Would You Could You… in a Cab?

Shortly after her very satisfying nursing session with Dr. Perkums, Jessica fell asleep and it was only at the pilot’s announcement of their arrival at the airport that she woke up.

Blinking her eyes blearily, she saw that she had been covered with a blanket. She was about to wonder on the whereabouts of Dr. Perkums when the sensation of a greedy mouth suckling powerfully on her teat caught up to her senses.

Lifting up the edge of the blanket with a low moan as she experienced a much-needed letdown, she watched the doctor as he hungrily nursed at her breasts.

Greedily gulping down milk as if his very life depended on it, the doctor’s face was a picture of breastfeeding ecstasy with sprays of milk covering parts of his face while milk leaked past his lips and dribbled messily down his chin.

Realizing that Jessica was awake, Dr. Perkums took another several hungry gulps before unlatching.

“We’re off-boarding soon and your tits needed to be emptied,” he explained. “I was going to wait, but…” Giving her other breast a fond squeeze, he latched on to its leaking peak and began to nurse.

“O-of course,” Jessica moaned and covering the doctor’s head and her engorged breasts with the blanket once more, she pretended to once again nap and when the doctor finally emerged from under the blanket with a satisfied smile on his face, she proceeded to dress herself and get ready to disembark.

Though emptied of their milk supply, her tits seemed oddly full nonetheless when she fastened her bra but she shrugged it off and simply chalked it up to having gotten used to the sensation of her tits being out in the open and free from constrictions.

Once the plane landed, she gathered her carry-on and exited the plane with the doctor while being careful to avoid eye contact with the stewardess who had witnessed her first very enthusiastic breastfeeding session with the doctor and who was eyeing her bosom with interest and curiosity.

The stewardess’ eyes on her tits drove home the sensation of being a little too full of milk for comfort, but like earlier, she shrugged it off. Perhaps the doctor hadn’t had the chance to completely nurse out her milk?

Baggage claim came and went in a blur of waiting and watching and watching and waiting and by the time they had collected their luggage, Jessica knew she wasn’t mistaken; her tits really were full of milk once more!

“You know, Dr. Perkums…” she murmured as they waited at the curbside for a taxi.

“Yes, honey?”

“Even though you nursed me earlier, I’m feeling really full again!”

Dr. Perkums smiled. “I promise I will nurse you really soon!”

‘Really soon’ turned out to be in the backseat of the taxi cab and as soon as Jessica was seated comfortably, Dr. Perkums laid out a towel he had packed into his carry-on and started undoing the buttons on her blazer.

“Take the long route to the convention center hosting Lush Leche,” he instructed the driver and before Jessica could say anything, he opened her blouse and opened her bra.

Showing off Jessica’s milk-swollen tits and thick super suckable nipples that had begun to drip milk to both the driver and passersby, Dr. Perkums smiled and said, “This lady needs to be nursed!”

“Dr. Perkums!” Jessica protested with a heated flush but her nipples – already erect and ready – were in agreement with the doctor and immediately released another trickle of milk.

“I promised I would nurse you around the clock and that is exactly what I am going to do,” Dr. Perkums said and set to work readying his companion’s tits for another breastfeeding session.

“But so soon?” Jessica queried, moaning as the doctor began to pump her tits with his hands.

“Milk operates on supply and demand,” Dr. Perkums explained as he pumped. “While we’ve been on the plane, I’ve regularly nursed from you every hour and now your tits need me to breastfeed from them again.”

Jessica was stunned.

Truth be told, before catching the flight, her milk supply had followed an every two hours feeding schedule to accommodate her always hungry nursing partner at home.

With the convention coming up, however, they had actually tapered off their feeding to a more leisurely every hour hours schedule, but being used to the nursing sessions every two hours, the tapering hadn’t been altogether successful which was why she had been late to her seat on her flight.

Her milk-swollen titties had been aching for a hungry mouth even though four hours hadn’t even passed and no amount of pumping could soothe them it had seemed.

But then she had met Dr. Perkums and… well.

The doctor really hadn’t been joking about his promise, but she didn’t have long to muse on the thought because as the taxi cab started pulling away from the curb, the doctor inhaled a stiff thick peak into his mouth and latched on like the pro that he was and began to suckle.

Holding the doctor’s head to her swollen bosom, Jessica couldn’t help but moan loudly in both relief and embarrassment as she soon experienced a gushing letdown.

“N-no wonder I feel so -!”

“Mmmmm?” the doctor queried around his mouthful.

“So FULL!” Jessica moaned. “I thought I was imagining things earlier!”

“MMMMM HMMM!” Nursing noisily as he gulped down milk, the doctor wasn’t shy about showing his agreement.

With Jessica’s agreement to them being roommates at the Lush Leche Convention, he had taken it upon himself to see to her breastfeeding needs.

Though he had been told about the altered ‘just for the convention’ feeding schedule, it had been very obvious to him that her magnificent tits – long used to more aggressive and more regular feedings – were actually wanting more and he had been more than happy to give.

“Your beautiful tits need a hungry mouth as much as my hungry mouth needs them and I’m going to nurse from them like they were meant to be nursed!” Dr. Perkums declared as he swapped breasts.

Dr. Perkums hungry mouth drawing strongly on her teat coaxed another moan from Jessica that was was equal in pleasure, relief, and anticipation.

With such a bold nursing partner like Dr. Perkums, who knew what was to cum in the future and at a lactation convention no less?


Sex is great, sex is good, it may even put you in a better mood!
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