[images] Tittylicious Teats

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything because I’ve been so busy taking care of other things so I thought I would share two gems of inspirational images as a precursor for some upcoming content.

For the first, I present:

titties swollen with milk and crowned by darkened and greatly enlarged teats with thick distended nipples all ready for a good nursing

Though the overall picture is just delicious to look at, the first thing I would like to point out is the size, shape, and color of those absolutely mouthwatering teats.

All dark and dusky and greatly enlarged with the nipples already erect and jutting out, they are just waiting for a hungry mouth to latch-on and begin gulping down the milk that would surely gush from their tips.

With their size being as they are and with the nipples being so thick and elongated as they are, I can’t help but wonder if this lactating lady is in an adult nursing and breastfeeding relationship with a lucky partner.

Whatever the case is, these milk-filled titties are just absolutely mouthwatering and I’m happy that she looks so well-nursed from.

For the second, I present:

milk engorged breasts capped by large, dark, bumpy areolas

There’s something a little extra special about this pair of wonderfully milk-swollen tits and it’s in the teats!

If you look at the areolas, you’ll notice that they’re bumpy. These bumps are attached to what are called Montogomery glands and these glands apparently secrete both a lubricating agent and a scent that increases the appeal of the milk-filled breast to a potential nursling.

Looking at how enlarged her areolas are and how ready her erect nipples look for a latch-on, I’m thinking that these swollen beauties are going to be nursed from very shortly and I can only imagine the streams and gushes of milk that will follow a letdown.

That said, Voyeurweb is an awesome place to find delicious pictures of milk-filled boobs (and boobs in general) and many of my favorite pictures have come from there.

More to cum next post!


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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