MHMC – Nursing the Nurse

Gina was serving the complimentary starter drinks for the red-eye flight from Los Angeles to New York City when she noticed that one of her passengers looked distinctly uncomfortable.

Kelly was her name and from what little she knew of her, she was a nurse flying to the Big Apple for a special convention and workshop for nursing and medical professionals. Dressed in a business suit, she looked sharp and professional and where she had looked comfortable enough when she had been shown to her seat, she now looked ill at ease and kept shifting positions.

Walking closer, she could see that the top button of her suit had been undone, but before she could ask if there was anything she could do to help, Kelly stood up and headed to the nearest lavatory with a small shoulder bag in hand.

Frowning a little, Gina wondered what was going on.

“Poor dear; I hope she isn’t getting airsick,” she murmured to herself before she returned her attention to her drink cart.


Inside the lavatory, Kelly was unbuttoning her blazer and blouse as fast as she could go.

She had hardly gotten to the buttons on her blouse when two large wet circles appeared, staining her blouse with translucency.

Yanking open her blouse revealed a pair of D to DD-cup breasts swaddled in an ivory white sateen bra that was supported by thick shoulder straps and undoing the discreet snaps at the straps banished away the two flaps – the two cups – that otherwise hid her breasts from view.

Immediately bouncing out in their newfound freedom, her breasts stood out as far from her chest as they could be in their milk-engorged DD fullness and firmness with their dark and swollen latch-on-ready areolas and nipples jutting out proudly and advertising her lactating state by leaking milk.

“Mmmnnn god!”

Quietly groaning, Kelly reached into her bag and pulled out the two manual breast pumps she had packed. Normally at home, she would use a mechanical pump, but on the plane, the mechanical version was both impractical and unwieldy and would attract attention.

Swollen from the need to be nursed, her nipples and areolas could barely fit into the silicone cups but fit she did and once she got everything situated, she started pumping.

Unable to help herself, she started moaning a little as the suction started pulling and tugging the milk out of her engorged breasts.

About ten minutes into her pumping, she heard a knocking on the door. Panicked, she immediately detached her breast pumps with a loud THUP and shoved them into the bag.

Hastily covering up her naked breasts, she called out, “Yes?”

When she heard the soft voice of the flight stewardess who had served her drinks, she opened the door and peeped out.


It had been at least a good fifteen minutes since Kelly had stepped into the lavatory and Gina was starting to get worried. If Kelly was sick, then she probably needed some sort of medical attention.

When the door opened, one knowing glance was all it took for her to discern the cause for Kelly’s disappearance.

Giving Kelly a friendly smile and a flight blanket to wrap around her shoulders to help hide her milk-stained blouse, she whispered and beckoned, “Come on. Let me show you to a more comfortable place.”


A friendly face did wonders and Kelly agreeably stepped out of the lavatory and gratefully accepted the offered towel.

Assuming that she must have been sick, the passengers in line waiting for the lavatory all murmured get well wishes as she and Gina moved past them towards the back of the plane.


It wasn’t until they reached the very back of the plane that Gina stopped walking and Kelly looked around.

“Where are we?” she whispered.

“In the back of the plane. It’s the loudest here and since our flight wasn’t full, everyone chose seats up front so it’s empty back here,” Gina explained. Smiling, she said, “If you don’t mind me asking… why were you in the lavatory for so long? Are you all right?”

Blushing, Kelly didn’t know what to say at first, but seeing the still-friendly smile on Gina’s face, she spilled her story.

“Even though it’s been years since my son took my breast, my breasts still produce milk on their own every so often. Well, after accidentally getting a taste, my husband who’s a major breast man took an interest in nursing from me and so I decided to try and bring in my milk for him.”

With great interest, Gina listened. “So you’re having an adult nursing relationship with your husband?”

Surprised that Gina knew of the term, Kelly blushed some more and nodded. “Yes. I guess you could say that. We’ve only just begun, but I think it’s going to be a part of our relationship for now on. Kind of weird, huh?”

Gina shook her head. “Not at all. Breast milk is natural, right? At least he isn’t grossed out by it like some people are.”

Kelly laughed a little. “I guess you’re right.”

Trying not to stare at Kelly’s swollen breasts – definitely bigger than what she had recalled them being about an hour prior, Gina asked, “So were you pumping your breasts in the lavatory earlier?”

Kelly held up her bag. “Yes, but not very successfully. I guess I forgot how much milk I can produce once it gets going. I thought I had managed to shift our nursing schedule to a four hour schedule instead of a two hour one, but I guess my breasts just don’t want to cooperate. The breast pumps at my house would do the trick, but not these manual ones I brought with me.”

Trying to keep the eagerness out of her voice, Gina cleared her throat and said. “Your husband’s mouth would do the trick, too, right?”

Kelly laughed again. “Well yes, of course. But he couldn’t come along on this trip, unfortunately.”

“How about mine?”

Kelly stared for a moment in silence, unsure if she heard right. Did Gina just offer to nurse her?

Softly, Gina repeated her offer, “If you want, I could nurse you for this flight?”

At the thought of Gina nursing her milk from her breasts, Kelly let out a breathy sound that wasn’t quite a moan and her nipples responded by releasing a spray of milk.

“Would you?” she asked, wanting to be sure.

Gina beamed and gestured at the crew seat tucked in the corner. “Gladly! Please, sit down and let me take care of you.”


After making sure Kelly was comfortable, Gina switched on the lighting to low and placed a flight pillow on the floor and knelt on in front of her.

Eye-level with Kelly’s stained shirtfront that was now practically see-through, she took a moment to drink in the sight of the outlines of large dusky areolas and nipples before undoing the rest of the buttons.

When Kelly’s nursing bra-encased breasts came into view, she reached out and gave them a gentle squeeze. Glancing up at Kelly, she asked, “Do you mind if I pump them for a bit to get the milk flowing?”

Kelly shook her head. “Not at all.”

Gina smiled and with her hands cupping the bra-covered tits with her thumbs pressing against the undersides and her fingers pressed against the tops, she started to pump by kneading, massaging, and pulling towards the peaks.

Within minutes, Kelly could feel a growing fullness to her breasts and after a few more moments, she groaned. “Ohhh Gina -!”

Smiling up at Kelly as she gave the swollen mounds a last squeezing pump, Gina whispered, “I think they’re ready to be nursed now.”

Kelly moaned. “Ohhh please do!”

With trembling hands, Gina undid the snaps on the nursing bra and watched with bated breath as Kelly’s breasts burst out from their confinement.

Once again milk-engorged to DD-cups, Kelly’s boobs stood out from her chest at the height of their firmness and fullness and her large nipples and areolas – dark and dusky and swollen – proudly advertised her lactating status by leaking in earnest.

“Ohhh honey, they’re so beautiful!” Gina cooed and before Kelly could properly respond, she latched on to the nearest teat.

Taking the swollen peak into her mouth as far as she could, once her mouth was full of nipple and areola, she formed a seal with her lips and started suckling.


Unlike her son who had had trouble nursing from her when her breasts had been engorged, Gina had absolutely no trouble latching on and coupled with her rhythmic suckling, Kelly found herself on the verge of letdown.

As if sensing this, Gina gave the breast she was nursing on an encouraging squeeze. Unlatching momentarily to address the issue, she said, “I’m definitely getting milk, but if you want your boobs emptied, you’re going to need to let down for me, honey.” After teasing the nipple with her tongue, she latched on again and resumed suckling, but with a more insistent pull.

Gina’s words did the trick and within moments, Kelly was moaning as she experienced letdown.

At the gush of breast milk, Gina moaned with her and gulped down milk as fast as she could go. Between gulps, she managed to say, “Yes, that’s it honey! Give me all your milk!”

Encouraged, Kelly pulled Gina’s head closer to her breasts. Whimpering, she pleaded, “Ohhh please empty me!”

Cooing in reassurance, Gina unlatched from the breast with a noisy pop. “You just leave it to Gina. Gina will take care of you, honey, don’t worry! I’ll make sure your titties are nice and empty!”

Swirling her tongue around and around and around the engorged nipple of the other breast that was now more swollen with milk than ever, Gina slipped her hand that she had been resting on Kelly’s knee to go underneath her skirt.

“You’re so wet honey, your panties are soaked,” she murmured, stroking Kelly’s pussy lips through the slippery fabric with her fingers.


Opening her mouth to protest, the only sound that came out of Kelly’s mouth was a moan.

With the nipple now standing proudly erect, Gina expertly latched on and as she took her first gulp of milk from the swollen un-nursed breast, she slid her fingers past the fabric of Kelly’s panties and pushed the panties aside.

Juicy pussy now revealed, Gina slid her fingers between the plump lips and found the button of Kelly’s clitoris. Circling and rubbing, she started to manually pleasure her in time to her suckling.

Unable to help herself, Kelly simply moaned and groaned and whimpered as she drowned in the sensations of being nursed and being masturbated.

When Gina whispered for her to spread her legs more, she readily complied – pulling up her skirt and hiking up her legs – and when Gina plunged in two wet fingers into her pussy hole, she almost screamed in pleasure.

“Thaaat’s it honey,” Gina moaned as she pumped her fingers and gulped down milk.

Super wet, Kelly’s pussy squelched and slurped and squirted out little dribbles of juice as its hole was penetrated and pumped.

Knowing that there was still way more milk available to drink, Gina begged, “Touch yourself, honey! Help me make that milk flow!”

Desperate to experience another letdown, Kelly reached between her legs and started rubbing her clitoris as she bounced on Gina’s pumping fingers.

True to Gina’s words, as climax rapidly approached, so did another letdown and she gasped. “Ohhh Gina, I think I’m gonna -!”

“Do it honey, do it!” Gina encouraged with a particularly enthusiastic pump of her fingers. “Cum for me and make your titties give me all of the milk they’ve been hoarding!”

After another minute of rubbing, Kelly announced her orgasm and letdown with a muffled scream as she impaled herself as far as she could go on Gina’s fingers.

Gulping down the milk that was now squirting from both breasts, Gina groaned as she increased the pace of her pumping, “Yes, baby, that’s it! Ride my fingers!”

Still in the throes of her orgasm, Kelly did as she was told and rode Gina’s rapidly pumping fingers like a champion and with another muffled shriek, experienced a surprise second orgasm along with a third letdown.

“Ohhh honey! Yes, yes, YES!” Babbling words of encouragement and endearment, Gina eagerly gulped down all the milk she could as cum juice flowed down her fingers and down her hand and she didn’t stop her finger fucking until Kelly finished cumming.

With Kelly’s breasts now violently squirting milk from both sides, it was hard to keep up, but she tried her best by switching from one breast to the next and back again.

Realizing that Gina was having trouble keeping up, Kelly took out one of her breast pumps and attached it to one of her squirting breasts. Trembling from her two orgasms, she pumped her right breast while Gina nursed from her left and she started to moan again from the sensation of being nursed and pumped in tandem.

Seeing how much Kelly was enjoying herself, Gina started to pump her fingers in and out of her cum-soaked pussy again and soon, Kelly was once again breathlessly whimpering in earnest while desperately pumping at her breast.

A third orgasm later and after nursing and pumping who knows how much more milk, Kelly’s engorged breasts were finally running on empty and as she took a last lingering drink of breast milk, Gina removed her fingers.

Exhausted, Kelly slumped in the seat without a care that her legs were spread wide open.

“Feeling better, honey?” Gina cooed with a smile.

Kelly grinned and tugged the other woman over for a milky kiss of gratitude.

“Two breasts full and three orgasms better,” she agreed.

Laughing, Gina whispered, “And we still have another session or two to go!”


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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