Milky Matinee

Originally, Milky Matinee was supposed to be a ‘Quick Drink’ sort of story – a once in a lifetime here today and gone tomorrow sort of short story – but it didn’t quite happen that way. Hope you enjoy the story nonetheless – the story of how milk-hungry Joseph from Accidental Advertising finally gets the chance to meet Sarah’s DD milkers in person. đŸ˜‰

Joseph was at the theater for a mostly-empty matinee showing and was about about to sit down when he spied his co-worker across the aisle. Unable to believe his luck, he gathered up his nerves and before he could lose his courage again to approach her, he headed over to where she was sitting.

“Hey there Sarah! Is this seat taken?”

Sarah looked up and smiled. “No, not at all. Have a seat.”

Smiling back, Joseph sat down next to her and offered to share popcorn. Jokingly, he said, “Fancy seeing you here, I thought I was the only one here this afternoon.”

Sarah laughed a little. “I had other errands I was going to run, but then they had to be delayed so I decided to treat myself to a movie while I wait.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me! I just realized that I hadn’t caught a movie since forever and so I figured why not today, you know?”

“Oh definitely!”

Their conversation was interrupted as the movie soon started and though the movie wasn’t the best, it was engaging enough, and soon, Joseph was fully engrossed and it wasn’t until Sarah moved to excuse herself that his attention was brought back to the here and now.

Seeing the unmistakable shoulder bag, he knew in an instant what it contained within and he bit back a groan as he immediately remembered something he had witnessed during an extra long night at the office.

Though he felt – and continued to feel – guilt over his voyeuristic activities, he couldn’t forget the image of Sarah’s enormous milky tits on display and being pumped to emptiness by her breast pump – an image that had since become a staple in his jack-off fantasies.

Daring a peek at her chest out of the corner of his eyes, he could see the telltale too-tightness of her blouse and the beginnings of what he thought – and hoped! – were milk stains. Knowing that Sarah was excusing herself to pump her breasts excited him immensely and he could feel his cock start to swell and grow.

“I’ll be back in a little bit,” Sarah whispered.

Joseph smiled and nodded and with great effort returned his attention to the movie which stalled his erection.

When Sarah returned only ten minutes later with a light sweater wrapped around her neck to partially cover her chest and with her face red while looking very uncomfortable, his cock started swelling once more and he shifted in his seat.

When she sat back down and then sank down into her chair, he took a chance to venture a question.

“Sarah, what’s wrong?” he whispered.

Sarah shook her head. “Oh Joseph, it’s – It’s nothing,” she finally said.

Unable to help himself, he glanced over at her chest and was amazed to see two enormous wet circles staining her blouse. “Does it have something to do with the milk?” he found himself asking.

Sarah blushed furiously. After glancing at her seatmate for a while as if gauging his possible reaction, she nodded a little. “Yes it does,” she quietly admitted. “I went to pump my breasts, but for some reason, my pump doesn’t want to work for me. It isn’t pumping hard enough or fast enough to keep up with my milk supply.”

Joseph nodded. “So you didn’t get to pump?”

Sarah shook her head. “Not really, no. I barely started and the thing is, I know if I don’t get the milk emptied, they’re going to start to really ache.”

At this, Joseph made a sympathetic noise. If having balls feeling overfull with cum was uncomfortable enough, he couldn’t imagine that Sarah was any more comfortable with her enormous titties overly swollen with milk.

“Did you try hand pumping?”

Sarah blushed harder. “I did, but… there was no private place to do that.”

Seeing a chance to possibly make his favorite fantasy come true, Joseph licked his lips and took a deep breath and whispered earnestly, “If you were open to the idea… I could nurse the milk from you?”

“… You mean you would breastfeed from me?”

Unable to find further words and a bit amazed that he had managed to say what he had said without completely fumbling over himself and even more amazed that Sarah wasn’t running away from him and screaming ‘pervert’, Joseph nodded.

“I’ve never breastfed from anyone before, but… I’m definitely willing to try if you would like me to help you?” he admitted, further clarifying his offer.

After staring at Joseph in complete silence for several long moments, Sarah finally nodded. “Kneel in front of me, then, and you can nurse me that way?” she whispered, angling her seated position so that she was faced more towards the aisle than towards the movie screen.

Quietly quietly so as not to draw attention to himself or Sarah, Joseph immediately complied and moved from his seat to kneel on the floor in front of Sarah.

Smiling a watery smile down at her co-worker, Sarah undid the buttons on her milk-stained blouse that strained to pop free from their buttonholes and offered up her DD nursing bra-encased breasts with a bounce.

Even in the dim lighting of the theater, Joseph could tell that the flaps of her industrial strength nursing bra were soaked through with milk and the faint aroma that wafted from them tantalized his senses.

With trembling hands as he licked his lips, Joseph carefully undid the row of hooks along the front of Sarah’s nursing bra and he watched with bated breath as her DD milkers – still quite engorged with unpumped milk – popped free to bounce around.

If he had thought that her milkers had been stunning the last time he had seen them being accidentally advertised after-hours at their workplace, they were absolutely jaw-dropping, now, and he couldn’t help but take a few moments to simply admire what he was seeing.

Partially pumped, but only just, her titties were full, round, and firm with milk while the teats that capped and jutted out from each peak were darker, longer, and thicker than he remembered seeing them and he couldn’t help but moan a little.

Now that he was up close and personal, he could see that the areolas were huge and swollen from pumping – bigger than his mouth, even – and the thick nipples – bigger than the size of the smaller ends of the silicone cups of the breast pump – were fully erect and leaking milk.

How a baby’s mouth could possibly fit around such a large nipple much less get any of the areola into its mouth, he had no idea, but for sure he knew it would be a most erotically delicious mouthful for himself.

“Ohhh,” he moaned quietly, “Ohhh Sarah! They’re so BIG!”

Sarah squirmed a little. “Do you like them big?” she whispered back, pulling Joseph’s head a little closer.

Still slack-jawed, Joseph whimpered as he eyed the protruding teats. With the way Sarah was leaning over and pulling him in, it made her milk-swollen tits with their pumping-swollen teats dangle in front of his face like a pair of udders just begging to be milked. Already hard, his cock gave an involuntary twitch from within the confines of his pants. “Are you kidding?” he groaned quietly, “I LOVE them big and dark and yours are PERFECT! They make me feel so hungry!”

Smiling, Sarah cupped her right breast in her hands and making two C-shapes with her hands, offered a leaking peak. “Then open wide for me – it’s time to nurse!”

With the enormous leaking teat pointed straight at him, Joseph had no other choice but to oblige and he hungrily opened his mouth wide to receive the gift being offered.

Mouth filling with nipple and areola, he moaned deeply and immediately latched on – placing the nipple as far back into his mouth as it could go. Following a sense of instinct and his own hunger for Sarah’s breastmilk, he started suckling almost as soon as he latched on and at the first gulp of milk, he easily settled into a rhythm.

Experiencing letdown and relief almost immediately, Sarah muffled a cry of pleasure and surprise as Joseph’s hungry mouth eagerly nursed the milk out of her engorged breast as if he was a pro despite the fact he had never engaged in adult breastfeeding before.

“Ohhhh don’t stop, Joseph,” she whimpered, pulling his head closer, “PLEASE don’t stop until I tell you to!”

Rhythmically nursing away with greedy and rather noisy gulps, Joseph could only nod in agreement as his mouth and throat was continually flooded with milk.

Closing her eyes and not caring about the fact that she was topless in a movie theater, Sarah allowed herself to simply relax and make quiet noises of pleasure as Joseph nursed and nursed and nursed to his content. When fifteen minutes had passed, she stroked his cheek and when he looked up, she nodded at her left breast.

Unlatching with a wet ‘pop’, Joseph gave the still-leaking nipple a last lick before latching on to the left breast.

Feeling quite contented yet fully aroused, his cock – hardening from the moment he had laid eyes on Sarah and her milk-stained blouse – twitched most insistently from where it now made a huge tent in the front of his chinos.

“Ohhh Sarah,” he murmured, “I -!”

Before he could finish his sentence, he latched on and started to nurse once more.

Her co-worker’s unspoken words did not go by unnoticed and if she had somehow missed how lustfully he had stared at her, she certainly couldn’t miss the enormous tent in the front of his pants.

Smiling in understanding, Sarah pulled his head closer and whispered, “Touch yourself, Joseph, baby – just like you did that night at the office. I want to watch.”

Realizing that he had been found out and that his night of indiscretion hadn’t gone by unnoticed or unappreciated, Joseph uttered a deep strangled moan around his mouthful.

Impossibly thrilled at this unexpected realization, he unlatched momentarily to retrieve his wallet and the condom he always kept within. Fixating his eyes on the feast before him, he unzipped his pants and released his cock. After giving his cock a few leisurely pumps with his hand just for Sarah, he withdrew the condom from its wrapper and then rolled it over his erection.

“Nurse from me, baby! Nurse from me while you pump your cock?” Sarah pleaded quietly and Joseph immediately obliged.

Latching on with a moan and not caring if he would be heard, Joseph started nursing away at a rhythm that his hand on his cock soon followed.

Incredibly aroused herself, Sarah whimpered as she watched and she soon experienced another letdown which she announced with a low moan.

As much as Joseph hadn’t been able to forget what he had seen that night, she hadn’t been able to forget that night herself as it had been the first time she had seen someone react so strongly and so positively to her milk-swollen state. Indelibly etched in her memory was the barest glimpse of his absolutely milk-hungry expression and the sight of the cum-filled condom leaking its contents into the trashcan that it sat in.

Though it had been evident that he had cum and cum and cum some more, she hadn’t been quite able to believe that all of that cum had been on account of her and her milky titties. To see it now firsthand and without any barriers between them was the proof that she had never known she had needed and it made her feel powerfully desirable.

With milk squirting into his mouth and filling his throat in warm creamy gushes and his hand pumping his cock, Joseph was in heaven of his own and it wasn’t soon before he was nearing orgasm.

Unlatching briefly and forcing himself to still his hand, he murmured, “Sarah?”

Sarah moaned in answer as she squirmed. “Cum for me, baby! Cum as much as you can for me and my milk!”

Inflamed by his co-worker’s words, Joseph latched back on and as his nursing rhythm increased, his pumping action on his throbbing cock increased. Within moments, he announced his impending orgasm with a muffled groan.

“Ohhh yes, baby! CUM for me!” Sarah whispered encouragement and in her own excitement, she started pumping her other breast.

Seeing Sarah pump her breast, Joseph moaned louder and when Sarah sprayed a bit of milk at his face, he came and came harder than he could remember ever cumming.

Gripping the end of the condom tightly around his cock with one hand and pumping around his cockhead with his other, he unlatched and bit back a groan. “I’m CUMMING for you, Sarah!” he managed to say before the violent squirting began.

“Ohhh yes, ohhh Joseph!” Sarah whimpered, amazed at what she was seeing.

With his eyes transfixed on Sarah, Joseph proudly gave his cock a few last milking pumps as he filled his condom with as much cum as he could. When he finally finished cumming and had given his last squirt, he removed the condom before it could slip off on its own. Heavy with cum, the condom dangled from his fingers like a prize.

Breathing heavily, he whispered, “All that cum was just for you, Sarah. Did you like it?”

Pulling Joseph up against her breasts as she caught her own breath, Sarah whispered, “I loved it as much as you loved my milk-swollen titties and their big thick nipples – thank you.”


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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