Breastfeeding Beach Babe – Part 1

“You sure about this, honey?” Jonathan asked one last time as he turned off the ignition to the car and turned to face his wife.

“Oh, I’m positive about this! No backing out – especially now that we’re here, right?” Meredith replied with a confident smile. ‘Here’ was the nude beach and she and her husband had been looking forward to this particular trip for months now.

Jonathan smiled back and caught Meredith’s hands with his own. “That’s right, honey. Like you said that night; we’ve waited too long.” Moving her hands aside, he resumed the task of unbuttoning his wife’s blouse for her and when her blouse fell open, he moaned quietly.

Almost half a year ago, owing to hyperstimulation of her breasts, Meredith had started lactating again after many years of being ‘dry’ after the weaning of their son who was now an adult.

Though it had been a shocking moment for them both and had produced a temporary lull in their marriage, they had discovered – with the help of a chance meeting with Dr. Perkums – the possibility of enriching both their marriage and sex lives by becoming a committed nursing couple.

It was now several months after their initial discovery and he – though he was sure his wife would be in full agreement – couldn’t be happier.

Meredith was fully lactated, now, and producing milk around the clock. Owing to the fact that he owned his own business and had control over his own hours, he was able to commit to a nursing schedule where he nursed from his wife’s breasts every two hours. Because of the immense enjoyment they both experienced from nursing, it was easy for them to stay on schedule and because of the regularity of their nursing sessions coupled with Meredith’s insistence on pumping, they were able to maintain a very full and steadily growing milk supply.

Already big and beautiful even without the milk, Meredith’s breasts, now, were – without a doubt in Jonathan’s mind, anyways – absolutely gorgeous.

Swelling with milk around the clock, her breasts had grown from a size D to a size DD and after they had committed themselves to be in a regular nursing relationship, they had grown to a full F cup.

In addition to her general breast growth, her areolas and nipples had grown and changed, too. Her areolas were now so enlarged that they couldn’t all fit in his mouth when he latched on and they were so dark that they had become bullseye targets wherever he looked – advertising to his mouth that it would be time to nurse soon. And her nipples – WHAT nipples!

“God, Meredith, you were so right!” he whispered, unable to tear his gaze away from the sight of his wife’s enormous teats with their thick, distended nipples jutting straight out at him.

“They’re so so big now – bigger than when Greg was nursing from me,” Meredith cooed, all pleased. “And it’s all because of your hungry mouth -”

“And all that extra pumping you do,” Jonathan finished, unable to stop himself from pinching the extra thick nipples and flicking them back and forth with his fingers while he gave her milk-swollen mounds a gentle kneading squeeze.

“You just love to watch me pump my titties, don’t you?” Meredith whimpered, squirming a bit at her husband’s erotic touch. “You DO know that’s exactly what happens when you’re suckling me… right?” she purred, thrusting out her chest proudly. Knowing she was arousing her husband, she lowered her voice and added, “My nipples and areolas swell from the suction of your nursing and when you’re done, they’re even larger than before! And since you keep nursing… well… I think they’re only going to get bigger and bigger!”

Jonathan moaned deeply at his wife’s words and before he knew it, his cock was making a tent in his shorts. Watching Meredith’s enormous teats being hooked up to the pump using the clear see-through silicone cups and being able to see her areolas and nipples swell from all of the pumping and then eject stream after stream of milk greatly aroused him. “H-Honey, I’m popping a boner even BEFORE we go out to the beach!”

Meredith smiled affectionately as she unbuckled her seatbelt. “Then how about I take care of that for you before we go?”

“Ohhh honey!” Jonathan moaned. “But I wanted to wait for you!” Despite this, he unbuckled his seat belt.

Reaching across the gear box, Meredith unzipped her husband’s pants and undid the button. “But you have to undress anyways, don’t you?” she asked innocently before winking.

Seeing Jonathan’s rock hard erection pop free from his shorts, she whimpered. Grasping her husband’s cock around the base, she leaned over and opened her mouth wide.

When his wife’s mouth closed around his stiff member, Jonathan couldn’t help but cry out, “MEREDITH!”

Gobbling down his cock and then suctioning with her mouth as she bobbed her head back up, Meredith eagerly used her mouth to pleasure her husband’s erection. Up and down and up and down her head rhythmically moved until –

“Oh honey,” she begged as she licked her lips and swirled her tongue around the cockhead, “touch yourself for me while I use my mouth?”

Jonathan obliged his wife’s request with a low groan. Palming himself, he easily fell into the same rhythm set by Meredith’s mouth and soon, the combined sensations produced the desired effect.

“Ohhh HONEY,” he moaned as he arched his hips in warning. “I’m gonna cum soon!”

Meredith started bobbing her head even faster and within moments, her mouth was flooded with the first spurt of her husband’s cum. One spurt, two, and then three and four – as she continued to eagerly bob her head and pleasure his throbbing cock, she drank up the cum as if parched with thirst and it wasn’t until she swallowed the last squirt that she finally let go of his softening organ in her mouth.

Gasping, Jonathan pulled Meredith close for a deep kiss. When he slid his hand underneath her sarong to return the favor, Meredith pulled away with a laugh.

“Now we REALLY won’t get anywhere -!”

“Awwwww! That’s not fair!”

“… But when we come back to the car…”

“… What, then?”

When Meredith leaned over to whisper against Jonathan’s ear, his eyes flashed and he tweaked her swollen teats with his fingers before stealing another kiss. “Minx, I say – minx!” he growled with a laugh. “Come on, then, honey. Let’s show them who’s got the best titties on the beach!” Eyes smoking over, he added with a smirk, “And who gets to play with them whenever he wants to!”

Laughing with delight and whimpering with pleasure, Meredith shed the last of her clothing and bound out of the car.

Meeting his wife on the sidewalk in front of their car in an equally nude but a lot more relieved state, Jonathan pulled Meredith close and after locking the car, they headed down to the beach together.

What happens when milky Meredith and her nursing husband make their appearance on the beach? Find out in the second installment, which can be found right HERE!


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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