away and released his hold on her thighs.

“Ohhh Ashley,” Dr. Perkums moaned. “What a beautiful orgasm that was!” Licking his lips, he got off the bed and with Ashley’s eyes fixated on him, he pulled down his pajama bottoms.

Freed from the prison of the pants, the doctor’s cock in its fully erect eight inches glory sprang forward and out. Glistening with precum at the tip, it bobbed and waved madly in eager anticipation while the swollen sac beneath it bounced around.

Still trembling from the intensity of her orgasm, Ashley cried out at the sight, “OHHHHH Dr. Perkums!”

Smiling at Ashley, Dr. Perkums proudly showed off his erection and his cum-filled balls. “Ashley,” he said quietly and seriously, “Even though you probably already know this, I just wanted to tell you that I love breastfeeding and that I find breastfeeding to be a very erotically wonderful thing two adults can share.

“Nursing from those milkers of yours was a deliciously arousing and sensually intimate experience for me and I am so happy that you decided to share that with me and so openly.

“What makes me even happier is that it seems like you really enjoyed being nursed the same way that I enjoyed nursing from you… Am I correct?”

Blushing, but smiling, Ashley nodded. “It – was amazing,” she admitted quietly. “You were so willing to help me and so – eager and hungry to nurse from me.”

Guessing that Ashley’s experiences with breastfeeding others hadn’t been entirely positive, Dr. Perkums admitted, “Though you were in pain, I thought that your breasts were absolutely wonderful.”

Ashley’s eyes widened in surprise. “Really?”

Dr. Perkums smiled and let his eyes linger on Ashley’s breasts that were swelling again with milk right as they were speaking. “Your titties were swollen to an impossible fullness and your areolas are very enlarged and very dark. When you took off your blouse and then your bra for me, seeing your teats jut out at me the way they did with the nipples all thick and ready for a good suckling nearly made me cum right then and there.”

The doctor’s words made Ashley moan with pleasure. “N-nobody’s ever told me that before! I – I always thought that lactating made my nipples and – and areolas look all – strange!”

Dr. Perkums licked his lips again and uttered a low moan of his own as he thought about nursing from Ashley’s breasts again. “Oh no, honey, no!” he exclaimed. “Not strange at all! Attractive! They’re so big and dark and beautiful that they just BEG me to nurse from them! I couldn’t miss them even if I tried and to be quite frank, the bigger they are, the better for me because it gives my mouth more to latch on to!”

“Ohhhhh Dr. Perkums!” Ashley whimpered. Why oh why hadn’t she sought out Dr. Perkums sooner? Melissa had given the recommendation months ago when she had first come into her milk so why hadn’t she taken her advice?

But even without thinking, the answer came to her immediately.

“I never met someone who loved my breasts and breast milk so much,” Ashley whispered. “And I never felt so good sharing that with someone and nursing someone… not until today!” she further confided. “I had never been so wet before during a nursing session!”

Dr. Perkums smiled again and his cock twitched at Ashley’s admission of her own arousal and pleasure. “Breastfeeding from you was a true joy and a pleasure and related to that, I wanted to also tell you that I absolutely loved being able to help you cum with my mouth and fingers and that my cock would love even more to have a chance to help you cum even harder than before!”

Saying that, Dr. Perkums pulled back the foreskin on his cock and much to Ashley’s amazement and excitement, a big puddle of precum oozed out from the swollen head in a long, thick, sticky string.

“You really loved making me cum,” Ashley murmured in awe and though she hadn’t meant to phrase it as a question, it came out as one nonetheless and the doctor was quick to answer.

“I loved feeling your pussy getting wetter and wetter with each lick and suck,” Dr. Perkums asserted as his cock bobbed and throbbed in agreement, “but I especially loved it when you started cumming all over my face!”

Blushing to the roots of her hair from embarrassment, Ashley couldn’t help but moan deeply at the memory of cumming so strongly that she couldn’t help but squirt her juice.

“Those beautiful titties of yours and being able to nurse from them so joyfully turned me on so much that my cock has been rock hard and ready for you ever since I first started nursing from you, honey,” Dr. Perkums said huskily as he eyed Ashley’s juice-soaked pussy, “and my balls are full of cum just for you.

“Even though you’ve already cum once, I can tell that you have the potential for even more. Will you give me that chance, honey? Give me and my cock another chance to help you cum the best you’ve ever cum in your life?”

No matter how embarrassed she was, seeing how ready the doctor was just for her and how sincere he was, Ashley had no other answer but yes. “Ohhh please, Dr. Perkums!” she cried out, “PLEASE make me cum!” Whimpering with anticipation, she eagerly spread her legs apart and raised her hips in invitation.

At the spread-legs invitation, Dr. Perkums moaned with delight and once again moved to situate himself between Ashley’s open legs.

Running his hands all along the insides of her creamy thighs, he took a moment to admire the view. Thoroughly aroused and ready for a good fuck, Ashley’s outer pussy lips were like a pair of slippery pillows while her little hole quivered as it leaked out shining trickles of fragrant juice.

Teasing her leaking hole and her swollen clitoris with the tip of his cock and his fingers, it wasn’t long before he was able to coat the entire length of his sex with her juices and once his cock was fully lubricated, he took careful aim and then wedded them together with one deep thrust.

Cock plunging into the depths of Ashley’s neglected pussy with a loud noisy slurp, Dr. Perkums moaned deeply at the tight and deep fit.

Stretched to an almost overwhelming fullness, Ashley found herself nearly screaming with the pleasure of being filled and when Dr. Perkums began to rhythmically pump his pole in and out of her slippery hole while aiming again for her roughened G-spot –

“Ohhh DR. PERKUMS!!!”

Letting out a shriek, Ashley arched her hips and spread her legs as wide as they could go.

Holding Ashley’s legs apart, Dr. Perkums angled himself to go deeper, still. “Do you like this, honey?” he gasped as he plunged his cock in deeper. “Do you like feeling your pussy stretched and filled with my hard cock?”

Ashley let out a lusty cry and started eagerly meeting the doctor’s thrusts with her own in answer.

Dr. Perkums vocalized his approval with a loud moan. “Oh YES, Ashley! Ride my cock all you want, honey! Feel my cock stretch and pump your pussy!”

At the doctor’s instructions, Ashley closed her eyes and simply concentrated on the delicious feeling of having her hungry pussy being filled and pumped and pumped and filled again with the doctor’s eagerly plunging cock.

Riding with abandon, she was soon catapulted to a second orgasm and as her pussy convulsed and clenched around the doctor’s pumping cock –

“OhhhHH DR. PERKUMS!!!” Ashley howled, eyes flying open at the added sensation of the doctor’s fingers playing with her clitoris.

“CUM for me, honey!” Dr. Perkums coaxed as he pumped with his cock and stroked with his fingers, “Show me what you’ve got!”

To be honest, Ashley didn’t think she could cum any harder or any more than she was doing already, but at the doctor’s added encouragement, she could feel the unmistakable buildup of what she now knew would be a very wet orgasm.

Sure enough, her pussy started squirting all over again, but this time, milk started squirting out from her breasts in twin uncontrollable streams and she let out a scream of surprise.

“OHHH YES, honey! YES!!! That’s it!” Dr. Perkums cried out excitedly as he angled their hips a little more so he could lean closer as he continued to rhythmically fuck and stimulate Ashley’s squirting pussy. “Cover my cock and balls in your cum and pump and squirt your milk for me!”

Unable to stop screaming and moaning with pleasure, Ashley grabbed her breasts to oblige the doctor’s request as she continued to fuck herself and be fucked. Seeing the doctor’s wide open mouth, she took aim and started pumping and she soon rewarded the doctor with squirting streams of milk.

With milk now spraying everywhere, Dr. Perkums lost the last bit of his own self control and with a deep throbbing moan, experienced his own climax.

“OHHH ASHLEY!!! OHHH HONEY!!!” he cried out as he eagerly gulped down all of the squirting milk that he could, “I’m CUMMING! Ohhhhh I’m cumming for you!”

Balls slapping wetly against Ashley’s rounded bubble butt while his cock continued to plunge in and out with noisy slurps of juice, Dr. Perkums unloaded his cum in a series of violent squirts and splurts that filled and then overfilled Ashley’s clenching pussy hole.

Uttering a final moan at the last squirt of cum, he pulled out and then rolled onto his side next to Ashley.

Still trembling herself, Ashley rolled over to face him and as if knowing what the doctor had in mind, she offered him a leaking breast.

Wordlessly, Dr. Perkums latched on to the still-squirting peak and despite the wave of sleepiness that washed over him, he started nursing eagerly and powerfully and it wasn’t long before his cock was swollen once more in readiness.

This time, Ashley knew what she wanted and she immediately wrapped a leg around the doctor’s hip and impaled herself on his erection. Clenching tightly, she began to ride the doctor’s cock once more while she held his head firmly to her breast.

Fucking and nursing at a more leisurely pace, now, Dr. Perkums and Ashley both realized that they had found something in each other that morning.

For Dr. Perkums, Ashley was a chance for him to show his love and sexual appreciation for women, their bodies, and their ability to lactate and breastfeed and introducing Ashley to the sensual joy and wonder of nursing and being nursed and allowing her to simply enjoy the feelings and then discover and explore new pleasures had been an incredible experience.

For Ashley, Dr. Perkums was a chance that she had never expected. Not only had she found and gotten what she had wanted as a woman and as a milker, but she had also found something that she hadn’t even known she needed and as the doctor suckled hungrily from her breast while rhythmically fucking her pussy in long smooth strokes, she knew that there would be a lot more of these experiences to cum in the future.


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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