TTaD – 9PM

Even though she had fully agreed – even begged! – to be put on a ‘treatment’ schedule to bring her milk in as fast as possible, Melissa couldn’t help but have a moment of doubt in regards to the schedule actually being kept and the commitment needed.

An extended nursing session once every two hours? Twelve times a day? Nonstop? Never forgetting? Never oversleeping? Always waking up on time? For a whole week? A whole two weeks?

The minute Melissa stepped foot into Dr. Perkums’ house, however…

“Melissa honey, welcome to my home!” Dr. Perkums greeted as he stepped in with his new housemate. “Now that we’re here, we can get started on your induced lactation plan. Like I said at the office, we’ll be on a once-every-two-hours nursing schedule.” Glancing at his watch, he added, “And seeing as how it is nine – two hours after seven – it is time for us to nurse.”

“I-it is?”

“It sure is!” Licking his lips and with a smile on his face, Dr. Perkums gestured towards the stairs. “Please cum this way.”


Once in his bedroom, Dr. Perkums wasted no time in outlining his plan of action and giving suggestions as he readied Melissa for nursing.

Unbuttoning Melissa’s blouse just enough for her swollen boobs to pop through, he cupped her milky tits in his hands as they bounced out and started kneading and massaging them through the fabric of her nursing bra while teasing the dark puffy areolas and nipples.

“Since we’re going to be nursing every two hours, I would suggest keeping your breasts available and ready to be nursed…”

Melissa nodded with a quiet moan.

“Unless we run errands or go out, we will be home most of the time. Personally, I was thinking that we should share my bed while you’re here and spend as much time as possible in bed nursing and fucking.”

Giving Melissa’s breasts a pumping squeeze, he asked, “What do you think?”

The idea of spending time in bed with Dr. Perkums and being sucked and fucked to satisfaction with the amount of enthusiasm he had was thrilling and Melissa moaned an answer. “Ohhh yes, Dr. Perkums! That sounds like a great idea!”

Dr. Perkums beamed and he made no effort to hide the erection that was tenting his slacks. “Then let’s undress and get into bed, honey, and we’ll begin.”


Naked and excited, Melissa and Dr. Perkums got into bed together and with Melissa’s bare tits positioned perfectly above his face, Dr. Perkums let out an eager groan before expertly latching on to the nearest peak.

Moaning once more, Melissa pulled the doctor’s head closer to her chest and when Dr. Perkums got his first drink of milk, she wrapped her hand around his erect cock and started stroking.

A thick and hard uncut eight inches, Dr. Perkums’ erection bobbed and waved around proudly despite the fact that he had dumped an impressive load of cum just two hours earlier and Melissa was unable to keep her hands away from the temptation.

With Melissa’s hand jacking him off in time with his suckling, Dr. Perkums started nursing with increased vigor and greater suction. Despite being unable to fully moan with the way his mouth was sealed around her teat, muffled noises were heard anyways as he arched his hips into her eager hand.

Dr. Perkums’ dedicated suckling combined with the breast massage and manual nipple stimulation he was giving Melissa’s other breast paid off within a few minutes.

Crying out, Melissa announced her letdown with joy and relief which Dr. Perkums responded in kind by enthusiastically gulping down all the milk that was flowing.

Leaking precum from its purplish head, Dr. Perkums’ cock readily advertised its state of arousal and after a few more pumps of her hand, Melissa released his cock and moved to straddle the doctor’s hips.

“Nurse me, Dr. Perkums!” she whimpered, “Nurse me while I ride your cock!”

With a trembling hand, she guided the doctor’s swollen cock to her equally swollen pussy and after positioning the head at her entrance, she impaled herself with a lusty coo of pleasure.

Dr. Perkums couldn’t help himself. Unlatching, he moaned deeply and buried his face between Melissa’s milk-swollen tits so he could feel them bounce as she fucked herself on his cock.

“Ohhh Melissa! Ohhh honey! That feels so good!”

Unburying his face, he grasped her milkers in his hands and in time to her bounces, he started manually expressing her milk.

With her milk being pumped and spraying out of her tits and all over the doctor’s face and coupled with her pussy being stretched, plowed, and pumped by the doctor’s stiff pole, Melissa found herself reaching orgasm very quickly which she screamed out.

“Ohhh doctor, DOCTOR!!!”

Dr. Perkums arched his hips as Melissa ground her pelvis against his own. “Ohhh yeah, honey, CUM for me!”

Still pumping Melissa’s breasts to manually express milk, Dr. Perkums latched on to the breast he hadn’t nursed from yet and just in time!

Before he could get a proper latch, milk started squirting all on its own as Melissa experienced a second letdown. Gulping down the milk, he latched on immediately and started suckling vigorously.

Further stimulated by Dr. Perkums mouth latching on to one teat with his hands rhythmically pumping the other, Melissa rode herself to another screaming orgasm.

“Ohhh Dr. Perkums, you just GOTTA cum for me!”

Moaning, Melissa started fucking herself with the doctor’s cock even more enthusiastically than before.

“Mmm-MMMMM-MMMMMMM!” Dr. Perkums grunted as he nursed and nursed – swallowing as much milk as he could as fast as he could as his lips and tongue worked all over the nipple and areola in his mouth.

Releasing the teat with a gasp, he finally climaxed with a deep groan as milk sprayed in his face.

“Ohhhhh HONEY!”

Pumping his hips skywards, Dr. Perkums filled Melissa’s eager pussy with squirt after spurt of his sticky cum and with his cock buried in deep, Melissa squealed and shrieked as she bounced up and down with abandon – milking him for all of his cum and propelling herself to further pleasure.

Whimpering and with his face and chest covered with droplets of milk, Dr. Perkums gave Melissa’s tits – now less swollen from being nursed – a happy squeeze.

“I’m so glad you decided to start lactating again, honey – we’re going to have so much fun nursing and cumming together!” he groaned before latching on again to finish up their nursing session.

Still shaking from her orgasm high, Melissa had to agree with a breathy moan, “This is definitely the beginning of a beautiful nursing relationship!”


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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