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a collection of milk-inspiring images, videos, and other outside content

Dr. Santa Wants His Milky Baby

Though Dr. Perkums was always hungry for breastmilk, he always found himself hungrier than usual during the winter months when most of his breastfeeding partners were out of town visiting families and friends. He could usually manage, but this year, … Continue reading

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[video] Tied Up and Squirting!

Sorry to everyone who has been waiting for an update; I know that it’s been quite a while. Until I have more written stuff to post (and yes, I am and have been writing, but they’ve all been rather piecemeal … Continue reading

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[images] Milky Fountains

I normally don’t care too much for hentai if only because tentacles and torture seem to be a little too prolific, but I re-discovered a picture I had collected some time ago which I will share with everyone. The reason … Continue reading


[images] Ready, Aim, SQUIRT!

It’s flippin’ HOT over where I’m at and I’m sure a lot of you are boiling where you’re at, too, so… why not have a nice spray of… breast milk to help cool everything down? Hopefully, once I get over … Continue reading


[images] More Tittylicious Teats

While I was going through my collection of inspirational images, I came across this one which (from, I believe) definitely should have gone into the first Tittylicious Teats post. On the other hand, these teats are seriously something else. … Continue reading

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