SSS – Suckling Stacey

September 30, 2011:

Shari was tying her shoelaces in the girls’ locker room when all of a sudden, Stacey burst into the room with a gasp.

A member of the university’s cheerleading squad like herself, Stacey was also a brunette and was well known for her very positive can-do attitude and willingness to help others. Petite in stature, she had a small frame and small boobs and according to the cheerleading grapevine, she was on an induced lactation regime (courtesy of Dr. Perkums, the local induced lactation sexpert) to help improve her bust size.

“Hi Stacey!” Shari greeted. “What’s the rush?”

“Ohhh Shari, I’m in such big trouble!” Stacey groaned. Now that she was in the safety of the girls’ locker room, she took off the sweater she was wearing. Thrusting out her chest, she lamented, “Just LOOK at this!”

At the invitation, Shari looked and gasped.

Between a size A-cup and a size B-cup, Stacey was now most certainly between a B-cup and C-cup and even without looking too hard, she could see the outlines of lactation-swollen areolas and nipples through the translucency of her milk-stained shirt.

“Why honey, you’re lactating!” she exclaimed.

“I am!” Stacey affirmed with a sniff, “And now I’m leaking all over the place! I ran into Janine in the parking lot and she told me to look for you in the locker room. Ohhh Shari, what am I supposed to do? We have practice in a bit and I don’t have time to go home to pump!”

“What you do is come here and sit in my lap and let me nurse you!” Shari answered and without waiting for Stacey’s response, she pulled the petite brunette over to sit on her lap.

Smiling at Stacey, Shari winked and said, “Janine sent you over because she knows I’ll happily nurse you or any of the other girls on our squad who are lactating.”

Stacey gasped. “Are you serious?”

Taking a moment to pull up her t-shirt, Shari proudly showed off her own pair of milk-engorged DD milkers encased in their sheer nursing bra. “In case you never noticed, I’m lactating, too, and I was the one who convinced Janine to become a milker.”

Stacey gasped again, awestruck and amazed by Shari’s tits and the accompanying revelation.

“Janine’s a milker, too?”

Shari laughed as she started to undo Stacey’s blouse. “Janine, Betsy, Cheryl, and myself – we’re all milkers, honey, and I think we might get a few more before the semester is out. Welcome to the club!”

Stacey whimpered in response as Shari’s hands cupped her engorged mounds. “And you’re willing to nurse us all?” she asked, not quite believing what she heard.

“I’ll happily nurse anyone who comes to me!” Shari declared as she gave Stacey’s breasts a good squeeze. “Just like you did!” Grinning, she winked again, “Shari’s Suckling Service is at your service.”

Stacey couldn’t help but moan a little; the idea of her milk-heavy breasts finally being nursed to emptiness brought to mind notions of relief and arousal all at once.

“So now that you’re officially in milk, where’s your nursing bra, honey?” Shari asked as she hefted and squeezed the C-cup milky mounds in her hands and admired the two large wet spots that stained the cups of her bra translucent.

“I-I don’t have one yet?” Stacey whimpered.

“How about we go shopping for them after practice?” Shari offered, licking her lips as she undid the hook in the front.

“O-okay!” Nodding agreement, Stacey whimpered again at the sound of her bra coming undone.

“Go~od. Now let’s see what we have here…” Smiling, Shari watched with barely contained eagerness as Stacey’s breasts sprang forward out of their confinement.

A very full C-cup and a major growth spurt from her former size A and B, Stacey’s pair of milkers were firm and full of milk and stood out proudly and perkily from her chest with their engorged areolas and nipples leading the way. Already on the darker and puffier side pre-lactation, the areolas and nipples were now darker and duskier and puffier than ever and their increased size was impressive. Added to that, the nipples were in auto-drip mode and dripping droplets of milk all on their own – clearly ready to be nursed upon.

“Ohhh honey, you’re doing good!” Shari cheered. “What a great pair of titties you have!”

Stacey gasped as Shari’s hands gave her bare boobs an encouraging squeeze and pump. “Y-you think so?”

“Your tits are nice and perky and firm and full of milk… Your nipples and areolas are so dark and swollen and dripping all on their own – practically BEGGING to be nursed from!” Smiling up at Stacey, Shari added, “Speaking of which… I’m going to nurse from you right now!”

Cupping the right boob in her left hand and coaxing the other cheerleader to scoot closer, Shari opened her mouth wide and without further ado, expertly latched on.

Shari’s knowing mouth taking in her hypersensitive nipple and areola was an incredible feeling and when Shari started to nurse, Stacey couldn’t help but moan loudly.

“Ohhh SHARI -!”

Pulling the other girl closer still, Shari eagerly gulped down the sprays of milk that filled her throat. Kneading the left tit with her right hand, she pulled and pumped in the direction opposite of the swollen nipple in an effort to relieve some of the fullness and was rewarded with spray after spray of milk.

Watching her engorged left breast spray milk all over Shari and all over the locker room floor while feeling her right breast being nursed on was almost too much and Stacey cried out as the combined sensations triggered letdown.

“Ohhh HONEY -!”

Exclamation truncated by the flood of milk that followed, Shari increased her suckling rhythm – noisily gulping down as much milk as possible – to keep up with the sudden overflow.

At the same time, the spray of milk from the left breast became a squirting stream and Stacey whimpered, “Ohhh PLEASE, Shari -! Nurse from my other titty, nurse from my other titty!”

Unlatching with a wet pop, Shari caught a spray of milk in her face as she moved to nurse from the squirting breast. Laughing, she grabbed the swollen boob with her two hands and immediately latched on with a satisfied groan. Gulping down the outpouring of milk as fast as possible, she started pumping with her hands at the same enthusiastic pace that she was nursing.

Within moments, Stacey experienced a second letdown which she announced with a throaty moan. “Ohhh Shari! This feels SO GOOD!”

Nursing vigorously with milk leaking out from the corners of her mouth with each swallow, Shari managed to voice her own muffled agreement. “Your milk TASTES so good -! ‘M gonna -! Drink it all!”

True to her word, Shari didn’t stop nursing until her suckles and pumps drew out only the faintest bit of milk. Once she was finished, she unlatched with a smack of her lips and gave each nipple – now even more swollen and distended from the nursing – a wet milky kiss.

Still whimpering with pleasure and relief, Stacey hugged the other girl’s head to her now-emptied breasts. “Ohhh Shari… that felt so good! How can I ever thank you?”

Squashed up against Stacey’s milky mammaries, Shari couldn’t help but smirk a little in satisfaction. “By letting me help you pick out a nursing bra or two when we go shopping? I’m dying to see you try them on!”

Recalling how sexy Shari’s own milkers looked cradled in their sheer nursing bra which managed to just barely cover what needed to be covered, Stacey purred and whimpered some more. “We can go after practice!” she promised and as Shari smiled up at her, she thought to herself, “And maybe you’ll let me nurse from you later on, too!”


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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