[images] Milky Fountains

I normally don’t care too much for hentai if only because tentacles and torture seem to be a little too prolific, but I re-discovered a picture I had collected some time ago which I will share with everyone.

fountains of milk squirting from milk engorged breasts - hentai style

The reason I really like this picture (yes, I cropped it from a bigger picture) is because it illustrates what could possibly happen if a woman was cumming and cumming hard while she was fully lactated and in need of a breastfeeding session.

Letdown triggered and milk ejection reflex triggered, the milk would start flowing and the squirting would begin!

Now just imagine if you were kneeling front and center – MMMMM!


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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4 Responses to [images] Milky Fountains

  1. Robert E Grote says:

    I love all your stories and really love the pics thank you.

    • SXTTNS says:

      You’re very welcome; I’m glad you enjoy the stories and pictures. Been incredibly busy so I haven’t had a chance to update recently, but some new content should hopefully be up soon!

  2. Robert E Grote says:


  3. Robert E Grote says:

    Cant wait.

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