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an anthology featuring twelve nursing quickies (or not so quickies as some of the cases may be) detailing the erotic nursing relationship Melissa has with Dr. Perkums as they try to bring her to milk as fast as possible (please note that due to the ‘quickie’ nature of these stories, they can also be found in the ‘Quick Drinks’ collection)

TTaD – 1AM

When Dr. Perkums woke up for the next nursing session, he found himself momentarily at odds in regards to what to do as he watched his bedmate and nursing partner sleep. On the one hand, it was time to nurse … Continue reading

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TTaD – 11PM

A few minutes before eleven pm, Melissa was awoken from her nap by the sensations of a pair of hands expertly squeezing her breasts and a rock hard cock slipping and sliding against her juicy pussy lips from behind. Blinking … Continue reading

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TTaD – 9PM

Even though she had fully agreed – even begged! – to be put on a ‘treatment’ schedule to bring her milk in as fast as possible, Melissa couldn’t help but have a moment of doubt in regards to the schedule … Continue reading

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