A New Year for Nursing

After his incredibly satisfying and altogether too erotic nursing session with Kumiko who had a pair of the most enormously enlarged areolas of anyone he had ever seen, Dr. Perkums was bound and determined that he would get a similar head start on the new year with all of the other women whom he had nursed from in the past.

Sitting in his office at eight in the morning, he reviewed the files of all of his patients and after taking down a few notes, he opened one of his desk drawers and pulled out a box of x-rated greeting cards that he had printed out on black card stock a few days earlier. ‘Welcome to a New Year’ was embossed on the front in gold calligraphic lettering and on the inside was a high resolution picture of a pair of milk-engorged breasts leaking milk from the nipples with the milk spelling out the words ‘full of milk!’

After pulling out another box of greeting card envelopes and retrieving a booklet of stamps, he started to pen his messages to his patients and former patients.

Dear Melissa,

Even though I’ll be seeing you before you get this card, I just wanted to let you know that I can hardly wait for our first nursing session of the year.

I’m going to pull you into my lap and I’m going to take the time to massage your tits all over with my hands until they’re full of all the milk they can hold and carry. When they’re full to the point of bursting with your dark and swollen teats jutting straight out at me, I’m going to latch on good and strong and give them the expert suckling that they’ll be begging for.

That said, since you enjoy having your breasts being overfull with milk and since I enjoy nursing from your breasts at any and every given opportunity, why don’t we try moving back to a two hour feeding schedule?

I know it can be inconvenient at times, but I would be willing to make myself available to nurse you whenever you want – even if it means overnight stays to ensure we stay on schedule throughout the night – so long as I can have regular access to you and your milk.

Wouldn’t that be a great way to bring in the new year? With more milk?

Let me know what you think!

Yours in milk and more,
Dr. Perkums

Signing the card with a smile, Dr. Perkums set the finished card aside and reached for another one.

Thinking about the mysterious stranger who had showed up so unexpectedly in his clinic earlier in the week…

Dear Mystery Milker,

I’ll have a milkless New Year’s… without you!
My balls get so blue just thinking… about you!
Oh how swollen your tits! And so heavily veined!
So dark and enlarged the teats I got to see!

And when I remember the nursing…
I can’t help but remember the feeling…
My mouth full of your teat… suckling greedily…
But now isn’t then; what a blue New Year’s!

Thinking of you, your milkers, and their milk,
Dr. Perkums

“I hope she enjoyed that nursing session at least as much as I did!” Dr. Perkums murmured as he signed the card. “I think she did considering she experienced orgasm twice – once per breast I nursed from.”

Thinking of orgasms, he picked up another card and started to write once again.

Dear Betsy,

Thank you for the Christmas cookies, but most of all, thank you for the pitcher of nice warm breast milk you left me. Your breast milk was deliciously creamy and just the right match for the cookies.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen you since you’ve been busy with school and work and I was wondering how you’ve been doing.

The last we met, I noticed that your breasts are still increasing in size. What cup size are they at now?

I also noticed that your teats have gotten darker and larger while your nipples have thickened some and I wanted to let you know that I think that they’re even more attractive now than they were before.

I know that you were sensitive about the appeal of your breasts once upon a time and I can only hope that you’re now showing off your milkers with as much pride as you can because they’re absolutely beautiful to look at and even more satisfying to nurse from.

In fact, if you make an appointment with me soon, I’ll be more than happy to start your new year off with a screamingly orgasmic nursing session.

Just let me know when you can cum in and for how long!

Looking forward to making you cum, cum, and cum some more,
Dr. Perkums

“Ohhhhh…” he breathed and after putting the finished card aside, he reached below the table to undo the fly on his slacks.

Once his cock was freed from its cloth prison, he picked up his pen and started to write yet another message… this time on a piece of letterhead rather than on a new card.

Dear Meredith,

Aren’t you glad you decided to keep your milk and become a milker?

Jonathan came to see me not too long ago and we chatted a bit and it seems like he’s really loving the fact that you decided to bring milk into your sex lives! Though it took a little while for him to get used to it, he now loves it so much that he asked me for advice on establishing a more committed nursing relationship with you.

As you’re more familiar with the whole concept of nursing and keeping nursing schedules and the like, I thought I would share what I told Jonathan.

According to Jonathan, the two of you have kept the milk part of your relationship on the more casual side of things. Nursing sessions happen mostly during sex, but not so much outside of the bedroom. Though there is milk enough for play, there is not too much otherwise. Or rather, you don’t have as much milk now as you used to when you were nursing Greg (which is to be expected) and it seems like your milk supply might have actually decreased a bit since I last saw you.

Now that Jonathan’s had a chance to see what adult breastfeeding and erotic lactation and erotic nursing are all about, he’s really liking the idea of having a more committed nursing relationship so that there will be more milk to drink and more opportunities for nursing.

To achieve this – if you were wanting to do this – the two of you will need to set aside some time – perhaps a week or so – to stick to a newborn’s schedule for a while to get the milk supply flowing at a higher demand.

During this time, he will need to suckle from you – wet or dry it doesn’t matter – at least eight times a day at regular intervals for at least fifteen minutes at each breast. The key to all of this is nipple stimulation so if you ever needed an excuse to get your hubby to play with your breasts…

Moving on, once you become fully lactated (which is pretty much guaranteed to happen with very frequent and very regular nursing sessions), the milk will continue to come whether or not there is anyone to nurse.

For this reason, you will need to make sure that you will be able to be available for each other at all times. He’s going to need you to satiate his growing need for milk and you’re going to need him to relieve you of the growing bounty your milk will become.

If you are unable to be there for each other at all times yet wish to continue with this plan to bring yourself to be fully lactated, you will need to find a substitute for Jonathan’s mouth during the times you are unable to be together. A dual electric breast pump would be most useful and so would another mouth.

Your breasts, of course, will continue to grow as more and more milk rushes to fill them and your teats will respond to the stimulation done to them and so as Jonathan continues to suckle upon them, expect your nipples to get thicker and fleshier to accommodate his mouth while your areolas get larger and darker.

Don’t be surprised if you experience spontaneous letdowns or if your breasts start leaking milk on their own.

Owing to all the milk your body will be producing, you will need to make sure your body has enough nutrients. On the flip side, since Jonathan will be drinking your nutrient-rich milk, his normal diet should be adjusted accordingly.

You’re both very sexually healthy; don’t be surprised if you both experience a spike in your sex drives. Suckling and fucking and then suckling and fucking all over again is no cause for alarm. Speaking from personal experience, I have spent entire days doing nothing but nursing and fucking and it was absolutely incredible.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me and if you somehow can’t get a hold of me, please contact the front desk and speak with Miss Mounds who is my secretary.

Miss Mounds – her name is Melissa outside of the office – and I are in an adult nursing relationship and as such, she would be equally qualified to answer your questions and give you guidance should you need it.

We are actually in the process of ramping up our nursing schedule to every two hours rather than every four hours, so this is an exciting time for us, too, so we’ll both be more than happy to share our experiences with you and Jonathan.

Even though it can be a challenge to keep on such a tight schedule, the act of breastfeeding itself and all the joys it brings makes it more than worth it.

Having her burst into my office unexpectedly with her top unbuttoned and her milkers popping out of the flaps of her nursing bra and leaking milk because she’s full to bursting and is needing me to nurse her is a feeling I can’t quite describe.

In the same way, she has never been able to describe how it feels when I suddenly come up behind her and start massaging her breasts to ready them for an unscheduled nursing session. She knows I need her milk when my cock is ramrod hard even before I’ve even had a taste the same way I know she needs me to nurse from her when her breasts are full and leaking.

With that said, I wish you both the best of luck and the best of fun as you continue your journey as an adult nursing couple.

Happy Milking for a New Year!
Dr. Perkums

Moaning to himself with his cock twitching madly as he thought about Meredith being fully lactated, Dr. Perkums folded the letter and tucked it into one of the blank cards.

Though there were more cards to write, his mind was too inflamed with thoughts of milk and milk-swollen breasts to write anything more and so he decided to call it a day.

After checking the contents of the cards he had written in so far, he tucked them all into their respective envelopes and after addressing each envelope, he stuck stamps on all of them. Checking the cards one last time, he finally sealed all the envelopes and with a groan, stood up from his chair and zipped up the fly of his pants.

With his fully erect cock making an enormous tent in the front of his slacks, Dr. Perkums exited his clinic and made his way to the nearby blue mailbox. After dropping off his mail, he returned to his office.

Sinking down in his chair with a moan, he once again unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Swollen and stiff to its fullest length and girth, his penis was leaking precum from its nearly purple tip while it bobbed to and fro in the air.

Clasping himself in his hand, he focused his eyes on the picture of the milk-swollen and milk-leaking breasts featured on the inside of one of the blank greeting cards left on his desk and started to pump.

Owing to all the notes he had just finished writing and with the memories of the earlier midnight erotic nursing session more than fresh in his mind, he had more than enough inspiration and it wasn’t long before he found himself reaching relief and orgasm.

Moaning and groaning deeply, Dr. Perkums fisted his hand over and over the head of his cock and when he could stand it no longer, he took aim at the pair of milk-swollen breasts in the photograph and within moments, the card and his desk was covered all over in squirts, spurts, and sprays of cum.

Sighing with satisfaction, Dr. Perkums smiled to himself. This was definitely a great start to a new year.


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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