[poetry] Drink From Me

Engorged to full and heavy ripeness
With teats enlarged and speckled to perfection
With their tips distended with new thickness
These milk-laden breasts offer a confection

Warm and sweet like no other drink
The drops that drip whisper the secrets of milk
While the dark blushing circles beg one to think
About hands and mouth upon skin of silk

A pair of hands to squeeze and pump
A mouth to open and be filled with teat
Following the rhythm as the heart goes thump
Milk will flow with each and every beat

Hungry swallowing to quench a thirst
As pleasure unexplainable starts to grow
No matter if the nursing is the last or the first
The gulping will only quicken and never slow

And hard as a rock or slippery with wet
Neither phallus nor womb will escape the need
For another different desire to be met
And muffled by suckling will there be a plead


To cum with a gush like from the breast
An ecstacy that can never feel wrong
And a sensation that is experienced best
While the mouth is latched on and strong

A gulp and a swallow and another pull
Will suddenly bring forth a flood untold
As the mouth is filled to overfull
With the milky bounty the breasts hold

More fevered gulping and it is time
As weeping needs will have started to throb
And hips will buck in an attempt to mime
The motion of a stroke, pump, or bob

And a cry will escape past milky lips
As pleasure brings one to the very brink
And as sticky sticks and slippery slips
All will be released that is left to drink

So come!

These breasts that are engorged – loudly they call
Begging for someone to fulfill a need
To nurse and be nursed from dawn till nightfall
Until bodies are spent of slick and seed

Just open your mouth and latch on strong
To these teats that are so large and rosy to see
In this mutual need there can be no ill or wrong
Or in the mutual pleasure that there will surely be


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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