Accidental Advertising

It was just another day at work when Joseph saw them – the most perfect pair of tits in the world.

Sarah was her name and she was a new-hire who had the cubicle across the aisle from him. A long-haired brunette and conservative in her attire and makeup choices, Sarah was a bit of a plain-Jane in terms of appearance at first glance.

On Friday night – the end of her first week of employment, Joseph got his second glance… on accident when he glanced up from a whitepaper he was typing up on his laptop at the side unit of his desk.

Stretching in her chair, Sarah had taken off her blazer which left her wearing only her cream colored blouse. Tight in all the right places, the blouse revealed a curvy figure and a more than ample bosom of the D-cup plus variety.

When Sarah turned around in her stretching, he was stunned to see that the front of her blouse was stained with two very large wet circles and looking closer revealed a pair of almost equally large dark circles hidden beneath the soaked fabric.

Joseph was no fool, but even more than that… he was a breast man and a milk man and he knew without a doubt that Sarah was lactating.

The very knowledge thrilled him and his cock couldn’t help but respond and he soon had a major tent pitched in his slacks.

When Sarah started unbuttoning her blouse, he could hardly believe his eyes. Was it possible that she didn’t realize that he hadn’t gone home yet for the evening and was getting an eyeful? Did she not realize that their workplace had security cameras all over the place?

Either way, she either didn’t notice or didn’t care and proceeded to remove her blouse after unbuttoning it and Joseph nearly gasped when an industrial strength nursing bra – strained at its straps and front-hook closure from the fullness of her milk-laden breasts – came into view.

Despite the distance between them, he could clearly see that the nursing bra – like her blouse – was thoroughly soaked through with milk and accordingly, he could see even clearer the outline of dark nipples and areolas hidden beneath them.

“Please take off the nursing bra – oh PLEASE take off the bra!” he whispered to himself as he couldn’t help but stare at the marvelous sight before him.

As if hearing his plea, Sarah unfastened the front hooks that kept her nursing bra closed and within moments, her breasts sprang free of their confinement and Joseph was treated to a view of the most perfect pair of tits ever.

Very milk-engorged and beyond the DD size, Sarah’s bouncing milky mammaries were full and firm and heavily veined and the very dark and very large teats with their thick and distended nipples practically advertised to anyone and everyone that they were more than ready to be nursed from.

a pair of milk-engorged breasts showing off a most attractive pair of teats

In other words – WHAT a pair of milkers and what luck to be able to see them in their bare and naked glory!

Transfixed, Joseph could only whimper to himself as he couldn’t help but imagine what it might be like to have Sarah’s milkers dangling right in front of his face like a pair of cow udders just within reach for him to nurse upon.

The idea of nursing from Sarah’s milk-filled breasts excited him terribly and so he fantasized about how it might feel to have his mouth filled with nipple and areola and how it might feel to be the one drawing the milk out of her breast so powerfully that she wouldn’t have any need or use for a breast pump.

Cock straining desperately against his pants, he watched in silence as Sarah opened a shoulder bag and brought out a small machine he recognized as a breast pump. With bated breath, he continued to watch as she fastened to her teats two large silicone caps attached to thick tubes that connected to the machine.

Almost too big to fit, Sarah struggled a bit to get the pieces of silicone to fit over her extra large nipples and areolas but after a moment of wrangling, she managed, and once everything was situated, she turned on the pump.

Ohhh how Joseph wished his mouth were a replacement for the breast pump as he listened to the steady thup-thup-thup sounds, but being able to watch Sarah’s magnificent breasts being milked was good, too, and when he heard her moan and cry out, he realized that her breasts must have been engorged indeed.

How badly she must have needed relief, then, to pull off her blouse and bare herself in the quiet of their workplace in the way that she did and Joseph soon found his balls aching in sympathy as they begged to be relieved of the cum that they had been hoarding for some days.

Normally one to relieve himself every morning before work, his work schedule of late had him both coming in to work and leaving work earlier and later than scheduled. In the interest of getting more sleep, his cock had been neglected and now presented with a visual treat he had never imagined possible…

He couldn’t help himself.

Groaning to himself, Joseph fished out his wallet as quietly as he could and from within, pulled out a square of foil. Ripping off one side, he slid out a rolled ring of rubber. Unzipping his pants, he dipped his hand inside and withdrew his cock – throbbing, swollen, and wet at the tip. With his eyes on Sarah and her milk-filled breasts, he rolled the condom over the length of his penis and in time to the thup-thup-thup of the machine, he started to stroke himself.

Harder than he remembered himself ever being, the condom felt tighter than tight with the tip not roomy enough for the amount of cum he knew he had stored…

But no matter.

With his hand fisted firmly around his cock, he pumped – desperate to experience release and relief that equaled the one so obviously experienced by his co-worker – and when Sarah uttered another cry as she experienced a second letdown, he was catapulted to his own pleasure.

In long and drawn out jets, his cum erupted out of his cockhead like a miniature volcano and quickly filled the reservoir tip of his condom with spurt after splurt of thick ropy seed to the point of overflowing.

Slippery and overfull with cum, his condom almost shot right off his cock in response to his last squirt if it weren’t for his hand that held the ringed end tightly around the base.

Gritting his teeth, Joseph rode out his climax in silence and though his erection soon went limp from being spent, he didn’t remove the condom until Sarah was finished with the breast pump.

To the popping sound of suction being released, he pulled off his condom full of cum and when Sarah’s teats came into view again, he knew that he would cum again soon in the privacy of his own home and aided by the vision that was now before his eyes.

Engorged now from all the pumping, her nipples and areolas were larger and more swollen than ever before with the nipples so distended and thick that he was sure they wouldn’t fit the silicone cups of the breast pump anymore.

Leaking milk in an auto-drip fashion, the even-more suckable teats with their darker and duskier pigmentation kept his eyes from moving away and it wasn’t until Sarah turned to put her bra back on that the inadvertent spell caused by the allure of her milkers was broken.

“My life will never be the same again,” Joseph murmured to himself, “I just know it.”


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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