New Year’s Related News

As 2011 reaches its end, I look forward to welcoming in the new 2012 year with some website fixes and some new content.

To give an idea on some of the technical things being worked on:

– Inspiration Page (image gallery)
– Stories Page (where it’s nothing but stories)
– Link Directory Page (links out and links in)
– Storefront Page (to buy copies of my written works)
– and a few behind-the-scenes things you may not notice

That said, if things go weird around the site for the next week or so, please don’t be alarmed.

Moving on to the topic of new content…

Owing to how busy I normally am, I’m actually surprised that I have managed to keep this site fairly regularly updated with new reading material. In hopes of continuing this trend, I’ll be bringing in the new year with an especially milky New Year’s story so watch for it! 😉

Speaking of which…

As a writer, I appreciate feedback whether it’s good or bad (constructive feedback is always useful!) so if you can spare a few moments to drop me a line, it would really make my day/night. 🙂

Related to that, I have a feeling that this site has been getting some regular visitors (besides myself!) for a little while now and though I don’t know who you are (and you don’t know me, either!), I wanted to say thank you.

It’s fun to write these stories for my own amusement and entertainment, but if someone else is getting off on sexy milky goodness, then all the better!

And with that, I’ll call it a night/day and wish everyone a:

Happy New Year’s!


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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