Would You Could You… In a Hot Tub?

An adults-only convention held in the privacy of a hotel fully rented out for duration of the convention, Lush Leche was – for that long weekend – the premier place to be for adult lovers of breast milk.

Excited to be in such a place and being that he was one of the guest lecturers for the event, Dr. Perkums decided to take a tour of the hotel as soon as he arrived and when he saw that there was a swimming pool and a hot tub in the recreation center, he suggested to Jessica that they have a soak in the tub.

“So late, Dr. Perkums? Shouldn’t we go to sleep so we can wake up early tomorrow?” Jessica queried as she unpacked her luggage.

Having caught the red-eye, it was quite late at night – or early in the morning, depending on how one looked at time – and she was rather tired and admittedly looking forward to bedding down with the dedicated doctor.

“A soak will be good to help us relax,” Dr. Perkums explained.

“Oh, well… That is true,” Jessica agreed.

“Did you bring a bathing suit?”

Jessica blushed a little at the question but smiled and nodded. “A bikini, but…”

“… But?”

Jessica blushed harder. “I’m not sure I will fit it?”

Dr. Perkums practically beamed at this. “Ohhh, I’m sure it’ll be just fine!”

Nearly ready to be nursed, Jessica’s milk-swollen mammaries could hardly fit into the cups of her snow white bikini top and once they were snugly cradled, they looked about ready to burst right out at any moment.

Dr. Perkums licked his lips at the sight and offered his hand. “Why that fits you beautifully, honey! Cum on, let’s go.”

Holding hands, Jessica and Dr. Perkums made their way to the recreation center and after quickly rinsing off, they stepped into the hot tub and sat themselves across from each other so they could stretch out.

“I’m so glad we came out,” Jessica commented with a quiet as she canted her head backwards with a sigh of appreciation.

Naturally buoyant even though they were filled with milk, Jessica’s milk-heavy mammaries were like two inflatable life preserver globes bobbing in the water and Dr. Perkums soon found himself ogling a deliciously mouth-watering sight.

Soaked through with water, Jessica’s white bikini top was becoming increasingly translucent and within a matter of moments, her dark and enlarged teats made a pair of very dark circular outlines that undeniably advertised her lactating status.

Even better, with the light breeze that was being generated by the rec room’s ventilation system, her nipples were starting to prick and perk and soon, they were jutting out just so and in a most inviting manner.

“Ohhh, honey!” the doctor couldn’t help but moan aloud and in a flash, he was kneeling in front of Jessica and with his hands cradling her milk-swollen breasts, he started to gently pump and squeeze.

“But D-Dr. Perkums, my tits are already full!” Jessica started to protest.

“They sure are, honey, they sure are,” the doctor agreed, “but it never hurts to make sure you’re ready for a good breastfeeding session, right?”

“G-guess not!” Jessica had to agree and when Dr. Perkums’ warm mouth closed over one of her teats, she let out a deep hearty moan of anticipation and pleasure.

Still lightly pumping with his hands, Dr. Perkums slowly and deliberately swirled his tongue and dragged his lips around and around the thinly covered surface of first one teat and then the other.

Back and forth between the pair of teats he worked the softness of his mouth against and he didn’t stop until he could finally feel the full protrusions of their nipples pressing urgently against his tongue.

By this time, Jessica was squirming and whimpering with need and the front of her bikini top was soaked in not only water but with leaking milk, too.

Excited even further, Dr. Perkums continued to play with Jessica’s still-covered tits – lifting them out of the water and burying his face against and between them and breathing in deeply the scent of leaking milk and the promise of an incredible nursing session not yet fulfilled.

“Your tits are SO wonderful, Jessica,” he moaned as he gave them a good fondling squeeze. “And these TEATS of yours!” he added, running his thumbs over the thick points of nipples.

“Wonderful enough to nurse now?” Jessica whimpered, reaching behind herself to undo the strings on her bikini.

Tearing his eyes away from the tantalizing peaks jutting straight out at him, the doctor smiled up at Jessica and caught her hand in his.

“Ohhh yes, honey! But not here! Let’s get out of the water and nurse on a lounge chair.”

That said, Dr. Perkums stood up from where he was kneeling and Jessica couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of the doctor’s fully erect cock sticking out from the pouch of his bikini swim shorts and bobbing in the air.

Seeing Jessica’s reaction pleased the doctor to no end and it made his stiff and swollen cock twitch with anticipation. “Cum on, honey,” he coaxed, giving her hand a tug. “We have a nursing session to catch up on!”

Moaning quietly in agreement, Jessica took the offered hand and followed the doctor out of the hot tub and to where the lounge chairs were lined up against the clear glass wall that enclosed and separated the rec center from the rest of the hotel.

Dr. Perkums sat down first and after adjusting the tilt of the chair so that he could be comfortably leaning back, beckoned for Jessica to join him.

“Kneel with your knees on either side of my hips and then lean over me, honey,” he instructed. “Lean over me so that your tits are right in my face!”

Trembling all over from anticipation, Jessica did as she was told and in the middle of positioning herself, she realized too late that she was facing towards the glass wall and that an audience had gathered on the other side.

“D-Dr. Perkums, th-there are people -!”

“Well, we ARE at a lactation conference, right?” the doctor said reasonably as he smoothed his hands along the curve of Jessica’s buttocks.

Jessica nodded. “Th-that’s true,” she agreed.

At the agreement, Dr. Perkums didn’t waste any further time. “Then pull down that bikini of yours, honey, because we need to nurse!”

“But Dr. Perkums!” Jessica tried to protest but was stopped when she felt the doctor’s deft fingers rub along her covered slit. Instead, she moaned in pleasure while her pussy – already wet from anticipation – gushed against the rubbing fingers.

“Pull your bikini down, honey,” Dr. Perkums instructed a second time and as he continued to rub, he started to untie the bows on her bikini bottoms.

Desperately needing to be nursed – especially with the doctor’s fingers mercilessly teasing at her juicy pussy, Jessica finally gave in and blushing hotly, she pulled down the cups of her bikini top.

Eyes fixated on the pair of milk-swollen globes that were now bared and bouncing and swinging to and fro right in front of his face like a pair of udders, Dr. Perkums moaned and then moaned some more.

“Ohhh, Jessica… Ohhhhh, HONEY!” he gasped as he unashamedly gave his drooling cock a pump with his hand. “Feed me, honey! Oh please, breastfeed me!”

Eager to feel the powerful breast pump-like action of the doctor’s mouth, Jessica immediately made a C-shape around a leaking teat with her hand and after squeezing to make the nipple stick out nice, hard, and thick, aimed for the doctor’s wide open mouth.

Not bothering with any further nipple play, Dr. Perkums took in the thick nipple and as much of the areola as far back into his mouth as he could and once his mouth was filled, he began to suckle.

With his lips flanged and fastened securely around the teat and his tongue pressed against the underside of nipple and areola, he started to work his jaws – making rhythmic chewing-like motions – and within moments –

“Ohhhhh Dr. PERKUMS!” Jessica cried out and clutching the doctor’s head tighter against her overfull bosom, she experienced letdown.

Gulping down the milk as if his life depended on it, Dr. Perkums was all too happy to drink his fill from the gushing fount that followed and for the next fifteen minutes, the only sounds he made were the wet suckling noises of his mouth and the equally noisy swallows of milk.

Once the flow had eased to a more manageable level, he switched sides with a loud ‘pop’ and after bathing his face in a light shower of breast milk, resumed his enthusiastic breastfeeding.

Transported to some kind of breastfeeding heaven, Jessica moaned and cooed in encouragement and at some point, reached between her legs to start stroking her swollen and slippery clit.

Noticing this, Dr. Perkums moaned around his mouthful and unlatched long enough to say, “let me help you, honey!” before latching back on and punctuating his offer by plunging two long thick fingers into the juicy hole of her vagina.

Crying out with pleasure, Jessica further impaled herself on the doctor’s expertly plunging fingers and then, to the astonishment of the onlookers on the other side of the glass wall, she started fucking herself at an almost rapidfire pace and it wasn’t long before she announced her orgasm with a shrieking moan.

… But it wasn’t enough.

“I need you to fuck me!” she whimpered and as the doctor moaned his approval through his mouthful of titflesh, she impaled herself on the doctor’s cock.

Tits bouncing around and about and audience completely forgotten, Jessica only had one thing in mind as she rode and galloped away on the doctor’s monster cock and that was cum, cum, and cum some more!

Though she had known that the doctor’s cock was impressive, it was a whole another thing entirely to actually feel his thick hard dick stretching her juicy pussy and completely filling her.

With the doctor’s drooling mushroom cockhead kissing her cervix with each and every thrust, she could easily imagine the rush of cum that would fill her womb –


Back arching like a cat in heat with her hands rhythmically pumping her tits and pulling at her own teats, Jessica was cumming like never before and both Dr. Perkums and the onlookers were soon treated to a spectacular shower of breast milk as she screamed in pleasure.

Bathed in spray after spray of breast milk, Dr. Perkums moaned deeply and grabbing Jessica’s hips, desperately pumped his cock in and out of her spasming canal and soon, reached his own climax with a triumphant shout.

“Oh honey,” he moaned, “OH JESSICA!!!”

Cum jettisoning out as if shot from a cannon, he filled Jessica’s pussy again and again with each and every thrust until his cum started splurting out of her hole.

When the last of his orgasm had passed, Dr. Perkums smiled up at his partner in bliss with his face covered in breast milk. Giving the still-leaking tits an affectionate fondle, he said, “See? Relaxing.”

Laughing and still in a daze from cumming so hard, Jessica buried her face against the doctor’s shoulder.

Relaxing? How about mind-blowing?

And given that she had the doctor for her roommate and partner for the entirety of the Lush Leche convention…

With a quiet moan, she gave a delicious shiver as her tits tingled with anticipation of further adventures to cum.


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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