Veronica’s Not-So-Secret

One of the things that Veronica loved best about being in-milk was how… sensual it made her feel.

From the added fullness to her breasts to the enlargement, darkening, and added sensitivity of her teats, she had never felt herself to be a more sensual being than she was now with her breasts full of milk and she was more proud than ever of her boobs and thus couldn’t help but take every opportunity to show them off in some fashion or another.

She had always loved attention even before she started lactating, but once the milk came in… the addition of the milk-hungry gazes of boob and milk lovers alike only heightened her desire for attention and it made her all the more eager to show off.

From low-cut blouses to show off more than ample cleavage to industrial strength nursing bras paired with sheer tops to tempt closeted lactation lovers, she happily put her milky mammaries on display at every chance she got and today was no exception.

Dressed in a short skirt that showed off her bubble butt, five inch heels that showcased her bouncy ass and chest with every step, and a nearly see-through cream silk blouse over an industrial strength nursing bra, Veronica was ready for a day of shopping and another day of titillation and what better place to shop at than at a lingerie boutique?

Stepping into the store, Veronica made a beeline for the display where all the newest lingerie pieces were being showcased and on her way, she passed the checkout desk where a male sales associate was finishing up with another customer.

Polite and friendly – especially for an early morning – he excused himself for a moment to wave at her and say good morning.

Veronica beamed at the attention. “Good morning to you, too!”

It didn’t take long before the the sales associate found her and with a cheerful smile on his face, he introduced himself. “Hello, my name is Brandon. Is there anything I can help you with this morning?”

Veronica smiled at the sales associate’s enthusiasm. “My name is Veronica,” she greeted back and with a bit of a twinkle in her eyes, she couldn’t help but tease him a little. Thrusting out her chest a bit, she said, “And that depends.”

Keeping his eyes focused on his patron’s face, Brandon asked, “What does it depend on?”

“Does this store carry any nursing bras?”

Brandon’s eyes widened a bit at Veronica’s inquiry, but he nodded and gestured to a corner of the store. “We definitely do. Right this way, please.”

Veronica followed Brandon and when they reached their destination, she found herself amazed at the selection available. “Oh wow!” she exclaimed.

“We have one of the biggest selections of nursing bras available,” Brandon said, confirming her amazement.

Feeling giddy at the sight of all the different nursing bras available – some that were quite sexy indeed with their sheer fabric and lace detailing – and more than just a bit naughty, Veronica smiled and said, “Do you think you could give me some recommendations?”

Try as he might, Brandon couldn’t help but feel just a little bit flustered. “I-I could,” he began, “but I admittedly don’t have much experience in regards to fitting women for nursing bras. I could call Cheryl for you if you would like and ask her for suggestions – she’s our nursing bra specialist here.”

Veronica laughed and shook her head. Lowering her voice, she whispered silkily, “You might not have any experience in fitting, but maybe you wouldn’t mind sharing your personal opinion?”

Heat crept up Brandon’s cheeks and he blinked. “O-on what, exactly, ma’am?”

“On which nursing bras you think would look best on me, silly!” Laughing again quietly, Veronica thrusted out her milky mammaries at the tongue tied sales associate.

When Brandon refused to look, she stepped a bit closer. “Ohhh come on, Brandon. Since I’m asking you for your assistance, it’s okay to look!”

At Veronica’s insistence, Brandon finally looked and when her milk-swollen breasts came into view, he couldn’t help but gasp. The sheer blouse she wore hid little and with little to no effort, he was able to see clearly the outline of her industrial strength nursing bra underneath.

Brandon’s reaction pleased Veronica immensely and she jiggled her breasts a bit. “Be honest with me, now. If you were my partner, what kind of nursing bra would you like to see me in?”

Cock swelling inside his pants, Brandon swallowed, and hard. “Well, to be honest, ma’am… I – I -”

“Something… more sheer and sexy?” The words sheer and sexy were purred as Veronica held up a sheer nursing bra that was clearly meant to hide nothing at all. “Or more… utilitarian maybe?” she asked, holding up another bra that was not too dissimilar from the one she currently wore. Featuring front closure and easy-access flaps and all-around heavy duty support, it was more than clear that the bra was made for nursing.

“Uh well, I – I -” Mind inflamed with visions of his voluptuous customer wearing the different nursing bras available in the store, Brandon found himself completely speechless.

Veronica grinned. “How about I try them on for you to see?” Picking up her proper size from the selections available, she headed to the fitting room and gestured for Brandon to follow.

Brandon gulped and tried not to wring his hands as he looked in the direction of the fitting rooms and in the direction of the front desk. Never in his life had he encountered a customer like Veronica who was so sensual and sure of herself that she was able to titillate and tease as she pleased and in the manners that she did.

Whatever was he to do?

Knowing that the store typically didn’t get too many early morning shoppers, Brandon finally decided to put up a ‘Be Back Soon’ sign on the front door before closing it and locking it. Once the door was closed, he returned to the fitting rooms… and nearly tripped over his own feet.

Leaning against the open door of one of the fitting rooms was Veronica and she was wearing one of the sheer nursing bras that she had picked out earlier.

“What do you think?” Veronica smiled, proudly thrusting out her nursing bra-covered breasts and making them jiggle a bit.

“I-it looks great on you!” Brandon managed to answer, unable to tear his eyes away from the faint outline of darkened and enlarged areolas and nipples visible beneath the thin fabric and trying his best to hide his rapidly growing erection. The breast man that he was, he was a fan of larger sized nipples to begin with as the larger sizes gave his fingers and mouth more to play with.

Seeing Brandon’s more than obvious interest in her – made evident by the swelling bulge in his pants, Veronica decided to up the ante on her teasing. “How about I try on another nursing bra for you to see?” she asked and without waiting for an answer and not bothering to turn her back, she reached behind herself and undid the hooks on the bra.

When Veronica’s milkers burst free from the confines of the nursing bra, Brandon’s jaw dropped and he uttered a strangled moan. “Ohhh! Ohhh my! OHHHHH MY!” he couldn’t help groaning out loud as his eyes greedily drank in the sight before him.

“Do you like what you see?” Veronica purred, thrusting out her chest and making her swollen mounds with their greatly enlarged and darkened peaks sway back and forth enticingly.

“Th-they’re beautiful! Amazing!” Brandon gasped. “I’ve never seen areolas and nipples so – so -! OHHH!” At his words, his cock – already ramrod-hard – strained wildly in his pants. Such large firm breasts! Such huge areolas! Such thick nipples! Such dark round circles and looking so utterly suckable!

Veronica giggled. “I can tell you’re a breast man, Brandon. Tell me. Have you ever nursed from a woman’s breast before?”

The question made Brandon groan even louder. “N-no! I can’t say that I have,” he admitted, unable to tear his eyes away from the visual feast before him.

“Would you like to?”

Licking his lips, Brandon glanced up. “A-are you s-serious?”

“Sure I am! As long as you’re willing to give my breasts lots of attention!” Winking, Veronica sat down on the cushioned bench in the corner of the fitting room and gestured for Brandon to join her in the room and kneel before her.

Trembling with anticipation, Brandon entered the fitting room and moved to kneel between Veronica’s legs which put his face right around eye-level with her milk-swollen breasts.

Leaning forward a bit and cradling Brandon’s head towards her dangling tits with one hand, Veronica readied her right breast with her other hand. Hefting its heaviness – ripe and full of milk – with the palm of her hand, she positioned her index and middle fingers right behind the darkened shape of her areola with one finger above and the other finger below.

“Start with my nipples first… Get them all nice and ready to be suckled for me,” she cooed, brushing the fatness of her right nipple across his lips back and forth in a tantalizing manner.

Eager to comply, Brandon opened his mouth and immediately started licking around the shape of her enormous areola and soon, he was swirling his tongue around and around the distended nipple and he could feel it harden to his ministrations. Glancing up at Veronica for approval, he started flicking his tongue back and forth as he swirled.

“Mmmmm… that feels good!” Veronica praised with a quiet whimper. “Don’t forget the other side, too!”

After giving the nipple a last swirl and flick, Brandon obediently switched to the other breast where he repeated what he had done earlier. Growing more and more eager with each passing moment, he started switching back and forth between both nipples.

As Brandon played with her teats, Veronica started to gently but rhythmically massage her breasts with her hands. Before she had headed out for the morning, her breasts had been on the verge of being full. But now that she had an eager mouth to feed…

As if on cue, Brandon suddenly stopped playing with her nipples. “They’re leaking!” he exclaimed, amazed at the sight of the droplets of milk that had appeared during his nipple play.

Veronica moaned at the exclamation as it was a confirmation of the fullness and readiness of her breasts. “Ohhhhh, but that felt so good!”

“D-do you want me to play with them some more?” Brandon asked, unable to tear his eyes away from the vision before his eyes.

Veronica laughed and pulled his head closer. “You can play with them some more by nursing from them! Open up wide, honey – it’s time!”

Brandon obliged by opening his mouth as wide as possible and to his absolute delight, his mouth was immediately filled with Veronica’s leaky teat.

“Now suck my nipple into your mouth as far back as it will go, honey – as if you were sucking your thumb.” Veronica cooed.

Brandon did as he was told and was rewarded with an excited groan. With a mouthful of nipple and areola and still some to spare, he looked up to Veronica for his next set of instructions.

Moaning quietly at the feeling of Brandon’s mouth sealed around her swollen teat, Veronica “Now suckle for me, honey – suckle like you mean it!”

Recalling the earlier analogy of treating the nipple like his thumb, Brandon started to suckle as if he were sucking his thumb… and within moments, he was rewarded with his first taste of sweet breast milk.

“Ohhh honey! You’re just a natural!” Veronica crooned.

Hungry for more now that he had had his first taste, Brandon started to suckle more and more eagerly and the suction created by the seal of his mouth increased.

“Ohhh baby, ohhh honey!” Veronica continued to babble. When she felt the unmistakable sensation of impending letdown, she cried out, “Here comes the milk – get ready!”

Within moments, the milk gushed and Brandon found himself desperately suckling to keep up with the flow. Unable to quite keep up, milk leaked past his mouth and down his chin with his every gulp, but he didn’t care. The milk was delicious and the feeling of nursing with his mouth full of nipple and areola was indescribably arousing.

As was usual with experiencing letdown, Veronica found her panties soaked through with her pussy telling her that it more than ready for a good fuck. Glancing down at Brandon’s bulge which by now was causing an enormous tent in his slacks, she licked her lips.

“Brandon, honey,” she breathed in a silken voice, “you must be so uncomfortable with that big bulge of yours… Why don’t you unzip your pants?”

Still gulping down milk as if his very life depended on it, Brandon could only nod in agreement before he reached between his legs and released his swollen cock from its fabric prison.

At the sight of Brandon’s boner popping out and bobbing up and down, Veronica gave a lusty moan of approval.

“Ohhh HONEY! Fuck me while you nurse!” she begged.

“Wh-what’s the best position?” Brandon asked, releasing the nipple he was nursing on with a loud wet pop.

Already standing up and stripping the rest of her clothes off, Veronica answered with, “Sitting Cowgirl. You sit on the bench and I’ll sit on your lap!”

Naked body trembling with her milky boobs heaving with her every breath, Veronica eagerly watched as Brandon stripped himself of his pants and when he was seated on the bench she had just vacated, she immediately moved to straddle his lap.

For a moment, Brandon couldn’t get his cock positioned. With Veronica’s pussy being as juicy wet as it was, his cock couldn’t find its way to her entrance and was slipping and sliding everywhere along her pussy’s plump lips. But then when the head of his cock found the place where it could bury itself, he knew he had found her entrance and with a deep moan, he plunged his stiff thick member in as deeply as he could go with a mighty arch of his hips.

A loud juicy squelch greeted his ears and Veronica almost shrieked in pleasure at the feeling of Brandon’s thick hard cock pumping into her swollen pussy hole.

Clenching her vaginal muscles tightly, she cried out, “Nurse me and fuck me – PLEASE!” and when Brandon’s mouth hungrily latched on to one of her swollen teats, she started to bounce up and down on his lap.

With milk squirting out from the corners of his mouth while his pole was being expertly ridden by the juiciest pussy he had ever known in his admittedly young life, Brandon was in heaven. He also knew that this first drink of breast milk – his first erotic nursing experience – wouldn’t be his last.

“So – fucking – incredible! I’ve just GOT to watch -!” he groaned out, releasing the teat he was suckling from with a noisily wet pop.

Hands moving to squeeze the twin globes of Veronica’s pert bubble ass, he fixated his eyes on the pair of milky mammaries bouncing up and down and around in front of his face.

With Veronica’s tits literally inches away from his face, he now had the perfect view and with each pump of his cock into her steaming wet pussy, he greedily drank in the vision before him.

The swollen shape of her tits… The prominent veins that ran all along the surface… the greatly enlarged size of the areolas… the thickly distended and nursing-engorged protrusions of her nipples…

“Ohhh, Veronica! I gotta have more!” he moaned, “I gotta have more!”

Trembling with lust, he grabbed hold of both of her bouncing breasts and pressed them together. Opening his mouth as wide as he could, he latched on to both of the nipples at once.

Bouncing up and down even faster than before and coating the length of cock inside of her with her slick slippery juices, Veronica whimpered. Despite all the nursing, there was still more than enough milk in her breasts to go around. “Ohhh honey! Play with my titties some more! Make my titties squirt their milk for you!”

Veronica’s words of encouragement and enthusiasm further inflamed Brandon’s senses and the suggestion didn’t have to be made twice.

Eagerly, he teased at her pair of swollen nipples and areolas with his tongue, lips, and teeth while his hands started pumping the shape of her breasts in the manner he had seen her pump them earlier.

The combined ministrations – the dedication of Brandon’s mouth and along with his hands – did the trick and soon, Veronica announced another letdown with a deep moan of pleasure while her pussy throbbed with the sensation of orgasm.

Gulping and gulping and gulping some more, Brandon’s face soon became covered with droplets of milk as milk flowed and started squirting in thin streams from both breasts at the same time. Feeling Veronica’s pussy spasm violently around his pumping cock, he was propelled to the verge of his own orgasm.

“So delicious! Feels so good, I think I -!” he managed to mumble as he suckled and continued to play with the squirting nipples.

“Y-you think you what, baby?” Veronica cooed, rotating and flexing her hips before sinking down and rising back up.

“I-I – I think I’m – going to CUM!” Brandon moaned, “Oh god, I’m going to cum!”

“Then latch on to me, baby, and latch on good and I’ll make you cum!” Veronica promised and when Brandon’s hungry mouth immediately latched on to one of her stiff swollen peaks and started to suckle as strongly as he could, she made good on her promise.

With a loud moan of pleasure, she fucked herself harder than ever on Brandon’s cock and after a few good pumps and plunges –

Loosing a strangled cry as he continued to furiously gulp down milk, Brandon’s hips snapped upwards as his cock surged deeper and then deeper still into Veronica’s waiting pussy as he was catapulted to orgasm.

One, two, and then three, the aching fullness in Brandon’s cum-filled balls was unloaded in a series of drawn-out jets and squirts.

Pussy rapidly filling with thick splurts of cum, Veronica was propelled to a second screaming orgasm as she more than eagerly rode Brandon’s squirting cock to the end.

When Brandon’s response was to continue to nurse with an even greater fervor, she had a feeling that this little adventure was only the beginning and that there would be more – lots more – to cum in the future.

Brandon, still blissfully suckling away and unaware of Veronica’s thoughts, was in full agreement.


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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