The Need

It wasn’t until she experienced milk engorgement – the state of her breasts being fully filled with milk but without any possibility of release or relief – that she finally understood what it meant to Need.

At the beginning when she first started noticing, the milk in her breasts was… simply there. It was something to have and something that she was trying to encourage her body to produce more of. And then, as the induction of lactation became more successful and as her milk supply grew, the milk became something that filled her – filling her milk ducts while at the same time, expanding the size of her breasts. But when the nursing started and the milk started coming in strong…

“Ohhhhh!” she groaned out loud as she suddenly awoke to the sensation of an incredible, impossible-to-ignore fullness in her breasts.

Looking down at her chest, she could see that over the course of the night, her breasts had literally grown in size and that her once fitting camisole with its built-in nursing bra was now almost too small to contain her. With the spaghetti straps straining the way they were, she was surprised that her top had even stayed on in the first place.

“Ohhh god!” she groaned again as she realized that the front of her camisole was thoroughly soaked through with her breast milk.

Tired – she had had a long day, she wanted to go back to bed, but quickly realized after a while of trying that her breasts made it impossible for her to go back to sleep. Entirely too full and firm with milk owing to the nursing schedule she was on, her breasts simply ached with the need to be emptied of their engorgement.

Whimpering quietly, she turned to her partner and after a moment of thought, shook his shoulder to wake him.

Used to being woken up at odd hours owing to the nursing schedule they were on, he awoke readily. Yawning sleepily, he asked, “What’s wrong honey?”

She whimpered again. “My breasts,” she explained. “Th-they’re so so full!”

Upon hearing her words, he asked, “Let me see?” with his own Need coloring his voice with hunger and desire while his cock rapidly hardened.

At first she didn’t want him to see her breasts; besides being immensely full, they were also leaking all on their own, but the genuine desire in his plea made her agree. “Okay,” she said, a bit shyly.

Snapping on the lights, the bedroom was suddenly bathed in a pale golden light and the man uttered a quiet sound of pleasure when he saw her breasts.

Heavily swollen, her breasts were on the verge of breaking free of the confinement of the camisole and the entire camisole front was stained with milk.

“You’re leaking!” he exclaimed and after admiring the two especially large wet circles, he undid the snaps on the nursing flaps on her camisole.

Shooting out from their confinement like a pair of torpedoes, her milk engorged breasts practically bounded out to greet him with their nipples leading the way and ohhh what nipples!

Leaking milk in drips, her teats – greatly enlarged, distended, and darkening in color now that she was in-milk and was being regularly nursed on – jutted out proudly and he couldn’t recall a time when they looked as attractive as they did now.

“Ohhhh honey! Just look at your tits!” he moaned, his Need to nurse becoming as evident as her Need to be nursed as his cock started leaking precum as if in sympathy. “So full and firm and your nipples are so dark and enlarged that they look like they’re begging! Nnnngod, but I need your milk so badly!”

She moaned at his words and her nipples released a spray of milk in agreement.

“And I need you to nurse me!” she cried out, and as he stared, riveted to the sight of her gorgeous breasts, he realized that her nipples were crying out with her – leaking and spraying milk as they attempted to relieve themselves of their fullness.

“Ohhh honey, you need my mouth so very much, don’t you?” he groaned and without waiting for an answer, he opened his mouth wide and latched on to the leaking teat nearest to him.

Never was there such a relief as there was when his mouth closed on her distended nipple and she moaned deeply as pleasure flooded her senses and letdown was triggered.

Wrapping her hand around his throbbing cock with his cum-swollen balls reminding her of own her own milk-swollen breasts, she started to pump him in time to his suckling.

Flooded with milk, he had not a care in the world as he eagerly and hungrily nursed her as if he hadn’t nursed for a week.

Relieved by the steady pull of milk from her breast, she had not a care in the world as the sensations of nursing translated into a wet-getting-wetter pussy.

Knowing that he was emptying her breast in an intimate way that only he and his experienced mouth with its perfect latch-on could, he knew that he was Needed.

Knowing that her engorged breasts had turned him on beyond belief and knowing that being able to nurse from her was a constant and growing source of fuel for his desire, she knew that she was Needed.

And when they reached orgasm together – her pussy, his cock, and her breasts all squirting out their essence at the same time – they both knew that they Needed each other.


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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