Needing to be Nursed

It was nearly three in the afternoon when Dr. Perkums suddenly received a phone call at his office from a very frantic Melissa. Fully expecting Melissa to still be out of town attending to family matters, the sudden phone call caught him by surprise.

“Why Melissa honey, what’s wrong?”

“Ohhh Dr. Perkums!” Melissa sobbed over the phone, “I’m so glad you picked up!”

“Of course I picked up, honey!” Dr. Perkums soothed in comforting tones, “Now tell me what’s wrong.”

Choking back another sob, Melissa whimpered, “I caught an early plane home and I was supposed to empty my breasts this morning before I caught the plane but my breast pump broke last night! My tits are so engorged with milk that I can’t empty them fast enough and now they ache!”

Though he felt bad for Melissa’s state of discomfort, Dr. Perkums couldn’t help but experience an intense arousal at the thought of her F-cups fully engorged with milk. The need in Melissa’s voice was more than palpable over the phone and it heightened and stoked his own hunger and desire for milk and the front of his slacks immediately tented straight out as his cock rapidly filled with blood.

Already headed out the door with his boner leading the way, he asked, “Tell me, Melissa… Are you at home?”


“Do you want me to come over and nurse you? Would that help?”

“Ohhh would you?”

The sound of relief in Melissa’s voice was all too clear and Dr. Perkums smiled. “But of course, honey! Just give me ten minutes and I’ll be there, okay?”

At the doctor’s reassurance and promise, Melissa smiled through her tears in spite of her discomfort. “Okay!” she agreed and hung up the phone to get ready for Dr. Perkums’ arrival.

When Dr. Perkums arrived on Melissa’s doorstep, he was in for a surprise visual treat when the door opened.

Naked from the waist up and wearing a super short skirt and panties, Melissa stood just inside the doorway with her now-bigger-than-F-cup milkers jutting practically straight out from her chest like a pair of torpedo heads while her large and swollen dusky nipples and areolas loudly and proudly advertised to anyone who was looking that she was in-milk.

Despite their nursing history together, Dr. Perkums had never seen her breasts quite so engorged with milk before or her nipples so distended, thick, and dark and so utterly attractive as they looked now and as his eyes focused on the swollen peaks that capped each milky mound, he was greeted with a violent spray of breast milk from each teat.

Already sporting an erection, the tent in his slacks increased as his cock swelled to its full length and girth.

“Ohhh Melissa!” he moaned as his cock started leaking precum, “I’m going to nurse you right now!”

Not caring that there might be neighbors or other passersby nearby to see what they were doing, Dr. Perkums led Melissa to the stairs he had just finished climbing and sat down on the top stair.

“Sit on my lap, honey,” he invited as he gave his lap a pat, “and let Dr. Perkums take care of you!”

Knowing all too well what kinds of magic the doctor’s expert mouth (and rock hard cock) could do, Melissa was more than eager to comply. Straddling the doctor’s hips in the face-forward position, she pressed her covered pussy right up flush against the tent that was his erection and positioned her breasts in the perfect position to be nursed on and no sooner had she made herself comfortable –

“OhhhHHH DR. PERKUMS!” she cried out, unable to stop herself from moaning out loud as the doctor’s warm mouth closed over an aching nipple.

Wasting no time in getting the best latch-on possible, Dr. Perkums immediately began to nurse with the thick nipple as far back in his mouth and throat as possible. Massaging gently with his hands while working his jaw, he was soon rewarded with gush after gush of thick creamy milk which he eagerly gulped down with noisy swallows.

With the doctor’s mouth expertly latched on and hungrily suckling away at her milk with more power than her best breast pump, Melissa soon experienced the letdown she had been craving and desperately needed.

Moaning loudly, she pulled the doctor’s head closer to her breast and whimpered in relief as milk was released from her swollen mammaries in a violent flood.

Face and hands covered in milk, Dr. Perkums could only nurse all the more enthusiastically with his lips creating a tighter suction so he could keep more of the leaking milk inside his mouth.

Milk now spraying from her unattended breast like a miniature fire hose turned on high and gone wild, Melissa begged, “Please Dr. Perkums! Nurse my other tit!”

Eager to please, Dr. Perkums unlatched with a wet pop and after catching a spray of milk in his mouth, he latched on to the other breast.

Moaning quietly with pleasure at the feeling of his mouth being filled with the desperately leaking nipple and areola, he repositioned his legs a bit and moved a hand to slip under Melissa’s skirt. Discovering her soaked panties, his nursing increased in its pace and urgency.

Rubbing her covered pussy all over the doctor’s stroking fingers, Melissa whimpered with an ever-increasing need of a different sort. Fingers finding the zipper to the doctor’s slacks, she gave a firm tug and moaned excitedly at the sight of his eight inch cock springing outward.

“Use your cock to stroke me – please, Dr. Perkums!” she begged, reaching under her skirt and pulling her own panties aside.

Greedily gulping down Melissa’s bountiful milk and with his cock now freed from its cloth prison, Dr. Perkums was more than happy to do as asked. Taking his stiff and leaking member into his hand, he stroked its slick head all along Melissa’s soaked pussy.

Melissa groaned loudly with pleasure as she rocked her hips back and forth along the length of the doctor’s swollen cock and coated it with her juices. When it became apparent that they both needed something more, she positioned her hips and at the feeling of the doctor’s cockhead pressing against her entrance, she ground her hips downwards.

Cock plunging deep into Melissa’s juiced up pussy, Dr. Perkums unlatched with a deep lusty moan. “OHHHHH HONEY!” he cried out, pumping his hips skyward.

Desperate to make both of them cum together, Melissa squeezed the inner walls of her vagina and started bouncing up and down and around. “Ohhh Dr. Perkums!” she whimpered as she impaled herself over and over and over again, “Your mouth on my tits and your cock in my pussy ALWAYS feels SO GOOD!”

Hands grabbing at the tits that were now bouncing wildly in front of his face and squeezing them together, Dr. Perkums answered by filling his mouth with both nipples and teasing at the distended peaks with his tongue.

Knowing how strongly her milk turned him on, Melissa delighted at the sight of her nipples spraying their milk all over the doctor’s face and shirt as he played with her breasts.

Mouth wide open, Dr. Perkums basked in the pleasure of being showered with milk and when he caught the flood of a sudden letdown in his face, he gasped out, “OHHH! OHHHHH Melissa! OHHHHH HONEY!”

With milk spraying out from her tits uncontrollably, Melissa bounced and fucked herself on the doctor’s cock and rode his leaking pole like a cowgirl riding a rodeo horse. Grabbing her tits and squeezing and making them spray milk even more violently, she announced her orgasm with a throaty scream.

“Ohhhh Dr. Perkums -! I – I’M CUMMING!!!”

Balls heavy with cum and even heavier with the need to release, Dr. Perkums responded by deeply latching on to a squirting peak. Holding Melissa’s hips tight against his own, he pistoned his swollen length in and out of her clenching pussy while he simultaneously nursed with fervor. A few pumps and gulps was all it took and he quickly announced his own orgasm with a chest-deep rumble of pleasure.

Shrieking with delight as the doctor’s cock filled her with cum while his mouth powerfully drew out her milk, Melissa found herself on the verge of a second orgasm and when the doctor unlatched from her nipple, they moaned together in unison as she rode them both to the end.

Gasping for air, Dr. Perkums was breathless by the time his cock gave its last squirt of cum. Licking droplets of milk that leaked from the pair of nursing-swollen teats he had just unlatched from, he glanced up at Melissa with a hopeful expression on his face.

“That felt so wonderful, Melissa honey – I don’t suppose…?”

Knowing how badly her milkers could get engorged without proper release and knowing how deeply the doctor desired her milk and how dedicated he was in nursing her, it was clearly a win-win situation and Melissa pressed her breasts closer to the doctor’s face.

Already feeling the tingle of arousal and need, she smiled and offered, “You can nurse me all night long!”


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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