[flash game] VIP Hospital Service

It isn’t often that I find anything particularly interesting in regards to XXX-rated games, but last night in the middle of writing the latest installment of Twelve Times a Day, I accidentally discovered a hidden milk-filled gem called VIP Hospital Service.

Playing as a male patient in a hospital, your character awakens to the sight of a very busty female nurse ready to attend to his needs and taking in the VIP treatment sets forth the ‘gameplay’.

busty nurse baring her tits After proudly showing you her breasts, the nurse bounces them around for a bit for some extra eyecandy which you, as the player, are allowed to watch for as long as you would like.

Sweet-talking the nurse encourages her to take things a step further and this is where things start to get a little… interesting.

busty nurse lifting up a swollen breast in invitation See the way the nurse lifts up her swollen breast just for you to see with her nipple all nice and erect and jutting out just so from its puffy areola? Doesn’t that set-up look kind of familiar?

Sweet-talk her a little more brings up the mention of “milky breasts” and she asks if you like to look at them and when you answer her, you discover that your character is a milk man because you ask to see her milk!

A pair of virtual milky tits? Really?

busty nurse pumping milk out of her milk-swollen tit Ohhh yes, really, and the nurse is more than eager to show off just how milky her tits are and as she pumps her breast, streams and squirts of virtual milk spray towards you – mmmmm mmm!

And if that wasn’t enough…

Did the nurse just say what I thought she just said?

busty nurse inviting you to breastfeed from her milky tit

I guess she did because look at what happens next!

an erotic breastfeeding session with the nurse Lucky you!

Your character gets to enjoy an erotic breastfeeding session with the nurse and as he gulps down the offered milk, you realize that the nurse’s milkers were getting a little too engorged because here comes the letdown!

an erotic breastfeeding session with the nurse

And so with milk leaking from your mouth, you continue to nurse and, thanks to the game mechanics, you can have your erotic breastfeeding session with the nurse for as long as you like or… you can move on to the rest of the activities.

For the sake of this post, I’ll choose to leave the game here where the milk is flowing and the mouth is suckling. But before I go…

Here’s the link: http://wetpussygames.com/adult-games/vip-hospital-service.html


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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