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Accidental Advertising

It was just another day at work when Joseph saw them – the most perfect pair of tits in the world. Sarah was her name and she was a new-hire who had the cubicle across the aisle from him. A … Continue reading

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[poetry] Drink From Me

Engorged to full and heavy ripeness With teats enlarged and speckled to perfection With their tips distended with new thickness These milk-laden breasts offer a confection Warm and sweet like no other drink The drops that drip whisper the secrets … Continue reading

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[images] The Need

Before I finish up for the day, here are two pictures (screenshots, actually, from a video I collected some time ago) that inspired me to write The Need: The first picture: On second thought… Maybe they were just an … Continue reading


The Need

It wasn’t until she experienced milk engorgement – the state of her breasts being fully filled with milk but without any possibility of release or relief – that she finally understood what it meant to Need. At the beginning when … Continue reading

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Needing to be Nursed

It was nearly three in the afternoon when Dr. Perkums suddenly received a phone call at his office from a very frantic Melissa. Fully expecting Melissa to still be out of town attending to family matters, the sudden phone call … Continue reading

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