TTaD – 1AM

When Dr. Perkums woke up for the next nursing session, he found himself momentarily at odds in regards to what to do as he watched his bedmate and nursing partner sleep.

On the one hand, it was time to nurse and the schedule – however inconvenient it could be at times – had to be kept, but on the other hand, Melissa was sleeping so deeply and so peacefully that he really didn’t have the heart to wake her up.

Realizing, however, that her milky mammaries were in the perfect position to be nursed from owing to the position she was sleeping in, he decided to take advantage of just that.

In silence, he quietly pumped her breasts in gently rhythmic squeezing motions and as he hefted the twinned burgeoning weights in his hands, he marveled at their growing fullness.

As a result of the day’s current running total of nursing sessions – four so far and every single one right on time! – Melissa’s milk production was already starting to pick up its pace to meet the punctual demands set forth by the established nursing schedule and as the clock struck one, her breasts were engorged with more milk than they were a few hours ago.

It wasn’t a big change, but it was a change nonetheless and it excited Dr. Perkums to see it.

“Ohhh honey,” he couldn’t help but whisper, “you’re going to be an F-cup milker really soon!” and he eagerly licked his lips.

Despite his eagerness to nurse, however – a fact that was made undeniable by the way his eight inch cock waved around and bobbed like a tent pole in the wind – he forced himself to wait when squeezing Melissa’s breasts showed him that the ducts were not quite yet fully filled with milk.

Not that Melissa’s breasts weren’t ready to be nursed from – in fact, they were ‘ready’ to be nursed from at almost any time; it was just that Dr. Perkums personally preferred to having his nursing session when they were as close to being as fully engorged as possible.

Aside from the fact that he simply loved how a pair of milk-engorged breasts looked and felt, the milk engorgement also created a sense of urgency and helped to establish the sense of mutual need between a nursing pair. With her breasts engorged with milk, Melissa needed to be nursed from as much as he needed to have his fill of milk and there were few things more exciting to him than the idea of Melissa seeking him out to relieve her of her milky bounty.

Right now, however, as Melissa peacefully slept on, Dr. Perkums took the opportunity to simply admire how attractive her milk-engorged mammaries looked to him.

Swollen with milk, Melissa’s breasts were full and firm to the touch with faint blue veins prominently visible all along the surface and their fullness made their large peaks jut out proudly.

Already on the larger side prior to coming into milk, Melissa’s nipples and areolas were even larger and more attractive than ever now that a regular nursing pattern was being established. Her nipples were now perpetually distended and growing thicker still from all the nursing. The surrounding areolas were swelling and getting puffier to match. And BOTH the nipples and the areolas were growing darker and duskier in color.

In other words, Melissa’s breasts were definitely the milking sort and their large-getting-larger peaks proudly advertised her in-milk status.

“Nurse from us!” they seemed to beg as they jutted out in invitation and when another eager squeeze to their mounds was answered with milk-engorged firmness and twin squirts of milk, Dr. Perkums was more than ready to answer their call.

“Ohhh such delicious breasts!” he moaned to himself and opened his mouth wide.

Placing the thick nipple as far back in his throat as possible and filling his mouth with as much puffy areola as possible, he formed a seal with his lips and established a strong latch-on.

Working the underside of Melissa’s breast with his tongue and jaw while he massaged the rest of the breast with his hand, his efforts were quickly rewarded and in no time, the otherwise quiet room was filled with the sounds of his suckling.

Gulping down as much of the sweet warm milk as he could with each mouthful, Dr. Perkums whimpered and quietly moaned his pleasure and once the nursing rhythm was established, he closed his eyes so he could simply enjoy the sensual feeling of nursing.

When it was time to switch sides, the erection between his legs demanded his attention by releasing a sticky trickle of precum and as he latched on to the leaking nipple of the other breast with his mouth, he reached for his swollen cock with his free hand.

Wetting his palm in his precum slick and fisting his hand around his eight inch boner, he didn’t need any fantasies to help himself along as he was already living out his greatest fantasy. All he needed to do was concentrate on his suckling and let his hand do the rest.

Up and down and around, up and down and around… it didn’t take long before Dr. Perkums felt the telltale signs of impending orgasm and despite how many times he had cum in the course of the last several hours, his balls were once again filled with cum.

Mouth full of nipple, areola, and milk, his voice was muffled as he pumped his cock and when he reached the point of climax, he unlatched to utter a strangled groan.

Fisted hand almost a blur as he desperately pumped, the mushroomed head of his cock appeared and disappeared at the same rate of his moving hand until it finally popped through the opening of his fist one last time for the grand finale.

“Ohhh MELISSA! Ohhh HONEY! I’M CUMMING!” Dr. Perkums cried out and as he gazed upon the swollen, distended, dusky peaks of Melissa’s milk-engorged breasts, his cum erupted out of his cock.

As if ejected from a cannon, the doctor’s cum sprayed up and out like party streamers with each squirt and spurt and it wasn’t long before his entire upper body was covered in the white sticky ropes of his cum.

Panting from his orgasmic high, Dr. Perkums gave each of Melissa’s nipples a warm wet kiss and as he looked up at Melissa’s peacefully sleeping face, he whispered, “Thank you, honey, for making my milk-filled fantasies come true!”


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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