Despite all the boob lovers out there and all the boob-related content available, there is a surprisingly (to me anyways) little content with really good breast worship and breast play content.

I mean, sure.

There’s plenty of clips where someone’s breasts get a minute or two of squeezing, groping, and maybe some nipple sucking…

But that tends to be about it – even in the realm of lesbian porn where boobs are often a greater focus area.

Related to that, there’s even less material related to hardcore more-than-just-a-minute nipple play and even less material specifically dedicated to nipple sucking and still less material dedicated to suckling from the breasts – dry (no milk) or wet (milk).

And that’s where Milk for Me cums in.

Milk for Me fills the niche for erotica that’s dedicated to milky breast play and breast worship with a particular emphasis on both taking the time to enjoy the breasts and making sure the one whose breasts are being played with is thoroughly enjoying themselves.


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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