Breastfeeding Beach Babe – Part 2

This is the second and final installment of Breastfeeding Beach Babe. If you missed the first installment and want to see the buildup to this second installment, you may read it HERE. Hope you enjoy! 😉

Once Meredith and Jonathan made their appearance on the beach, the fun immediately began for them.

Joined at the hip, the happy couple were almost in their own private world as they wandered along the beach.

Chatting and laughing between themselves like they hadn’t a care in the world and with their heads pressed close together, the energy that radiated from both Meredith and Jonathan read as uninhibited, free, and comfortable.

During a quiet moment in their conversation about an hour or so into their walk, however, their comfortable energy transformed into something electric when Meredith realized that her breasts were starting to feel full.

Always quick on the uptake, Jonathan immediately whispered, “What’s wrong, honey?”

“Nothing, Jonathan,” Meredith whispered back, “it’s just that I can feel the fullness returning.”

At the mention of ‘fullness’, her husband’s eyes sparkled. “Mmmmm… Is that so? Funny. I was just thinking that I was starting to feel a little hungry, myself…”

“Ohhh, you!” Meredith laughed and gave Jonathan a push.

Unable to help himself, when his wife was once again comfortably tucked up against him, Jonathan moved his hand that was resting against Meredith’s side to slide under a breast to gently cup, cradle, and then squeeze. Leaning close to her ear, he whispered huskily, “I can’t wait until they’re nice and full! I just love being able to tease your teats with my tongue and fingers and having them drip milk all on their own!”

“Ohhhhh, Jonathan!” Cheeks coloring, Meredith hugged her husband closer as she quietly whimpered.

Though Meredith wasn’t much of an exhibitionist, she found that she enjoyed the feeling of being watched by other friendly beach-goers and now that her breasts were noticeably filling with milk, it was as if she could feel every single pair of eyes on the beach zeroing in on her and swollen breasts.

“They’re staring at you, honey,” Jonathan murmured against his wife’s hair as he gave another gentleman a polite smile and a nod in response to an inquisitive look.

“You think so?” Meredith murmured back.

“Mmmmm, Meredith, I think I know so and I think I know exactly what they’re thinking…”

“And what’s that?”

“Exactly what I’m thinking, of course!”

Smirking, Jonathan walked them both into the tide and then stood with his back facing the beach. Pulling Meredith into his arms so that he was wrapping himself around her from behind, his hands sensually stroked up her belly until they were cradling her milky tits.

“Oh no, Jonathan, no! Not here!” Meredith protested with a squirm and a laugh.

“Ohhh yes, Meredith, yes,” Jonathan smiled. “I know you love feeling your breasts all swollen with milk and when we turn around again, everyone is going to see how gorgeous your breasts really look all filled with milk.” Properly positioning his hands, he started to gently pump her swelling breasts.

As the time for their next nursing session neared on the horizon, Meredith’s breasts responded beautifully to the manual stimulation. “OHHH!” Pressing her face against her husband’s neck, Meredith moaned.

Feeling the milk fill the ducts, Jonathan uttered a quiet sound of pleasure of his own and his cock twitched from where he was pressed up against his wife’s back side. “And if we wait a little longer to nurse, your nipples will start leaking, won’t they?”

Meredith muffled another moan at her husband’s inflammatory words.

“Then everyone will know that the reason your titties are so big is because they’re full to bursting with milk,” Jonathan continued. Pausing in his squeezing and pumping to tease at the thick nipples – twirling his fingers around and around them both and then gently tugging and pinching, he added, “and when they know that, they’ll know without a doubt that these enormous teats of yours are made for nursing.”


“And with everyone watching us, I will show them who has the honor and pleasure of breastfeeding from your beautiful tits by taking you to a more private corner and pulling you into my lap and nursing you dry.”

Unbelievably aroused at the thought but feeling a bit scandalized, Meredith shot her husband a LOOK.

Jonathan grinned and dipped his head down for a kiss. “Ohhh, come on, honey. Isn’t that what you said you wanted to do? Isn’t that what you told me in the bedroom?”

Meredith returned the kiss warmly, but her eyebrows remained furrowed in concern. What Jonathan said was true, but…

“You’ll be safe with me, Meredith. I promise. I won’t let you go unless you want me to.”

At her husband’s quietly but sincerely spoken words, Meredith smiled. “You’re right, Jonathan. This is what I wanted and this is what I promised to you. I’m not backing out – not now!”

“Good!” Jonathan returned the smile and gave Meredith’s breasts a last encouraging squeeze before turning away from the tide and guiding them back towards drier land.

Knowing that her breasts were going to become full to bursting with milk before they would be nursed from, Meredith found herself blushing to the roots of her hair as she and her husband walked past and through the growing crowd of beach-goers.

Despite the blushing, she nonetheless held her head high and kept her chest thrusted out with her F-cup milkers and their super large dark and dusky teats pointing straight out and proudly leading the way and after a while of feigning confidence, she found that she had actually gained some confidence and wasn’t feeling nearly so embarrassed anymore.

To be honest, it was actually something of a thrill to see so many interested eyes positively riveted on her and it was even more thrilling when she could see suspicion, recognition, or even outright desire and hunger in their gazes. More than one bystander had licked their lips and more than one gentleman had popped a very sudden boner.

Hip-to-hip with Jonathan right at her side and holding her protectively and possessively close, she was allowed and even encouraged to strut her stuff and show herself off and where she had been hesitant at first and quite embarrassed to do so, it was proving to be a very incredible experience indeed and one that she very much enjoyed.

Her revelry was very shortly interrupted, however, when she realized that her breasts were becoming overfull with milk.

“Jonathan,” she murmured, “it’s almost time.”

“Almost,” he agreed in a whisper, “but not yet, honey.”

Knowing that Jonathan was very much looking forward to having her breasts leak milk and seeing how everyone would react to it, she whispered back, “Not yet,” and set her mind to ignoring the steadily growing fullness which she managed to do for another half hour until her husband caught her attention.

“Ohhh, Meredith, honey,” Jonathan whispered against her ear, “Look at your titties.”

Meredith glanced down and before she could censor herself, she uttered a needy whimper. Swollen to full engorgement, her breasts were loudly announcing their overfullness and discomfort and readiness to be nursed to the world with a sudden gush of twin streams of milk.

“OhhHHH!” she moaned, unable to keep quiet. “Ohhh, Jonathan!”

With her enormous teats uncontrollably squirting milk, it was inevitable that more than a few bystanders would take notice and before long, gasps were sounding from all around them.

Unbelievably turned on at the sight of his beautiful fully lactated wife who had never looked more beautiful than she did now and whom he had the pleasure and honor of being in an immensely satisfying nursing relationship with, Jonathan’s cock immediately swelled to its full length and girth and then started to bob up and down with interest.

Smiling at the whispering wide-eyed crowd and looking anything but apologetic about his wife’s leaking breasts or his own rock hard cock, Jonathan said, “Please excuse us,” and after pulling Meredith closer to himself, guided them both out of the way of the crowds.

Clinging to her husband, Meredith couldn’t help but moan as her breasts continued to squirt milk. “They need your mouth so badly, honey!” she whimpered.

Holding Meredith closer, Jonathan crooned back soothingly, “Soon, honey – really really soon!”

Finding a more secluded but not entirely private area along the rockier shoreline closer to the pier, Jonathan finally sat down and pulled Meredith into his lap.

Moaning deeply at the sight of the milk squirting uncontrollably out of his wife’s thick nipples, he wasted no time in latching on and at the first feel of his hungry mouth closing over an aching peak, Meredith let out a cry of relief.

Hungrily and diligently Jonathan nursed from his wife’s engorged left breast for fifteen minutes and twice, Meredith experienced letdown. When Meredith had experienced enough relief, he switched to her right breast and resumed nursing with the same hunger and dedication.

Gulping down milk as if his very life depended on it, he let out a very surprised groan when he felt his wife’s hand wrap around his stiff cock.

“I don’t think I can wait until we get to the car,” Meredith confided in a shuddering whisper as she shifted positions.

“I feel like I’m going to bust a nut any minute now,” Jonathan whispered back with a mouth full of milk.

“Right here, then, honey?”

“… With absolute pleasure.”

Breastfeeding with increased enthusiasm, Jonathan held his cock steady as Meredith positioned her hips and when his cock plunged deep into his wife’s juice-soaked pussy, he let out a loud growl of pleasure. “Fuck yourself, honey – ride my cock like there’s no tomorrow!”

Not caring who might be watching them, Meredith held on tight to her husband’s shoulders and started to ride his thick pole with abandon.

He was so big and hard and she was so wet and soft and soon, the steady sound of slap-slurp-slapping joined the sound of hungry suckling and before long –

“God, Meredith, you’re so fucking wet!” Jonathan hissed in a low croon as a dribble of his wife’s pussy juice trickled down to his balls.

“And you’re so fucking hard!” Meredith whimpered, loving how each and every stroke of her husband’s cock stretched, filled, and then satisfied her time and time and time again.

“If we were back home, I would bend you over and make you scream so loud our neighbors would call the police,” Jonathan groaned. Realizing he had a chance to pay his wife back for her earlier antics in the car, he added, “And if the police came to see what was wrong, all they’d see is my thick hard cock pounding your pussy to kingdom come and my hands squeezing your tits!

“And you’d love it, wouldn’t you, little minx? Being caught having a screaming squirting orgasm with your husband’s big cock stuffed deep inside of you and his hands pumping away at your tits and making them squirt milk all over the place!”

“JONATHAN!!!” Thoroughly and quite unexpectedly provoked to orgasm, Meredith tossed her head back and screamed her husband’s name so loudly and lustily that there was no doubt whatsoever what, exactly, was going on on their side of the beach.

Feeling Meredith’s pussy clench uncontrollably around his cock and then feeling the spray of breast milk in his face as she experienced letdown, Jonathan loosed a roar of his own before muffling the rest of his shout against a bare shoulder as she rode him to completion at a breathless galloping pace.

One, two, three, a fourth, and a surprising fifth, he unloaded his cum in great big spurts and squirts that filled her pussy hole and then some.

“Ohhh honey,” he murmured when he had finally finished cumming, “that was incredible!”

“And you called ME a minx!” Meredith teased, still gasping for air.

Jonathan couldn’t help but smirk. “That’s because you ARE one! … But I guess it takes one to know one, doesn’t it, honey?”

Slapping Jonathan’s shoulder, Meredith buried her face against his neck and laughed.

Laughing with, Jonathan wrapped his arms around his wife and held her close as he breathed in her combined scent of fulfillment, desire, and milk. “Ohhh, Meredith… I’m so glad we came out here today.”

Smiling into her husband’s neck, Meredith nuzzled and gave a quiet purr of contentment and satisfaction as she clung to and held on. “Me too, Jonathan… me, too.”


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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