Areolas of Agony

Dr. Perkums was haunted – haunted by visions of a pair of the most awe-inspiring and latch-on worthy areolas and nipples he had ever seen in his entire career as an induced lactation specialist and in all of his erotic nursing expertise.

After catching a glimpse of one of his neighbors – Kumiko was it? – on his way out from his apartment flat earlier in the morning, he couldn’t stop thinking of what he had seen.

Dressed in a cute plunge-necked top, very busty Kumiko had been washing the dishes when it seemed like she was starting to feel uncomfortable. Abandoning the dishes, she had started squeezing the mounds of her very large breasts and from the look on her face, she had been enjoying herself. And then, as he couldn’t help but watch, she had pulled down the neckline of her top.

Gasping in amazement, his cock had gone from semi-soft to wholly hard as he had watched one of her breasts pop out from her top.

a screenshot of an enormous areola with a drop of milk on the nipple

Swollen and heavy with milk, her enormous breast had hung out pendulously from her top while her nipple had auto-dripped milk and the areola -! WHAT an areola!

The literal enormity of the areola was astounding and in all of his experience, he had seldom seen areolas quite as big as hers. Definitely bigger than what his mouth could fit, he could only imagine what it might feel like to try and latch on to an areola like hers.

And then her top had come off and with it, her bra, and then she had turned around and… well.

a screenshot of a pair of enormous milk-filled boobs capped with a pair of equally enormous areolas that auto-drip milk

Ohhh what milkers! OHHH -what- areolas!

It had driven him nearly insensate with lust to see those magnificent milk-filled breasts of hers with their enormously enlarged and beautifully darkened areolas not even fifty feet away from him… but unfortunately for him, work had called and so with great reluctance, he had been forced to head back to his clinic.

Now that the day was drawing to a close and work was mostly over with, he found himself thinking back to what he had seen earlier in the morning.

Glancing at the calendar on the wall, he smiled to himself and stood up from his chair. New Year’s Eve was fast approaching and what better way to bring in the new year than by bringing in… milk?


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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