[images] Latch-on Ready Nipples

Few things advertise a woman’s body like a pair of breasts do with the way they proudly protrude and still fewer things advertise a woman’s lactating status like the jutting peaks that cap each milk-filled mound.

Swollen, dusky, distended, and thickening, the nipples and areolas of a lactating woman’s breasts make no mistake in announcing to whomever gets a look that the breasts that they are connected to are filled with milk.

And perhaps… that is exactly what makes them so attractive.

large latch-on ready nipples in auto-drip mode

In their darkened and enlarged state and with their ability to auto-drip as illustrated in the above screenshot, these nipples are definitely latch-on ready and are practically begging for attention.

Considering how milk engorgement is a very real issue for women who have a hard time emptying their milk supply, I have to wonder if the increase in nipple and areola appeal is part of Nature’s plan in helping to encourage nursing from the breast – and consequential emptying of the milk supply within – by a baby or otherwise.

If a woman in milk with latch-on ready nipples like the ones shown in the picture bared her breasts to a breast fan and asked very nicely to be nursed, I would imagine that if nothing else, the person being approached would have to be at least mesmerized by the sight if not outright unable to resist.

In which case… it might very well lead to something like this:

Magdalene nursing milk from Heather's breast

and then this:

Magdalene nursing from Heather's breast

Looking at those milky wonders and the enlarged and darkened nipples that cap them and jut out so invitingly, it’s a no-brainer to me that once she starts nursing, she will find it difficult to stop.


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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