[video] Tied Up and Squirting!

Sorry to everyone who has been waiting for an update; I know that it’s been quite a while.

Until I have more written stuff to post (and yes, I am and have been writing, but they’ve all been rather piecemeal lately or really long so it’s taking a while to get something more website-friendly to post), here is an incredible (well, I think it is!) video I found that I thought I would share with everyone.

Why is this video awesome, you ask?

Firstly, those milk-swollen boobs are just gorgeous! Secondly, look at those teats – they’re HUGE! Thirdly, they squirt milk and boy oh boy do they squirt! And fourthly, just LOOK at how much milk squirts out!

Imagine suckling milk from them or having them dangling over your face and auto-dripping and auto-squirting milk all over you!

Until next time!


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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