Dr. Santa Wants His Milky Baby

Though Dr. Perkums was always hungry for breastmilk, he always found himself hungrier than usual during the winter months when most of his breastfeeding partners were out of town visiting families and friends.

He could usually manage, but this year, he was especially desperate for milk and to breastfeed – to have his face pressed against firm full breasts swollen with milk and with his mouth open wide and wrapped around nice thick teats while suckling – and so he decided to post anonymous ads online to see if any local milkers were available and interested…

I always thought that Santa Baby was a very suggestive song – especially with the singer’s girlish but sultry voice – and given that Dr. Perkums is always hungry for breastmilk it occurred to me that just might pen his own naughtier version of the song during the holiday season. This is the result and I blame the already suggestive nature of the original song. 😉

And humming to the tune of Santa Baby, he penned his own version and then pressed ‘Submit’.

Milky Baby

Milky baby!
Please put on your nursing bra –
For me!
I’ve been a good but hungry boy –
Milky baby!
Please come and visit me tonight!

Milky baby!
The nursing bra that stretches that is –
I’ll be waiting for you –
Milky honey!
So hurry up and visit tonight!

Think of all the fun that we might miss!
Think of how my lips will kiss your tits!
Next year things will be just as good –
If you’ll give me my Christmas wish!

Milky baby!
I wanna feed!
It’s something I really need!
Been your feeder all year –
Milky baby!
So cum on and visit me tonight!

Milky baby!
Don’t you know that I really need –
To feed?
To breastfeed from your tits –
Milky baby!
So hurry up and visit tonight!

Milky cutie!
Offer to my mouth your leaking teat –
And squeeze!
And letdown in my mouth –
Milky cutie!
And let me breastfeed from you tonight!

Cum and feed your milk to me!
With the confidence that you will surely see!
I really love nursing from you!
And that you love to breastfeed me!

Milky baby!
Forgot to mention please pump your tits –
Make sure that they are full!
Milky baby!
And hurry on to my house tonight!

Please hurry to my house tonight!
Hurry, tonight!

Once he had finished writing his ad, Dr. Perkums immediately opened his email and instant messenger and telling himself to be patient, he waited. Hoping that there might be a lactating woman out there who needed someone to nurse from her full breasts, he decided to browse through the other ads.

Half an hour passed. And then an hour.

Finally, after a few hours had passed with no signs interest, Dr. Perkums sighed. “Well, I guess not!” All but ready to give up, he was about to say, “And now what?” when all of a sudden, his instant messenger dinged.

When he opened the new message, he couldn’t help but moan at the tantalizing sight.

big fat full tits dripping milk from dark areolas

Was it possible?

Was he going to get his Milky Baby after all?


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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