Surprise Nursing Session

Every so often and owing to his reputation as being both the area’s leading expert on induced lactation and resident milk man, Dr. Perkums would get a surprise visit from one of the local lactating ladies whom he had never seen before.

Today was one of those days.

He was in his office updating some of his patients’ files when his secretary knocked on his door. “Dr. Perkums?” she called. “Someone’s here to see you!”

“A patient?” Dr. Perkums called back.

“A visitor who asked if she could see you if you’re not busy?”

Dr. Perkums look surprised. “Go ahead and send her in!”

When his door opened and his visitor stepped in, he couldn’t help but stare.

There, standing right in front of his eyes, was a woman who was clearly lactating and whose lactating status had caused large wet circles to stain the front of her white nursing top.

The woman laughed at his reaction and thrusted out her chest some more.

“I heard you’re a milk man, Dr. Perkums,” she said with a smile, “so if you’re thirsty, I have some milk for you.”

Dr. Perkums stared some more. Had he heard right? His visitor – someone he didn’t even know – was offering her milk to him? “Wh-who are you? Do I know you?”

The woman laughed some more. “You don’t know me, but you know one of my girlfriends,” she said mysteriously. “She’s the one who told me how much you loved to drink her milk,” she added with a flirtatious wink.

“And you’re willing to let me nurse from you?” Dr. Perkums asked, not quite believing his good fortune.

“You’d actually be a big help if you would,” she admitted with a grin as she pulled open the nursing flap on her top to bare her nursing bra-covered breasts. “You see, my friend was supposed to nurse from me almost an hour ago and empty out my tits, but our plans got waylaid. Since I was in the area, she suggested that I stop by your clinic and see if I could get you to nurse me instead.”

At the sight of the nursing bra-covered breasts, Dr. Perkums gave a quiet groan and licked his lips. “Ohhh I see! I’d be more than happy to help you out, then, if that is the case.”

“You would? Oh that would be fantastic!” Beaming, the woman didn’t bother to undo the flaps on her nursing bra. Instead, she simply tugged her bra up and off.

With her pale milk-filled breasts proudly on display, she walked towards the doctor.

Dr. Perkums didn’t bother to hide his moan of pleasure.

“Ohhh what beautiful milkers you have!” he gasped as his eyes feasted on the sight before him.

a pair of heavily veined milkers whose darkened teats are capped with thick and nicely distended nipples

The woman’s breasts -rounded and swollen – were very clearly full of milk. Owing to the paleness of her skin, the heavy veining running along her milky mounds was more than visible. And the teats – ohhh what teats! Darkened and enlarged, the circles of her puffy areolas were capped by a pair of even darker colored nipples that were thick and elongated and –

“Utterly PERFECT for nursing!” Dr. Perkums exclaimed. “Oh please! Cum sit on my lap and let me nurse these titties of yours dry!”

The woman laughed some more and obliged the doctor by sitting on his lap. Taking off her bra the rest of the way, she leaned forward and dangled her milk-filled breasts right in front of his face.

Wasting no time, Dr. Perkums grabbed her milkers in his hands and started to gently squeeze and massage.

The woman moaned. “They’re so full, Dr. Perkums!”

“And they’ll be empty soon enough,” Dr. Perkums promised in a husky voice. “Since you were so kind to offer your milk to me, I’m going to repay your kindness by giving you a nursing session you’ll never forget!”

True to her words, the woman’s breasts were indeed firm and full and Dr. Perkums found himself getting more excited by the second as he squeezed, massaged, and otherwise lavished manual attention on the swollen globes dangling in his face.

When the woman started whimpering and squirming as he moved on to teasing at her swollen peaks with his tongue and lips, he knew it was time.

Smiling up at her, he licked his lips and without another word, he expertly latched on to her left breast – opening his mouth as wide as possible and taking into his mouth as much of her darkened teat as possible. With her fat nipple positioned as far back in his mouth as possible, he started to suckle in earnest.

The sudden and altogether too erotic pull of the doctor’s mouth on her teat was electrifying and the woman cried out in pleasure. Almost at the same time, she experienced letdown which she hardly had time to announce with a second cry of surprise.

“MMMNGH!” was Dr. Perkums’ only answer as he expertly nursed and greedily gulped down the flood of milk that filled his mouth and throat.

Unable to stop herself, the woman started to rub her covered pussy all along the shape of the doctor’s covered boner. Never had she been nursed so powerfully or so skillfully and never had she been quite so aware of the eroticism of it all until now. She was soaking wet already and the doctor was sporting a rock-hard erection… and their nursing session had only just begun!

At the sensation, Dr. Perkums released the nipple he was nursing from with a low moan and with a growl, latched on again and started to suckle with an even greater force.

As the doctor continued to nurse with even more enthusiasm, the woman started to rock and grind back and forth and harder and faster.

With her milk gushing and her pussy dripping, she couldn’t imagine a better place to be than where she was right then and there – straddling the doctor’s lap while she was being expertly nursed – and when the doctor’s fingers found their way past her panties –

“OHHH DR. PERKUMS!” she groaned, and then screamed with pleasure when the doctor’s fingers plunged deep into her steaming pussy.

Riding the doctor’s pumping fingers to a hair-raising orgasm and another immensely satisfying letdown, she realized that the doctor had been more than serious about giving her a nursing session to remember.

“I’m so glad I decided to cum to you, Dr. Perkums!” she moaned against the doctor’s ear as she squeezed her vaginal walls around his fingers.

Dr. Perkums smiled around his mouthful of nipple and areola. Unlatching briefly, he said, “Me too, honey – me too! But we’re not done yet!”

Winking, he latched back on and after forming a tight seal with his mouth, he started to nurse once more with abandon while his fingers – two buried in his surprise visitor’s swollen pussy hole – and thumb – pressed up against the engorged clitoris – resumed pumping and rubbing.


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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