Breaktime Breastfeeding

I’ve been immensely busy of late so I haven’t had a chance to make any published updates until now. Breaktime Breastfeeding – like Milky Matinee – was supposed to be another ‘quickie’ and just like Milky Matinee, became more of a short story. I guess that’s a sign telling me to write more stories about milk-hungry Joseph and Sarah his milk-swollen co-worker, huh? 😉 Hope you enjoy and sorry about the delay!

After the movie theater incident where he had had the chance to breastfeed from his co-worker Sarah, Joseph’s daytime and nighttime hours became filled with dreams and daydreams of Sarah, her milk-swollen breasts, and breastfeeding.

As a result, going to work – once something of a drudgery that he had to slog through day in and day out – gained a new meaning because it was his chance to see Sarah and a potential chance at having his milk-filled dreams fulfilled.

Unfortunately, as luck would have it (or not have it as the case would be), shortly after the movie theater incident, his work group became bogged down and very busy with pushing out a new project.

Though he and Sarah had plenty of chances to see one another in passing, there was little time for anything else and a month and then two months passed in this manner as their group worked at a frenzied pace to meet deadlines.

Just as Joseph was packing his bag for the night and wondering when that ‘next time’ would be – if ever it would even happen again – he heard a quiet cough and when he looked up, he saw Sarah’s smiling face and two enormous wet circles on her blouse staring him in the face.

“Oh god!” he couldn’t help but exclaim, swallowing hard.

Glancing around to make sure nobody was within earshot, Sarah smiled and whispered with a wink, “Care to have a cup of coffee with me in the break room before you go home?”


Taking care to discreetly hide the erection that had immediately started to tent his slacks upon seeing Sarah and the two round wet circles capping her shirtfront, Joseph followed his co-worker eagerly to the break room.

As it was mostly after-hours, the break room and the hallways leading to the break room were empty. Once inside, Sarah made a beeline for the corner nook where there was a booth-style bench butted up against the counter and a table. After setting down her hangbag, she sat down on the bench and pushed away the table in a gesture of invitation.

Anticipation getting to the better of him, Joseph wasted no time in accepting the invitation and immediately moved to kneel in front of Sarah. “I’ve been dreaming of the next time we would get to do this!” he admitted with a quiet groan. “Every night I jerk my cock thinking about you and your delicious tits!”

“Then let me give you something better than just a fantasy!” Sarah whispered.

Immensely turned on and aroused by Joseph’s candid admission, Sarah decided to give her co-worker a little show.

With exaggerated slowness, she unbuttoned her blouse and then pulled it open down the front which revealed her milk-engorged breasts encased in a satin pink nursing bra. Thrusting out her chest at Joseph, she gave her satin-covered tits a few good pumping squeezes with her hands as she waved them around. “Look at how much they’ve missed you, Joseph,” she whispered and with a yank, she undid both clasps on the flaps and within moments, her swollen breasts sprang forward and out where they bounced around in their over-fullness.

From his place kneeling in front of Sarah, Joseph moaned deeply at the sight of her bared milkers now bouncing and dangling right in front of his face. “They’re so beautiful, Sarah!” he exclaimed as he stared and admired and ogled the sight before him.

Swollen and veiny with their darkened super large areolas and thick chewable nipples jutting straight out at him and leaking droplets of precious milk, Sarah’s breasts were a sight to behold indeed and he couldn’t help licking his lips in anticipation.

“I waited to pump so I could have milk for you,” Sarah admitted, “but because of that, I’m so engorged with milk I’m going to need to start pumping the other side while you nurse from me,” she explained, pulling out the breast pump from her shoulder bag. “Help me hook up?” she asked, holding out one of the suction cup attachments which was attached to a collecting container with a tube.

The idea of Sarah pumping one tit while he breastfed from the other excited Joseph like nothing else and he shifted position uncomfortably as his cock was now swollen to its full length and girth.

“Of course I’ll help!” he agreed and with trembling fingers, he fitted the silicone cup over Sarah’s left teat – covering as much of the areola as he could with the offered flange and making sure the nipple was centered.

With the flange fully seated on her teat, Sarah immediately started the pump and Joseph couldn’t help but stare at the sight of her thick nipple expanding further in size as it was being drawn into the end of the flange by its powerful suction.

“Your mouth feels better than the pump,” Sarah whispered as if sharing a secret and in saying this, she offered to Joseph her other teat which had started leaking droplets of milk in anticipation. “Nurse me like you wanted to in your dreams, Joseph! Empty me of my milk!”

“Ohhh Sarah!” Groaning with pleasure at his dream come true, Joseph immediately latched on to the offered teat and after greedily filling his mouth with as much nipple and areola as he could, started suckling away with the hunger of being famished for breast milk.

Over two months had passed since their last breastfeeding encounter and two months had been two months too long in his opinion and he was determined to make this breastfeeding session count… and hopefully remind Sarah that she had a hungry mouth to count on when her breasts needed emptying.

Rhythmically and diligently, he nursed away with steady swallows of milk and before long –

“Ohhhhh Joseph!”

Much-needed letdown triggered, Sarah cried out in relief and pleasure and hugged Joseph’s head closer to her breast as her milk started flowing in earnest.

His own cry of delight muffled by his very delicious mouthful, Joseph simply gulped down the milk as fast as he could as if his very life depended on it.

A few minutes later, Sarah cried out again… and then another few moments later started whimpering.

When Sarah started squirming around in addition to whimpering, Joseph finally unlatched and asked with concern, “What’s wrong Sarah? Am I hurting you?”

Sarah uttered another whimper as she gave another squirm. Blushing furiously, she shook her head. “No, not at all! Nothing’s wrong at all! It’s just that… well…”




“It’s just… it feels so good?” Sarah finally answered in a quiet voice after a long moment of silence.

During the span of silence, Joseph had made a guess as to what was on Sarah’s mind and to have it confirmed was positively thrilling as well as encouraging. This was his chance to make a move and to – he hoped – make the rest of his dreams come true.

“I bet I could make you feel even better – maybe even make you cum while I nurse from you – if you’d let me try,” he offered in a rush of earnest words before he could lose his nerve.

Sarah blushed even harder. Was it really possible that Joseph shared a similar line of thought? She had hoped that he might, but at the same time, hadn’t really dared to hope. “R-really? You’d do that?”

“It would be a fantasy come true,” Joseph admitted. “Knowing that it feels good to you when I suckle on your breasts is a big turn-on, but being able to make you feel good enough to cum would be something else entirely.”

After a long moment of pause, Sarah finally whispered a bit breathlessly, “I – I brought a dildo with me? It’s in the bag?”

Joseph almost couldn’t believe his ears. “Oh please, Sarah! Let me pleasure you with it!”

“Only if you show me your cock?” Sarah begged, blushing from embarrassment but even more eager to experience sexual fulfillment at the hands of her milk-hungry co-worker.

The question didn’t have to be asked twice.

With a loud groan of approval, Joseph undid the zip fly on his slacks and released his cock from its cloth prison. Fully aroused and then some, his erection jutted out proudly like a flagpole from the opening of his pants – as swollen, stiff, and firm as it could be and leaking at the tip as it bobbed up and down with excitement.

Sarah moaned at the sight and quickly retrieved her favorite dildo from the depths of her shoulder bag. Before she could have any second thoughts, she hiked up her skirt up to her waist, stripped off her panties, and spread her legs.

Joseph couldn’t help but growl as Sarah’s juicy pussy came into full view. After giving his erection a few pumps with his hand because he knew Sarah liked to watch, he took the dildo from her and carefully timed the first plunge with his latch-on.

Taken by surprise at the suddenness of the penetration, Sarah uttered a strangled scream of pleasure as her pussy was immediately stretched and completely filled with the fullness of her favorite dildo.

Resuming breastfeeding with his mouth properly latched on again and full of teat, Joseph started plunging Sarah’s dildo in and out of her steaming wet pussy in time with his suckling. Determined to have Sarah experience orgasm during their little breaktime tryst, he made sure to carefully angle and aim towards her G-spot with each and every thrust.

Quickly losing whatever inhibitions and/or misgivings she might have had, Sarah leaned back and held her legs open as wide as she could go and moaned and groaned away with pleasure as her pussy was expertly pumped by her favorite dildo operated by Joseph’s dedicated hand. Imagining Joseph’s cock – currently waving and bobbing around in anticipation – in place of the dildo and filling her up again and again, she found herself on the verge of orgasm almost too soon.

“Ohhh!” she moaned as she held both Joseph’s head and the flange of the breast pump closer and tighter to her breasts, “This feels SO GOOD!”

Pausing in his nursing to glance at the dildo he was pumping in and out of Sarah’s pussy, Joseph could see that the entire length of the dildo was covered in his co-worker’s gleaming juices. Inspired by Sarah’s delighted moans, he decided to pick up the pace a little.

Unlatching briefly, he gave his own encouragement. “Cum for me, Sarah! Cum for me while I pump your pussy!”

He was about to latch back on, but then the sight of milk starting to leak profusely from the nipple made him pause. Was it possible that he might be able to get Sarah to squirt milk during orgasm?

The vision was too powerful to ignore and eager to explore the possibility and even more eager to please, he started fucking Sarah’s juicy pussy with greater and greater urgency.

“Ohhh Joseph, I – I!” Sarah started to say, but was interrupted by the sudden arrival of her orgasm. “OHHHHH!!!” Trembling wildly, she arched her hips right off the bench.

“Take off that breast pump, Sarah! Let me see your tits when you cum! Let me see them squirt milk!” Joseph begged.

After removing the flange from her teat with a loud pop, Sarah barely had time to push aside the breast pump unit before her orgasm claimed her.

“Ohhh JOSEPH!” she cried out as she grabbed her tits, “OHHHHH JO~SEPH, I -! I’M CUMMING!!!”

Moaning deeply and riding the pumping dildo like a veteran cowgirl, Sarah started pumping and squeezing her tits and before long, she experienced another letdown and milk started spraying out of her thick nipples in twin streams.

“Ohhhh Sarah, OH GOD!” Opening his mouth and closing his eyes while he continued to diligently pump Sarah’s pussy, Joseph moaned along with his co-worker as he got sprayed full-on in his face with stream after squirt after spray of warm breast milk as she rode out her orgasm to completion.

“Cum for me, Joseph! Oh PLEASE cum for me!” Sarah cried out breathlessly and as she trembled from the intensity of her orgasm, she took control over the dildo that Joseph had been pleasuring her with.

About ready to jizz in his slacks, Joseph groaned out, “How?”

“Stand up and let me see your cock?” Sarah requested with a moan as she resumed plunging the dildo in and out of her juice-soaked pussy while her fingers fondled her swollen clitoris.

“My pleasure!” Joseph growled and stood up. Wasting no time, he hurriedly undid his slacks and the second his pants and shorts were at his ankles, he started jerking himself off.

Staring transfixed at Sarah’s DD milkers with their enormous areolas and thick nipples jutting out at him while imagining his cock taking the place of the dildo that plunged in and out of Sarah’s juiced up pussy, Joseph used one hand to pump his cock in smooth firm strokes while his other hand fondled his balls.

Already close to cumming, it wasn’t long before his own pleasure reached its peak. “I – I’m gonna cum, Sarah!” he groaned out in warning within moments of stroking.

“Aim for my nipples, Joseph!” Sarah whimpered as she started pumping her pussy at a faster pace with her own eyes locked on to the sight of Joseph’s cock being pumped and stroked while being aimed straight at her tits.

The idea of squirting balls full of cum all over Sarah’s beautifully milk-filled tits was just too much of a fantasy overload and Joseph soon announced his orgasm with a loud growled shout. “I’m cumming, Sarah – I’m CUMMING!!!”

Giving his cock one last firm pump, he took aim at the two enormous teats-for-bullseyes and started decorating them with squirt after spurt of sticky pearly cum.

With cum spraying all over her tits and teats, Sarah started moaning all over again and soon, experienced a second orgasm which had her bucking on her dildo at a feverish pace. “Oh Joseph, JOSEPH, JOSEPH!!!” she cried out.

Dropping to a kneeling position once more as he shivered, Joseph continued moaning as he bathed himself in both the litany of praise and in the shower of milk that once again squirted from Sarah’s tits.

Seeing an opportunity to breach the topic that had been on his mind ever since their first breastfeeding session at the movies, he reached out and started squeezing and pumping her milky mounds once the spraying slowed down to a trickle. “We could do this more often if you want?” he offered as he gave the two distended nipples a tweaking tug before rasping his thumbs over their slick thickness.

Panting from her orgasm, Sarah whimpered as Joseph started to play with her titties. “H-how often?” Though she wanted to say no – the tangling her work and personal life was something she had tried to avoid – she found herself unable to think of anything except how wonderfully good she was feeling and when their next tryst would be. The fact that Joseph’s hands were pumping and fondling her tits certainly didn’t make it any easier for her to say no, either.

“How often do you need to be nursed?”

“E-every four hours or so?”

Joseph moaned at the answer and gave Sarah’s breasts a promising squeeze. “Then I would commit to breastfeeding from you every four hours – or whenever your breasts need emptying – while we’re at work?”

“A-and wh-where would we -? T-today we -! But that’s because -!”

Topic now successfully breached, Joseph’s head nearly exploded with ideas. Though the company building was certainly well-monitored, there were still plenty of places where cameras and inquisitive eyes were mostly out of sight. This break room was one of them, but there were other places, too.

“Early morning and late evening in the break room when almost nobody is around… In one of those vacant cubicles across the floor… In my car… In your car… In the stairways… In one of those research rooms no one uses…” he listed, tugging and pinching and flicking the nipples in his fingers as he did so.

“We could even sneak into one of the bathrooms and take a shower together, Sarah,” he said as he gave Sarah’s breasts an encouraging pumping squeeze. “Wouldn’t that be fun?”

With her breasts with their sensitive nipples held captive by Joseph’s playfully insistent hands, Sarah answered her co-worker’s question with a squeal of pleasure.

“Tomorrow, six in the morning!” she finally gasped in agreement. “I hope you’ll be hungry!”

At the answer, Joseph moaned deeply and though they had just finished an absolutely incredible breastfeeding session, he was already looking forward to the next one to come. “I’m always hungry for your breast milk, Sarah! ALWAYS!”


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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