TTaD – 11PM

A few minutes before eleven pm, Melissa was awoken from her nap by the sensations of a pair of hands expertly squeezing her breasts and a rock hard cock slipping and sliding against her juicy pussy lips from behind.

Blinking the sleep out of her eyes and yawning, she couldn’t help but arch her hips as she whimpered out a greeting.

“Wake up, Melissa honey!” Dr. Perkums cooed against her ear in answer, “It’s almost time to nurse!”

With his hands diligently pumping Melissa’s milky breasts and his cock standing erect at its full eight inches, it was clear that Dr. Perkums was more than ready for their second nursing session to begin.

Melissa, despite having fallen asleep after their earlier suck and fuck session, found her tits engorged with milk from all the pumping and her pussy all juiced up and ready to go from all the teasing.

“Is it already eleven?” she murmured sleepily, not quite believing that she was about to be suckled again and so soon.

Dr. Perkums answered the question by giving a firm squeezing pump and Melissa moaned her agreement. Heavy with milk to the point of aching, her breasts were definitely ready to be nursed from.

“Turn around, then, Melissa honey,” Dr. Perkums instructed, “and face me.”

Still a bit sleepy, Melissa did as she was told and with a wiggle and a squirm, she turned around and after a bit of scooting, she had her breasts level with the doctor’s face.

Nipples and areolas still swollen and distended from the earlier nursing sessions, they jutted out as invitingly as can be from their engorged mounds. Licking his lips, Dr. Perkums couldn’t help rasping his thumbs over both peaks before he started to pump once more. When droplets of milk finally appeared, he stopped his pumping and readied to nurse.

Hefting a milk-heavy breast in one hand and making its nipple and areola protrude out as much as possible with his other so he could get the best latch-on possible, he glanced up at Melissa with a hungry smile. “Ohhh honey… I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again… You have the most suckable nipples ever!”

Melissa whimpered as her areola and nipple were teased into stiffness and when the doctor’s warm mouth finally closed over her swollen leaking peak and latched on, she uttered a throaty moan of pleasure.

Mouth open wide to cover as much of the areola as possible and with the suction nice and tight with his tongue firmly pressed against the underside of her nipple while his jaw rhythmically massaged in a chewing motion, Dr. Perkums and his nursing expertise worked their magic and within moments, the milk started flowing.

Moaning louder as the doctor eagerly nursed her milk out of her breast, Melissa couldn’t help but arch her hips and lift up her leg which revealed her juiced up pussy that was getting juicier still by the second. Sleepy though she still was, she looked forward to the possibility of another orgasm and her pussy proudly advertised what she was too tired to voice. Despite having been fucked only two hours earlier, her pussy was ready for more and it announced its readiness with the fatness of its gleaming lips, its flared clitoral hood, and by leaking juice from its arousal-swollen hole.

Unable to answer Melissa’s invitation with his cock owing to his position, Dr. Perkums instead answered with his free hand which he reached towards her spread legs. Positioning his thumb on her engorged clitoris, he plunged his middle and fourth finger into her hole and in time to his suckling, he started pistoning his fingers in and out.

Now jolted fully awake from the suddenness of the and all-too-pleasurable penetration, Melissa loosed a deep moan and cried out, “Ohhh Dr. Perkums! That feels so good! Please! More!” Wriggling about a bit, she spread her legs wider and arched her hips in an attempt to impale herself further on the doctor’s plunging fingers.

Unwilling to release the nipple in his mouth, Dr. Perkums answered Melissa’s cry by pumping his fingers in deeper and faster while his thumb circled, stroked, and tapped and circled and stroked some more at a pace that he knew by now would rapidly bring her to orgasm.

Sure enough, within moments, Melissa announced her orgasm with a violent clench of her pussy and a wash of juice and letdown followed shortly after which she announced with a lusty cry of pleasure.

Gulping down the milk with noisy enthusiasm, Dr. Perkums continued to pump and rub as he greedily suckled and his dedication and expertise soon paid off as a second orgasm and a second letdown were triggered.

When Melissa’s hand closed around his wildly bobbing precum-leaking member to return the favor, he unlatched with a deep groan and with milk from the other fully engorged breast spraying in his face, he thrusted himself into Melissa’s hand.

“Ohhh HONEY! PLEASE make me cum!” he begged and without bothering to tease the spraying nipple into erection, he latched on to it as if he were starved for milk.

Unable to drink the milk fast enough despite his unsatisfied hunger, milk leaked from the corners of the doctor’s mouth and with each insistent pull, gulp, and swallow, Melissa gave the rock hard cock in her hand a firm pumping stroke. Slick with precum, her hand slid easily along its length but before she could bring the doctor to orgasm, mutual desperation took everything one step further.

One desperately desiring to have all of the milk nursed out of her swollen breasts and the other desperately craving for more milk and both desperately horny, Melissa and Dr. Perkums found themselves scrambling to get into the position they were in earlier.

Lying on his back with Melissa positioned above him, Dr. Perkums took advantage of the fact that both milky mammaries were now dangling within reach and after squashing both breasts together with his hands, latched on to both leaky nipples at the same time.

Taking advantage of the fact that the doctor’s cock was now within reach of her pussy because of her on-top position which allowed her more range in movement, Melissa immediately impaled herself and to the tune of the doctor’s milk-hungry mouth emptying both of her breasts of their milk, she started to eagerly ride.

With Melissa doing the Kegals while fucking his cock as if her very life depended on it, Dr. Perkums was soon catapulted towards orgasm so quickly and suddenly that he almost had no time to announce it.

Voice muffled by the thick nipples filling his mouth and the milk flowing down his throat and overflowing past the suctioning seal of his lips, he could only buck wildly as his cock squirted and spurted cum deep into Melissa’s waiting pussy.

Melissa on the other hand, with cum leaking out of her pussy hole and milk spraying and being pulled out of her tits as she wildly bounced on the doctor’s squirting cock, screamed and moaned loud enough for the both of them as she experienced her third orgasm for the session.

Riding out his orgasm to the last squirt of cum, Dr. Perkums finally unlatched enough to voice his appreciation. “Ohhh honey,” he groaned as he continued to tease the distended peaks of Melissa’s nipples with his fingers and tongue, “the cumming just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?”

“Mmmmm hmmm!” Melissa agreed wholeheartedly with a breathy gasp and when the doctor latched on once more to finish up his nursing, she found herself already looking forward to their next nursing session.


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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