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Seeing as how I finally have put up the Inspiration page, I think it’s time (and a perfect excuse) to sit down and elaborate on a statement that I made when writing the page.

The statement I made was this:

Sure, erotic lactation is a hot topic all on its own, but… even with something as niche as erotic lactation, there’s still room for a little extra something-something (which I talk more about in THIS post) which gives a little extra spice.

So… yeah.

About that something-something.

To me, it makes no sense to be blogging and writing stories based on a topic that doesn’t really interest me. For this reason, my media collection and the contents of this website all have a focus on the various aspects of erotic lactation (and the resulting erotic nursing interaction) that pique my interest the most.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I think that one of the most appealing things about a lactating woman is how the appearance of her breasts changes in response to her in-milk status.

A woman’s breasts can certainly be naturally round, firm, heavily veined, and capped by dark and large teats (nipples and areolas)… but a woman’s breasts that are producing milk will almost certainly reflect these characteristics. To take it a step further, a woman’s breasts that are being regularly nursed from may also have a different appearance as well.

In light of this, a picture of a woman with normal-looking breasts labeled with “In Milk” will therefore provoke a different response from me than an unlabeled picture of a woman showcasing a pair of blue-veined breasts full of milk whose teats are darkened and very visibly enlarged and whose nipples are elongated and thickened from having been nursed from regularly.

Related to this is the appeal of erotic nursing. With breasts as attractive as the ones described, it only makes sense to have characters who get caught up in the attraction and end up not only engaging in loads of breast play but also engaging in erotic nursing/adult nursing relationships which frequently – owing to how pleasurable an erotic nursing relationship is for all parties involved – culminate in orgasms resulting from solo or shared sexual trysts.

To help these erotic nursing scenarios along comes the topic of breast fullness from being in-milk and all of the possible consequences that can occur as a result of it. From swollen-to-engorged breasts to leaking and squirting nipples to milk-stained shirts to desperate pumping sessions to urgent – and often surprise – nursing sessions, the possibilities are endless.

Going hand in hand is the opposite topic of experiencing a deep hunger for breast milk and a desire to nurse this milk from a pair of milk-swollen breasts. Dr. Perkums’ absolute obsession with erotic lactation and erotic nursing makes him my leading milk man and it is his obsession which not only prompts him to actively seek out erotic lactation and erotic nursing possibilities but also prompts him to give all of the lactating women in his life the best and most satisfying and fulfilling erotic nursing sessions ever. After all, the more satisfied the women are, the more likely he’ll get future chances to nurse as the women will then think fondly of him when it’s time for their milk to be emptied from their breasts.

There are more specifics besides the ones I just listed, but for the purpose of this post, the ones I highlighted are enough for me to make my concluding statement.

It isn’t necessarily the contents of the media itself which is the most inspirational. Rather, it is the oftentimes the suggestion of possibilities that adds that spicy something-something that makes the content inspirational.

To illustrate, here is one of my favorite images featuring an erotic nursing session:

a pair of milk-filled breasts capped with darkened and enlarged teats being nursed by a man who is hungry for their milk

One of the first things to notice is how the man in the picture is attached to the woman’s breast. The position and shape of his mouth, how much of the teat is in his mouth, and the position and shape of his left hand squeezing the breast all suggest a proper latch-on. This realization makes it clear that the couple are engaged in an actual nursing session. A point of intrigue, then, is in the question of, “For how long?”

If you look at the woman’s breasts, you can see that they are swollen and that the teats are enlarged and darkened. In seeing just HOW big her teats are – though the man’s mouth is correctly latched on, he still can’t get all of her areola into his mouth! – there is the suggestion and possibility that the couple has been engaged in an adult nursing relationship for some time. Barring that, the woman’s breasts have probably seen regular nursing sessions in general for some time.

Though the picture itself is highly erotic on its own as is, it is the suggestion and possibility of a behind-the-scenes story which gives the picture a little special something-something.


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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