Lines and… Boobs!

On a red-eye flight to a lactation conference and convention, Dr. Perkums was about ready to catch some shut-eye when a woman dressed smartly in a business suit and carrying a tote bag carry-on luggage suddenly sat herself next to him without so much as a word.

Being that they were already half an hour into the flight, Dr. Perkums thought that it was a bit odd that he should get a seatmate so suddenly and so he decided to do a little… investigating.

At first glance, there was nothing out of the ordinary, but being the expert that he was, he snuck himself a closer look and was immediately suspicious.

Though she had a petite frame, her chest was in fact quite large for someone her size and her breasts pushed at the front of her blazer so much that the buttons were strained. Though she looked distinctly uncomfortable with the blazer stretched so tightly across her chest, the woman was unwilling to remove her jacket and kept her arms crossed in front of her.

Big tits didn’t always mean milk, but in this case, Dr. Perkums was almost certain of it. He was, after all, Dr. Perkums and he was, after all, headed to a lactation conference.

Maybe the woman was, too?

The question was, how to approach the subject?

After a few moments of thought, he pulled out a notebook and started sketching out a grid for the game of Lines and Boxes. Once he was finished, he cleared his throat.

“Fancy a game of Lines and Boxes to wile away some time? It seems like we have a rather long flight ahead of us?”

The woman startled, but she smiled. A chance for distraction from her uncomfortable state was a welcome thing and she accepted the invitation. Shifting a little uncomfortably in her seat, she said, “Why not?”

And so the game began, but halfway into the game…

“… You know, I just noticed something funny about this game board,” the woman murmured as she connected a line and completed a box.

“… To be honest, I noticed something about you, too,” Dr. Perkums confided just as quietly.

“… Did you draw breasts instead of dots?” the woman asked directly as her nipples pricked in involuntary arousal.

“… Are you lactating?” Dr. Perkums asked, just as directly. Shifting his legs apart a bit, he hoped that his seatmate would notice the growing bulge of his crotch and realize his interest and be encouraged to confide in him.

The woman paused in the middle of finishing another box. Just as Dr. Perkums hoped, she glanced in his direction and the bulge didn’t go by her unnoticed.

“I’m in an adult nursing relationship and I really need to be nursed. My partner was supposed to come with me for this lactating convention, but they had to cancel because of last minute work plans,” she finally explained quietly.

“How fortunate, then, that I’m here,” Dr. Perkums smiled. Putting away their game, he leaned closer and murmured, “My name is Dr. Perkums and I am a lactation specialist and I am passionate about breast milk. If you would like, I would love to breastfeed from you on this flight?”

The woman’s eyes brightened. “My name is Jessica and I would love it if you could!”

Dr. Perkums was thrilled at the answer. “Take my window seat, then, Jessica?”

Dr. Perkums and Jessica swapped seats and once they had swapped, Dr. Perkums dimmed the lights, lifted up the armrest separating their seats, and then turned to face his seatmate who had her back to the window.

Watching eagerly as Jessica removed her blazer, his erection immediately went full mast and made an obscene tent in his slacks at the sight of her very milk-stained blouse.

“Oh honey, you’re really leaking,” he murmured in sympathy as his cock twitched. “Here, let me help.”

Reaching out, he started undoing the buttons on her blouse which provoked a protest.

“Aren’t we going to use a blanket?” Jessica whispered, eyes darting around to see if any nearby flight attendants or passengers were looking in their direction as she tugged out an airline blanket.

Not pausing in his unbuttoning, Dr. Perkums said, “Breastfeeding is a natural thing and it’s your right to breastfeed to empty your milk supply if you need to… even in public, in my opinion.”

When Jessica’s shirt was undone, he moaned.

Cradled in an industrial strength front-closure nursing bra, her milk-swollen tits jutted out like a pair of torpedo heads from her petite chest and the flaps on her bra were completely soaked through with milk.

“Oh, honey, you REALLY need to be nursed!” he exclaimed loudly and not caring that had been heard, he didn’t even bother with the nursing flaps and simply undid the hooks that held the nursing bra closed.

“But -!” Jessica started to say but before she could finish her sentence, her nursing bra was undone and her tits – engorged and in desperate need of relief – bounced out with their fat nipples dripping milk.

“Oh LOOK at these titties,” Dr. Perkums moaned again as he filled his hands with his seatmate’s milk-swollen globes and started to gently squeeze.

Flushing with embarrassment and wanting to hide under the blanket but needing even more to be nursed, Jessica squirmed and whimpered with her tits out and bouncing in the open.

“How long have you been breastfeeding? Your teats look very well-suckled,” Dr. Perkums noted as he openly admired the overly large and dark circles of Jessica’s areolas and the super thick leaking nipples.

“A – a few years,” Jessica admitted and when another passenger across the way glanced in their direction, she blushed hotly.

“That’s great!” Dr. Perkums enthused and as the passenger across the way gawked, he started to to gently stimulate the surface of her large areolas and the points of her nipples with his fingers.

“D-Dr. Perkums -!” Jessica started to protest again. Her body betrayed her protests by releasing a thin spray of milk in response to the stimulation.

“Your tits are so beautiful, Jessica,” Dr. Perkums complimented as he rubbed, flicked, and lightly pinched. After making the nipples stand out erect and hard like large pebbles while they sprayed their milk, he added, “And when they’re ready to be nursed, they’re even moreso,” and before Jessica could say another word, he hungrily latched on.

At first, Jessica couldn’t relax enough to experience letdown; more than one passenger was looking their way and one gentleman at the end of the aisle had already pulled out his cock and was jerking to the tune of the doctor’s noisily enthusiastic suckling.

But when Dr. Perkums’ hand snuck up her skirt –

“D-Dr. Perkums!” she protested, but couldn’t help but moan with suppressed desire and the need for relief.

“You need to relax, honey!” Dr. Perkums murmured around his mouthful and after a few persistent strokes of his fingers along her covered slit, he was rewarded by a slippery gush of fluid.

Sliding his fingers past the barrier of cloth and between the folds of her wet pussy lips, he found her entrance and plunged his finger in deep and started pumping her G-spot while his thumb persistently teased at her swollen clitoris.

Jessica couldn’t help but moan quietly with pleasure as she quickly experienced orgasm and as a result, letdown was triggered and her milk started flowing from both breasts in an unstoppable gush.

Gulping down the milk as quickly as he could, Dr. Perkums moaned with while he nursed from one breast and then the other and he kept swapping breasts until the forceful spraying dwindled to a more regular leaking.

Experiencing the relief she had been seeking since even before their flight had taken off, Jessica couldn’t help but moan and then moan some more.

“So -! MUCH -! MILK!” Dr. Perkums exclaimed with enthusiasm as he greedily gulped down the flowing bounty.

“You -! Seem to really enjoy nursing!” Jessica whimpered.

Moaning in agreement, Dr. Perkums unzipped the fly on his pants to reveal his cock fully erect and more than ready to go. “Oh I DO, honey, I DO! Nothing -! Gets me harder -! Or makes me cum harder -! Than tits full of milk and being able to nurse from them! Just LOOK at these titties of yours!”

Unlatching with a wet and noisy ‘pop’, he took a moment to drink in the sight of her super enlarged and darkened teats spraying milk right at him in invitation.


Viewing the scene from across the aisle, their masturbating voyeur had to agree; already, he had cum once and was getting ready to cum again.

From his vantage point, he could see everything and the visuals were more than a little inspiring.

He had never seen lactating tits like Jessica’s and her enormous areolas and nipples were astonishing. Like a pair of bullseye targets, their darkened circular shapes drew his eyes in and once he had seen them, he couldn’t tear his eyes away.

And then there were the sounds.

The sound of the doctor’s rhythmic suckling sounded unlike any kind of suckling he had ever heard before. Noisy, wet, and interspersed with lusty moans, it was obvious that the doctor’s interest in breastfeeding went beyond anything innocent.

With how loud he was being, it was also equally obvious that he didn’t care what kind of attention he might draw.

As for his partner, if he wasn’t mistaken, Jessica must have cum herself no fewer than two times already for the bliss on her face and her mouth opened in a large O told all.

Stroking himself faster and harder as he imagined himself in the doctor’s position – nursing from those magnificent milkers while playing with Jessica’s juicy pussy, he licked his lips and then squeezed his eyes shut as he started to cum.


Jessica couldn’t help but moan louder at the sight of the other man’s cock spurting cum.

Turned on yet embarrassed, she tried to yank the blanket over both herself and the doctor and then realized how futile it would be.

With his hard cock waving around in the air for everyone and anyone to see and with how noisy he was being as he continued to breastfeed with gusto, it was no secret just what, exactly, was going on.

He was so enthusiastic and engrossed in his nursing that he didn’t even notice the flight attendant who scurried down the aisle as fast as she could after glancing in their direction.

Blushing hotly at being caught red-handed, Jessica nonetheless continued to allow the doctor’s greedy mouth to bring her relief and pleasure in equal measures and when the doctor announced his own spontaneous orgasm with a deep lusty moan, she couldn’t help but feel even more aroused at the sight of slippery sticky seed gushing out from the mushroomed head of his cock.

When forty five minutes had passed and Jessica’s milk supply was finally starting to dwindle (but only just), Dr. Perkums unlatched with a great big smile on his face and his lap covered in spent and spilled semen.

“Jessica, if you don’t mind,” he whispered huskily as he started to pump her now-softer breasts with his big capable hands. “Since we’re both going to the conference…”

Jessica whimpered. “Yeah?”

“It’s more than obvious you’re fully lactated and have been so for a long time,” the doctor said in his most persuasive and reasonable voice, “so much so that you really need someone to nurse you regularly around the clock. So how about if we share a room at the hotel? I promise I’ll milk you whenever you need it while we’re attending the convention?”

Before Jessica could answer, her nipples perked eagerly with interest while her pussy gushed with juice and the doctor laughed with delight.

Blushing fiercely, but laughing all the while, Jessica pulled the doctor’s head close and popped a thick leaking teat into his open mouth in answer.

Closing her eyes and moaning quietly, she settled back to enjoy the sensation of having her milk expertly suckled out of her by Dr. Perkums’ hungry mouth.

With a hungry mouth like his, who needed in-game movies or books or a game of Lines and Boobs?


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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