Nursing in the New Year

Dressed in black slacks and a nice button-down shirt, Dr. Perkums knocked on one of his neighbor’s doors.

When the door opened, he smiled and said, “My name is Dr. Perkums and I’m one of your neighbors. I was wondering… since it’s New Year’s Eve tonight and we’re both alone… Could I cum in and keep you company for the evening?”


Kumiko could only stare for a moment as the man in the doorway introduced himself. Who did he say he was? Dr. Perkums? Somehow, though she was new to the area and wasn’t quite familiar with all the places much less the people, he both looked and sounded familiar. Had she seen his name somewhere? Heard it from someone maybe? And where had she seen him? Probably wandering around the shared property, right?

Either way, he looked neither threatening nor crazy and her basic gut instinct told her that it would be fine to let him join her for New Year’s Eve and so that was what she decided to do.

“Sure!” she agreed, returning his smile. “No sense in spending New Year’s Eve alone, is there?” Stepping aside, she gestured for the doctor to step in. “Please, come on in. We can watch the ball drop on television if you want.”

Dr. Perkums laughed in agreement and stepped in. When the door closed behind him, he followed Kumiko to her living room where she had the channel tuned to the ball dropping in Times Squares in New York.

Settling into the couch, the two chit chatted about this, that, and the other and as the new year loomed closer and closer…

During a commercial break, Kumiko glanced up at the clock on the living room wall and decided that it would be a good time to excuse herself. “You know, it’s almost time. How about I – go get the champagne so we can toast to the new year?”

Besides getting the champagne, there was another matter she needed to take care of and that was the steadily growing fullness in her milk-filled breasts. Owing to the bounty of her milk supply despite the fact that she wasn’t regularly nursing anybody anymore, her breasts still needed to be emptied fairly regularly every three to four hours or so.

Right now, they were full to the point of engorgement and though she knew she wouldn’t be able to fully empty her mammaries before the ball dropped for New Year’s, she could at least get the emptying started. Thinking about the dual action breast pump she had in her bedroom, she couldn’t help but squirm a little bit – both in discomfort and in anticipation.

At the mention of champagne, Dr. Perkums smiled to himself. He had noticed… a few things about his hostess during the time that they had been talking and he had heard the pause in her sentence. It was now or never. “Kumiko,” he began, lowering his voice to a more intimate tone, “I have a better idea than champagne. How about… some milk? To welcome in the new year?” Glancing down at Kumiko’s chest, he arched his eyebrows suggestively at her milk-swollen mounds.

“M-milk?” Kumiko repeated, flushing a bit red with embarrassment and surprise. Did the doctor know she had milk? How had he known? Had she leaked right through her nursing pads and bra again?

“Milk,” Dr. Perkums repeated, unable to quite tear his eyes away from the massive rack less than a foot away from him. “Milk is healthier than champagne, don’t you agree? And it seems like we might be able to help each other out while at it.”

“But we’re already helping each other out by keeping each other company here on New Year’s Eve!” Kumiko protested.

“And I can help you some more by nursing from you,” Dr. Perkums said persuasively and matter-of-factly. “I know you’ve been uncomfortable all night and because I am a lactation specialist, I know that it’s because your breasts are overfull with milk.”

“Th-that’s true, but I have a breast pump,” Kumiko protested further.

“And a mouth works better than a breast pump – especially when your breasts are as full as they are now,” Dr. Perkums added.

“You don’t need to concern yourself with my problems, Dr. Perkums,” Kumiko protested again, feeling her nipples prick a little at the thought of the doctor nursing from her. “Especially since it’s my fault for not excusing myself and emptying them sooner.”

Dr. Perkums smiled some more and shook his head. “Ohhh, trust me, Kumiko. As long as you’re willing, it would be no trouble at all for me.” Looking Kumiko in the eyes, he admitted, “You see… I’m a breast man and a milk man. I absolutely love the taste of breast milk and even more than that, I love nursing from a woman’s breast and it would be both a pleasure and an honor to nurse your milk from you.”

“I-I don’t know…” Kumiko murmured softly as she blushed, fidgeting a bit as she toyed with the hem of her blouse.

Of all things she had expected, to have a milk man like Dr. Perkums in her living room and asking to suckle the milk out of her swollen breasts was not one of them. Though she wasn’t adverse to the idea of nursing him in the least – in fact, she was getting rather excited at the prospect, his perception and observational skills had caught her by surprise.

“I promise you nothing but pleasure,” Dr. Perkums reassured. “Having your milk nursed out of you by a milk-hungry mouth intent on suckling and pleasuring you is unlike anything else you will ever experience. Will you let me at least try just this once?” Spreading his legs a bit, Dr. Perkums made no effort to hide the enormous bulge that had formed in his pants.

Glancing down at the tent caused by the doctor’s raging erection, Kumiko found herself getting wet and slippery at the idea of the milk-hungry doctor nursing her milk from her breasts. It had been too long since she had felt the suctioning pull of a hungry mouth emptying her breasts and the breasts pumps and her hands could only do such much given how bountiful her milk supply had gotten.

“O-okay,” she finally agreed with a smile. “Let’s try.”

Dr. Perkums beamed, delighted at her answer. “Shall we begin now before the clock strikes midnight?”

Kumiko nodded.

“Then let’s get ready.”

Dr. Perkums stood up and grabbed one of the largely oversized pillows from the couch and placed it on the floor in front of Kumiko. Seeing her questioning look, he said, “The best position to nurse when you’re sitting down is for me to be kneeling in front of you as it gives me perfect access to your breasts.”

At the word ‘breasts’, he reached out and undid the buttons on her blouse. When her enormous tits cradled in a lacy white nursing bra popped free, he allowed himself a quiet whimper of desire.

“They’re really big,” Kumiko whispered, feeling both embarrassed and aroused all at the same time. “Maybe too big?”

“Nonsense,” Dr. Perkums breathed as he reached out with his hands to fondle the massive mounds. Smiling up at Kumiko, he started to kiss her bare skin while he squeezed and massaged.

“Th-they’re really really full…” Kumiko murmured, squirming a bit as the doctor kissed the shapes of her breasts while his thumbs rasped over the hidden peaks of her nipples.

“And leaking,” Dr. Perkums crooned as he licked at the lace-covered points. “I’ll bet you gush like a geyser when you letdown… am I right?”

“I-I sometimes do,” Kumiko admitted, blushing some more and laughing.

“I hope you do when I nurse you,” Dr. Perkums smiled as he swirled his tongue over the peaks. “There’s nothing I like more than feeling the gush of milk during a letdown. Speaking of letdown… let’s get rid of this bra…” Giving the full and heavy firmness of her breasts an encouraging squeeze, he undid the hooks of her bra.

Milk-filled breasts popping free with an almost violence bounce, Kumiko blushed madly. What would the doctor think about her enormous areolas and her nipples that auto-dripped milk?

a pair of enormous milk-filled breasts capped by a pair of equally enormous areolas

She got her answer almost immediately.

“Ohhh Kumiko! You have such beautiful areolas! Look at how dark and enlarged they are and look at how your milk just auto-drips! Even if I didn’t know you had milk before, just looking at your areolas now tells me everything I ever wanted to know!”

At the doctor’s excited exclamation, Kumiko smiled. “You like them, then, Dr. Perkums? You don’t think they’re too big?”

Dr. Perkums groaned as he stared at the sight before him. “They ARE big, but that’s what makes them so perfect!”

Without waiting for an answer, he opened his mouth and eagerly started teasing at the enormous circles with warm swipes of his tongue. Swirling his tongue around and around each of the teats like he would lick an ice cream cone, he could feel the nipples begin to pebble into hardness and the areolas start to swell, wrinkle, and tighten. When the taste of milk drip-drip-dripping out of the nipples and the sound of her breathless whimpers became too much to bear, he stopped his teasing and glanced up at Kumiko.

“Honey, make no mistake – your areolas are so big – huge, even! – that I won’t be able to fully latch on…”

“… Oh.” Kumiko said, trying not to feel disappointed while trying to calm the spike of arousal caused by all the nipple play.

“But that doesn’t mean I can’t nurse from you because that’s exactly what I’m going to do right now!” Dr. Perkums smiled and with a mischievous wink, he gave her enormous areolas a wet kiss each.

Cupping his hands around her right breast, he made a C with his fingers, gently squeezing the top and underside of her breast together close to where the circle of the areola began. This squeezing caused her areola to wrinkle and pucker a bit as it was compressed and it also caused her teat – the combined flesh of areola and nipple – to jut out more like a torpedo head.

Opening his mouth again, Dr. Perkums took the compressed point of her teat as far back into his mouth as it could go. Jaw relaxing and mouth widening until it could widen no more, there was still ample areola left when he had taken in as much of her teat as possible.

As he had expected, the largeness of Kumiko’s areola in relation to the size of her smaller nipple combined with the overall firmness and fullness of her breast in general made latching on a bit of a challenge, but his expertise paid off in spades and he was able to get a solid latch-on despite everything.

Mouth full of nipple and areola, he uttered a muffled groan of satisfaction and contentment. Making a tight seal with his mouth, he started to suckle in earnest.

At first, the unfamiliarity and unexpectedness of the situation made it impossible for Kumiko to relax and experience the letdown she desperately needed, but after a few moments of feeling the doctor’s mouth expertly suckling – the suction of his mouth pulling deeply at her teat and his lower jaw rhythmically massaging and drawing out her milk –

“Ohhhhh Dr. Perkums! You’re so good at nursing!” she cried out and hugging his head closer to her breast, she experienced letdown with a violent rush.

With milk gushing into his throat and dribbling and squirting past the seal of his lips, Dr. Perkums started to suckle and nurse with more hunger and power – working his lower jaw like the pro that he was while massaging with his hands and fingertips.

Whimpering with pleasure and relief, Kumiko watched in amazement as the doctor eagerly nursed from her – gulping and swallowing and swallowing and gulping. Even with milk covering his face, he continued to nurse like there was no tomorrow. In fact, as far as she could tell, he was even more excited about nursing than he was earlier…

And she was right.

As far as anyone was concerned, Dr. Perkums was in breast and breast milk heaven. With his mouth full of Kumiko’s beautiful teat and his belly filling up with her even more delicious milk, there were few places better to be than where he was now.

“There’s -! So -! Much milk!” he gasped when he finally unlatched to catch his breath after several very long minutes of dedicated nursing.

“And so much more!” Kumiko promised, holding out her other unattended breast which looked even more milk-swollen than ever and dripped milk from its nipple in anticipation and readiness. “Please, Dr. Perkums! Nurse from me some more!”

With a happy smile on his milk-splattered face, Dr. Perkums nodded. “Of course I will, honey,” he reassured with a croon. “Just let me get you ready.”

Doing the same thing with his hands that he had done earlier, he made the swollen teat of her unattended breast pop out like a torpedo head and after gazing with obvious longing at the sight of her jutting-out nipple auto-dripping milk, he eagerly latched on.

“Gush for me again!” he pleaded around his mouthful and as he massaged the breast he was nursing from with one hand, he started teasing the now-engorged teat of her other breast with his other hand – alternating between pinching and rolling the thick and distended nipple in his fingers and rasping his thumb all over the shape of the enormous areola.

With both nipples being stimulated at the same time, it didn’t take long for Kumiko to experience a second letdown – one that was possibly stronger than the first – and with milk violently spraying out from both nipples, Kumiko moaned deeply.

“Ohhhhh Dr. Perkums! That feels SO GOOD that it’s making my pussy so wet! I just can’t help it!” she cried out, squirming madly as both her milk and juices flowed.

“Touch yourself, then!” Dr. Perkums encouraged in a muffled voice as he gulped down milk and tried not to drown under the bountiful flood. “Touch yourself and make yourself cum!”

“Ohhhhh, but DOCTOR!” Kumiko protested in embarrassment. Unable to stand the sensations for long, however, she pulled down her leggings and spread her legs and slid her fingers inside of her panties. After giving her clitoris a few good strokes with her wet fingers, she plunged two of her fingers into her hole with a loud juicy squelch.

Dr. Perkums moaned at the sound and the pace of his suckling soon matched Kumiko’s pace. In the middle of suckling, his hand moved to his slacks. Undoing the fly, he wrapped his hand around his massive boner and to the tune of his nursing and Kumiko’s finger fucking, he started to stroke himself.

Pumping her pussy at an almost rapidfire pace as she watched the doctor fist his thick stiff cock with his hand, it didn’t take long before Kumiko was ready to cum. “Ohhhhh doctor, doctor, DOCTOR!” she moaned out with a gasp.

Dr. Perkums unlatched with a wet and noisy ‘pop’. “Cum for me, honey!” he coaxed, giving his own swollen cock and cum-filled balls a few more jerks and pulls with one hand while he teased her nursing-swollen teat with his other hand. “Cum for Dr. Perkums – it’s okay to feel good!”

“OHHHH DOCTOR-!” Kumiko moaned again and when the doctor latched on to her other breast and started to once again suckle as if he were starved while simultaneously pulling, tugging, and flicking at the nipple he had just nursed from, she climaxed and at the same time, experienced yet another letdown.

With milk spraying out of her tits and juice squirting from her pussy, she rode her fingers with abandon – screaming and gasping as she bucked and thrashed.

Midway through her orgasm, the clock in the living room struck midnight.

At the third chime of the clock, Dr. Perkums loosed an almighty groan. Gulping down the milk as fast as he could in an effort to keep up with her milk flow, he released Kumiko’s breast to grab a tissue from a nearby box on the cocktail table.

With milk leaking out of his mouth as continued to earnestly and eagerly nurse and with milk droplets decorating his face, he gave his cock a last pump with his fisted hand. Catapulted to orgasm, he came with a muffled shout and caught his squirts, sprays, and jets of cum in the tissue.

Unlatching from Kumiko’s breast with a breathless gasp, he smiled and said, “What a Happy New Year’s!” and as they both laughed in the afterglow of their orgasms, he grabbed both of her breasts and angled their peaks skywards. Squeezing and pumping, he sent streams of milk to spray into the air like fireworks.


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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